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Friday, April 11, 2014

J's Indie/Rock Mayhem - 9th April 2014

[Welcome to another edition of J's Indie/Rock Mayhem. I thought this week might be a bit lackluster, with a slower release class this week, but I was wrong and I think this week's show was pretty darn enjoyable. Hope you feel the same.

Just a reminder that I'll be gone in two weeks, so no show the week of April 23rd.

Now, while the beautiful spring weather is still with us, onward.]

J's Indie/Rock Podcast: 9th April 2014 show

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Eternal Summers - "A Burial" [from the drop beneath. really digging this record. maybe a contender for the year-end best of.]
Placebo - "You Don't Care About Us" [from without you i'm nothing. there's something about this record that has really held up for me over the years. dig this band a lot still.]
Protomartyr - "Scum, Rise!" [from under color of official right. i have no idea what's going on with that album title, but this does remind me of a slightly smoother pop. 1280. well probably hear more.]
Sleater-Kinney - "Get Up" [from the hot rock. probably among my favorite sleater-kinney singles of all time. love when the song finally builds to its all-too-quick resolution of the twin shouts of "get up!"]
the Whigs - "Hit Me" [from their new album modern creation. the whigs will be at the blind tiger in greensboro this saturday night, april 12th. it's been just over seven years since the band joined me live on the show after the release of their first album and now they're on number five. pretty good clip.]
Matthew Sweet - "I Wanted to Tell You" [from girlfriend. really enjoyed the vagabond saints society cover show of his stuff the other week. really good.]
White Hinterland - "Metronome" [from baby. more good music from casey dienel and company.]
R.E.M. - "7 Chinese Brothers" [from reckoning which, as frank pointed out to me, turned 30 years old on the night of the show. ah, how time flies.]
Cloud Nothings - "Now Hear In" [from the new here and nowhere else. really promising stuff from an increasingly good band.]
Paul Westerberg - "33rd of July" [a bonus track on the japanese edition of suicaine gratification. always has been one of my favorite westerberg non-album tracks.]
the Hold Steady - "The Only Thing" [from teeth dreams. jeez this record is growing on me a lot. i think it's really, really superb.]
the Dream Syndicate - "The Days of Wine and Roses" [the title track from their debut. this song is not one second too long, even at seven and a half minutes. just so recklessly good.]
EMA - "When She Comes" [from the new album the future's void. i'm still wrapping my head around this album. it's good in spots though. why does it remind me so much of courtney love? in a good way.]
the Streets - "Sharp Darts" [from original pirate material. always loved this short song. good stuff.]
De La Soul - "Dilla Plugged In" [from the new smell the Da.I.S.Y. which is available for free download on bit torrent and around the web. it's an album of songs featuring the production of the late j. dilla. very worth hearing.]
Midnight Oil - "Feeding Frenzy" (live) [this is from their mtv unplugged performance of this track, originally from their earth and sun and moon album. honestly, i like it better than the studio version, but i also think their unplugged performance is among the best there ever was on the show. just superb.]
the Afghan Whigs - "Lost in the Woods" [from the new do to the beast which is out this week. really enjoying this record, per my discussion with ryan snyder last week.]
Jesse Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter - "LLL" [from like, love, lust and the open halls of the soul. a record i still enjoy an awful lot.]
Mac DeMarco - "Treat Her Better" [from the new salad days. a good song from a good album and we'll be hearing more.]
Ryan Adams - "Come Pick Me Up" [from heartbreaker because, well, it's maybe the best song he ever wrote. i hate to pigeonhole, but it's true.]
Don Chambers - "Which One is Worse" [from disquietude which is available through is bandcamp page. quite a good album and we'll still be hearing more later.]
Supergrass - "Late in the Day" [from in it for the money. seriously - do you like great rock and roll? have you not heard this album? then get on it. and give yourself something really enjoyable for once.]
Simone Felice - "The Gallows" [from his new album strangers. this song is pretty good. well, i like it a lot at least.]
Nickel Creek - "Destination" [from the new reunion album a dotted line. love this song - really infectious. nickel creek have come back a winner, i think, guys.]
the Brothers and Sisters - "I Shall Be Released" [from a recently re-issued album called dylan's gospel. originally recording in 1969, light in the attic records has re-issued this record of gospel dylan covers that, frankly, is really, really amazing.]

That'll do it for this week. I'll be back next week with more great stuff. Until then, take care.

Friday, April 04, 2014

J's Indie/Rock Mayhem - 2nd April 2014

[Welcome to another edition of J's Indie/Rock Mayhem. I hate that last week's show went missing as I had a great interview about Phuzz Phest going on this week in Winston-Salem. Sadly, the recording gods thought it was not to be. On the plus side, this week's episode with Ryan Snyder of YES Weekly went as planned. We talked new music from the Afghan Whigs and the Hold Steady and a little bit about why the new Pixies album annoys me and Ryan talked me back from the ledge. It's all pretty fun listening, so I hope you enjoy.

Just as an advance notice, there will be no podcast the week of what would be the April 23rd show. I'll be skipping that week. I'll also be missing another show in mid-May, but I think you guys can handle it. Right?

Now, onward.]

J's Indie/Rock Podcast: 2nd April 2014 show

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Future Islands - "Back in the Tall Grass" [from singles. digging this record quite a bit so far, so well hear more. good to see these guys really taking off. they deserve it.]
the Clash - "Brand New Cadillac" [from london calling. between this and "safe european home," the "clash song for the second song of the night" slot is pretty well locked up on my show, clearly.]
EMA - "So Blonde" [from the forthcoming the future's void. this is out next week and we'll see how i feel about the whole thing. i like the hole vibe on this song though.]
Whiskeytown - "Yesterday's News" [from stranger's almanac. my favorite whiskeytown album. period.]

[Here is where I was joined by Ryan Snyder to do the Indie/Rock Roundtable. We discussed new albums from both the Afghan Whigs, Do to the Beast which is out next week, and the Hold Steady, Teeth Dreams which was out last week. As always, the discussion is pretty fun, so make sure you listen, but the final results: Afghan Whigs - Ryan and J: thumbs up. The Hold Steady - Ryan and J: thumbs up. But there's a lot more than just general likes here - I think we had a pretty good discussion about all of it.]

the Afghan Whigs - "Matamoros" [from do to the beast.]
the Afghan Whigs - "It Kills" [from do to the beast.]
the Hold Steady - "The Ambassador" [from teeth dreams.]
the Hold Steady - "On With the Business" [from teeth dreams.]
the Coathangers - "Shut Up" [from suck my shirt. i played this on last week's show, but since it went missing, i thought it was worth a replay.]
Grandpaboy - "Ain't Done Much" [from the debut self-titled EP. paul westerberg's geriatric(?) alter-ego's debut. still a fun EP.]
Posse - "Shut Up" [from soft opening. i enjoy that two new records both have songs called "shut up" on them. amusing.]
the Damnwells - "Kiss Catastrophe" [from bastards of the beat. i also played something off of this record last week, but changed up the song this week. i miss the damnwells.]
Mac DeMarco - "Let Her Go" [from salad days. ryan and i debated getting into this album for the roundtable, but decided not to. we'll hear more as i'm enjoying it.]
the Tills - "Who Wants You" [by request. from mixtape volume 1. asheville, north carolina band tearing it up with their garage goodness.]
the War on Drugs - "An Ocean in Between the Waves" [from lost in the dream. man, i have to say, i'm really digging this record. almost feels like a fall record, but it's working well for my spring time as well.]
Son Volt - "Back Into Your World" [from straightaways. i learned how to play this on a guitar back in high school and made a girl leave a coffee shop in tears. true story. up to you as to whether it was because i did so well or so terribly.]
Cloud Nothings - "Psychic Trauma" [from the new here and nowhere else. we'll get into more of this next week, but excited to hear new music from them.]
Against Me! - "Transgender Dysphoria Blues" [the title track from their latest. this is bound for my year-end best singles list. god this song rocks.]
Nickle Creek - "Rest of My Life" [from a dotted line. new nickel creek! i actually reviewed their last new album for WQFS - which I really enjoyed - but it's very nice to hear them back. we'll hear more.]
White Hinterland - "Ring the Bell" [from baby. played this single a month or two ago, and now the album is out so we'll hear more new stuff from this next week.]
Liz Phair - "Baby Got Gone" [from whitechocolatespaceegg. an underrated liz phair record, if i do say so myself.]

Alright, that'll do it for this week. I'll be back next week with more great tunes, so until then, take care.

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Friday, March 21, 2014

J's Indie/Rock Mayhem - 19th March 2014

[Welcome to another edition of J's Indie/Rock Mayhem. This week's show is pretty rockin' from start to finish, if I do say so myself. Plenty of amazing stuff. Tonight's show also features a tribute to the late Gary Burger of the Monks and Scott Asheton of the Stooges, both of whom died this past week. Proto-punk would not have been the same without both of those men.

I'll be joined next week by Mike Wallace to talk about the upcoming Phuzz Phest in Winston-Salem which has an amazing lineup this year. We'll have a lot to talk about, I'm sure.

Alright, onward.]

J's Indie/Rock Podcast: 19th March 2014 show

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
the Pack A.D. - "Airborne" [from do not engage. i've heard about these folks for years, but haven't checked them out until now. not bad.]
Elastica - "Stutter" [from their self-titled album. as i said last week, this record turned 20 years old on march 14th. this song still kills me.]
the Coathangers - "Drive" [from suck my shirt. digging this song and what i've heard from the new suicide squeeze band. we'll hear more.]
Black Grape - "Reverend Black Grape" [from it's great when you're straight...yeah. another record that still just bowls me over when i listen to it. shaun ryder appears able to make one really amazing record with each new group he's in and that's it.]
Nothing - "Bent Nail" [from their guilty of everything album. another track from their new album. enjoying it.]
Public Enemy - "Burn Hollywood Burn" [from fear of a black planet. i forgot how mildly difficult this song is to edit, and i also left off one of the best parts - flava flav's audition for a movie role at the end. sorry.]
Eternal Summers - "A Burial" [from the drop beneath. this virginia band is pretty stellar, based on this. we'll hear more.]
Mclusky - "Dethink to Survive" [from do dallas. this song is like a steamroller and i love it. love it.]
the War on Drugs - "Red Eyes" [from lost in the dream. a lot of up and down reviews on this one, but i'm really digging what i'm hearing so far.]
Travis - "Writing to Reach You" [from the man who. oh, this song. when i bought my copy of this album, i sat and hit repeat on this track at least four or five times. so good.]
D.M. Franklin Kane - "The Mind of God" [from the hard truth. frank kane is back with his first post-citified album. lots of good stuff here, especially on this song. check it out at his bandcamp.]
Jim White - "Epilogue to a Marriage" [from where it hits you. one of my favorite songs from a record full of them. still hits me hard.]
Perfect Pussy - "Interference Fits" [from say yes to love. i realized after saying the name of this band once on the air that perhaps i shouldn't. but whatever. good song.]
Buffalo Tom - "Summer" [from sleepy eyed. oh, buffalo tom. just such a tremendously great songwriter band.]
Homeboy Sandman - "Wade in the Water" [from the white sands EP. this song amuses me - i really love the languid, slower delivery of sandman. so i tend to play him at least once every now and then.]
Blackalicious - "It's Going Down" [from blazing arrow. one of the records i really regret not getting to write about for the drunkard best of the decade series. so good.]
Posse - "Jon" [from soft opening. i like this song quite a bit and we'll hear more from them.]
Kathleen Edwards - "Moneytalks" (live) [from the live at the bowery EP. hadn't played this in awhile, but this out-of-print EP is worth it for this cover at the very least.]
Kalle Mattson - "God's Only Son" [from someday, the moon will be gold. does this record just get better with each track? clearly so.]
Tiger Bear Wolf - "Input/Output" [from their self-titled album. oh, sainted greensboro rock and roll.]
Wood Ear - "Pack of Cards" [from the forthcoming electric alone EP. from our friends at churchkey records, a new EP from this durham, nc band. good song.]
Elf Power - "The Naughty Villain" [from the winter is coming. a classic. i first heard this song as a download on abercrombie & fitch's website. true story.]
Michael Kiwanuka - "You've Got Nothing to Lose" [a new single from a great musician. this is the a-side of the single we heard the b-side of last week. great to hear kiwanuka back.]
Superchunk - "Beat My Guest" [from the cup of sand b-sides and covers collection. a cover of the adam ant classic. i love their version. originally recorded around the time of on the mouth.]
Don Chambers - "Evacuate the Ghost" [from his forthcoming album disquietude. excited to play more of this as don chambers' music is pretty unique.]
Rickie Lee Jones - "Livin' It Up" [from pirates. my favorite rickie lee jones album, and one of my favorite songs.]
the Monks - "Monk Time" [from black monks time. monks lead singer, gary burger, passed away this past week at the age of 72. if you've never heard this album, go hunt it down as it's really an immaculate piece of 60s proto-punk. rest in peace, gary.]
the Stooges - "Down on the Street" [from fun house. and we've lost another asheton. after guitarist ron asheton's death in 2009, now his brother, scott asheton, drummer for the stooges, has died. the beat on this song alone is proof of his prowess, but it's all over those early stooges records. rest in peace.]

That'll do it for this week. Tune in next week for our Phuzz Phest preview and lots more. Until then, take care.

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Friday, March 14, 2014

J's Indie/Rock Mayhem - 12th March 2014

[Welcome to another edition of J's Indie/Rock Mayhem. This week's show was particularly fun, I believe. Lots of good new and classic stuff. On the actual live broadcast, I had some trouble with the new song by Nothing, but you lucky podcast listeners get the whole song as it was intended to be heard. So just sort of ignore my apology in the voice break after that set.

In a couple of weeks I'm going to have some people up to talk about the upcoming Phuzz Phest in Winston-Salem. This year's lineup is insanely good, so we'll have lots to talk about, I'm sure.

Alright, now, before any of you get distracted by March Madness, onward.]

J's Indie/Rock Mayhem - 12th March 2014 show

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Pontiak - "Ghosts" [from innocence. this was the first song i played off of this record about a month or so back and man, it still just plows through your ears. so good.]
Dilated Peoples - "Work the Angles" [from the platform. so, after doing some research, apparently dilated peoples have been back together since last year. i'm sleeping on it. come to north carolina, guys!]
Eagulls - "Requiem" [the b-side to their "nerve endings" single from their self-titled album. love this cover of killing joke's song from their debut. that's a band i haven't played in awhile. maybe next week.]
Jarvis Cocker - "Heavy Weather" [from his jarvis solo record. i drove through a pounding rainstorm to get to the show on wednesday, so this was in honor of that.]
Morgan Delt - "Barbarian Kings" [from their self-titled album. finally, after weeks of promising. i really need to do better on that top-of-show list of upcoming artists.]
Elastica - "Car Song" [from their self-titled debut. i miss this band. even if their second record wasn't nearly as good. the video for this song was awfully cool though. i miss spike jonze's music videos. plus, this album is 20 years old this week - march 14th. crazy.]
together Pangea - "Offer" [from badillac. more pretty excellent stuff from these guys.]
Patti Smith - "Break It Up" [from her debut album horses. oh, patti smith. one of my favorite songs off of this album.]
Nothing - "Hymn to the Pillory" [from guilty of everything. a pretty interesting record that we will hear more from.]
Michael Penn - "Don't Let Me Go" [from mp4: days since a lost time accident. among my all-time favorite michael penn songs.]
Angel Olsen - "Stars" [from burn your fire for no witness. this record continues to grow and grow for me. just excellent.]
Grace Jones - "Me! I Disconnect From You" [from the forthcoming re-issue of her 1981 album nightclubbing. this was recorded at the time of the album but not released. love hearing people do interesting covers of gary numan's stuff, as big a numan fan as i am.]
Jessica Lea Mayfield - "I Wanna Love You" [from make my head sing... one of the artists that will be at phuzz phest in early april. enjoying this record so far.]
the Go-Betweens - "Twin Layers of Lightning" [from liberty belle and the black diamond express. i do need to hear more go-betweens. what other records should i check out?]
Real Estate - "Crime" [from atlas. just a lovely song from a lovely record.]
Rickie Lee Jones - "It Takes You There" [from the evening of my best day. she opened with this when i saw her last fall and it was spell binding. i have to see her live again.]
Dum Dum Girls - "Rimbaud Eyes" [from too true. this record just hasn't grabbed me the way their previous one did. not sure if it's the production or what. songs aren't bad and bravo for moving forward, but, i don't know.]
Futurebirds - "Serial Bowls" [from baba yaga. love these dudes. come back to greensboro again. seems like you hit up every city in the state except us this time.]
Drive-by Truckers - "Pauline Hawkins" [from english oceans. another record that i'm not sure how i feel about. it's good - really good in spots - but the claims from some critics that it's their best ever has me scratching my head a bit.]
Jenny Hval - "Innocense is Kinky" [the title track from her latest. enjoyed this record and she'll be at local 506 pretty soon. i think i want to go.]
the Bad Lovers - "Freaks" [from wild times. enjoying this record, too, and finally got around to getting this song on the show after a few weeks of misfires.]
that dog. - "Minneapolis" [from retreat from the sun. oh, anna waronker. your husband told me last april that you guys were working on a new that dog record. please tell me it's true.]
Michael Kiwanuka - "Waitin' Around to Die" [from the new "you've got nothing to lose" single. woah. seriously. excited to hear him back and very excited to see him cover this.]
Potty Mouth - "Black and Studs" [from hell bent. a good record from last year that didn't quite make my year-end.]
Frankie Cosmos - "Owen" [from the album zentropy. i think we'll have to hear more of this because i like it.]
Bjork - "Enjoy" [from post. this record still gets in my head on a regular basis. it's a shame i've kind of zoned out on everything she did after as a result.]
Kalle Mattson - "Eyes Speak" [from someday, the moon will be gold. this is a gorgeous song. i'm really getting into this record. we'll hear more.]
Roman Candle - "Small Time" [from their latest debris. enjoying their latest album an awful lot as well.]

Alright, that'll do it for this week. Tune in next week for more great new and classic music and until then, take care.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

J's Indie/Rock Mayhem - 5th March 2014

[Welcome to another edition of J's Indie/Rock Mayhem. Boy, it's been a fun few days of lacking power and internet, but thankfully last night the power returned and, earlier this afternoon, the internet with it. North Carolina does love its March winter weather surprises. This was no exception.

Thanks to J.P. and Kevin from Surfer Blood for talking to me last Tuesday night ahead of their show here at the Blind Tiger. I hope you all enjoy the interview and the songs. They were nice guys and put on a fantastic show as well.

Now, while I have power, onward.]

J's Indie/Rock Podcast: 5th March 2014 show

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Lydia Loveless - "Head" [from somewhere else. i love my editing job on this song. plus it's just a tremendous song. check out my album review over at aquarium drunkard.]
Liz Phair - "Divorce Song" [from exile from guyville. one of my favorite phair songs of all time. lyrically people have been comparing loveless to phair - not entirely accurate except possibly in tone - but still gave me an excuse to bring out this gem.]
Bleeding Rainbow - "Tell Me" [from their new album interrupt. we'll hear more - this one is growing on me.]
Ash - "Lose Control" [from 1977. it was ash wednesday, so that's why i thought it important to play ash. get it? great, great song, too.]
Real Estate - "Talking Backwards" [from atlas. we'll hear more from this record in coming weeks, but this song is a doozy, for sure.]
Fountains of Wayne - "Sink to the Bottom" [from their self-titled debut. oh, fountains of wayne, how wonderful your records are. seems like while the songwriting has gotten sharper over the years, they always miss out on their debut's brilliant brevity and put too many songs on. oh, well.]
Natural Child - "Out in the County" [from dancin' with wolves. pretty interesting throwback sounding song. we'll hear more.]
Teenage Fanclub - "Ain't That Enough" [from songs from northern britain. i heard that stephen malkmus covered "everything flows" the other night at his show in chapel hill. sheesh. wish i could've heard it.]

[Here's where I interviewed J.P. and Kevin from Surfer Blood. They were nice enough to talk to me about a bevy of things including their upcoming release for Record Store Day, Pythons Demos. Enjoy.]

Surfer Blood - "Say Yes to Me" [from pythons.]
Surfer Blood - "Prom Song" [from pythons.]
Drive-by Truckers - "First Air of Autumn" [from english oceans. more music from the new truckers album. still getting my bearings on it, but there are some great songs on here.]
Sunny Day Real Estate - "Seven" [from diary. the boys in sunny day are releasing their first new music since the rising tide from 2000 later this spring on a split 7" record. we'll see how it sounds.]
Temples - "Sun Structures" [the title track from their new album. growing and growing on me.]
the Housemartins - "I Smell Winter" [from now that's what I call quite good. boy, this turned out to be a highly appropriate song considering our winter blowout the next night.]
Jack Name - "Pure Terror" [from his new album light show. he played at guilford college this past saturday night, though i heard the show got shortened by a zealous r.a. seriously?]
Screaming Females - "It All Means Nothing" [from 2012's ugly and this is still a hell of a song. look forward to their next release.]
Quilt - "Saturday Bride" [from held in splendor. this record is growing on me quite a bit as well. we'll hear more.]
Little Brother - "The Getup" [from their debut album the listening. i remember watching these guys own the stage at guilford's serendipity spring concert in 2002.]
Simone Felice - "Running Through My Head" [from his forthcoming album strangers. digging this track and we'll hear more when we get closer to release time.]
the Strugglers - "Morningside Heights" [from 2008's the latest rights. it's a damn shame that this is (i think?) their most recent release. come back, strugglers.]
Wild Beasts - "Sweet Spot" [from present tense. pretty cool little song. we'll have to hear more.]
Citified - "Weddings" [from 2008's the meeting after the meeting. citified is working on their follow-up to their last EP absence. it'll get out there eventually.]
Dead Wives - "Mavis..." [from their EP buzzy fuzzy. this band features a member of one of our favorites from last year, speedy ortiz.]
Black Mountain - "Wucan" [from 2008's in the future. i forgot how much i really dug this record.]
Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra - "Little Ones Run" [from their new album fuck off get free we pour light on everything.]
Del Amitri - "The Verb to Do" [from the b-sides collection lousy with love. excited that their lead singer, justin currie, is going to be playing at the cat's cradle back room in may. i will be there.]

That'll do it for this week's show. Sorry for the lack of power delay, but I'll be back this Wednesday with more new and classic music. Until then, take care.

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Friday, February 28, 2014

J's Indie/Rock Mayhem - 26th February 2014

[Welcome to another edition of J's Indie/Rock Mayhem. Hope you guys enjoy the show tonight - it's a particularly good one, I think.

So, things may be changing a bit here at Mayhem. And here's why. I want the podcast to grow, but I feel like, in some ways, that its size is inherently problematic for that. Two hours is a lot to digest for people on a weekly basis, even if it is presented in the fairly easy to put-on-and-do-other-stuff format of a traditional radio show. So I am seriously looking at reducing the frequency and the size of the show. I will continue to do my two-hour live show each week and if you can catch me streaming, then you can still hear that. But I want to start condensing two weeks worth of shows down into (probably) a one-hour podcast posted bi-weekly, choosing the best new and classic music from the four hours.

Now, that's a significant reduction in output I realize, which is why I won't undertake that step until I have something to replace it. I have an idea for another podcast that will run weeks alternating with the radio show podcast, but that's something that is an idea in the works, so I'm not going to talk details right now. But regardless, the big idea here is that there will still be weekly content, it's just that the podcast of the two-hour radio show is probably going to become a thing of the past.

But, as I said, this is some distance off in the future. This is, at best, something that wouldn't take place until probably late-April or May at the earliest, but I wanted to give those of you who actually read the blog a bit of a heads up as for what to expect. I guarantee that you're going to still enjoy the content and get a ton of new and classic great music out of it. That's why I'm here in the first place and that's not going to change.

Now, onward.]

J's Indie/Rock Podcast: 26th February 2014 show

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
the Men - "Get What You Give" [from tomorrow's hits. really enjoying this album so far. it's out next week, so we'll most likely hear more.]
Jason and the Scorchers - "White Lies" [from lost & found. i think this was the first jason and scorchers song i ever heard and it still gets me riled up.]
Guided by Voices - "Alex and the Omegas" [from motivational jumpsuit. is it time for the shiny patina of a 'new' guided by voices record to finally wear off now that their reunion has created five albums in two years? they're good - some great songs to be found on all of them. but it's the same breakneck pace bob pollard has always had at putting out music and it becomes overwhelming after awhile.]
Sleater-Kinney - "Ironclad" [from all hands on the bad one. this record hardly ever gets talked about when it comes to their oeuvre. i still really love it though.]
Lydia Loveless - "Verlaine Shot Rimbaud" [from somewhere else. my introduction to the story of verlaine and rimbaud was the mary lou lord song "western union desperate," which i misinterpreted for years to contain a reference to arthur rimbaud and tom verlaine of television, not paul-marie verlaine. i thought it was a juxtaposition of a modern and a classic artist. i learned something that day.]
the B-52's - "6060-842" [from their self-titled debut. i really can't over emphasize how amazing this record still is to me. just so good.]
Angel Olsen - "High & Wild" [from burn your fire for no witness. a really excellent new album that is growing more and more on me.]
Bob Mould - "See a Little Light" [from workbook. mould's first solo record, it's getting the 25th anniversary treatment this week. i sometimes forget how good this song is.]
Kalle Mattson - "Hurt People Hurt People" [from someday, the moon will be gold. really impressive track from an album we'll be hearing more from.]
the Smithereens - "House We Used to Live In" [from green thoughts. probably my favorite smithereens song of all time. oh so good.]
Drive-by Truckers - "When He's Gone" [from english oceans. this album is a grower. i'm not sure how i feel about it yet in the overall pantheon of truckers albums, but it's moving up slowly in my estimation.]
Dangermouse - "Change Clothes" [by request from the grey album. this album turned ten years old this week and thanks to request, i just had to break it out.]
Beck - "Unforgiven" [from morning phase. pretty good album, i must say. we'll hear some more, but this song is some of the best of beck's singing i've ever heard.]
the Jayhawks - "Nothing Left to Borrow" [from tomorrow the green grass. even though this was the first jayhawks album i ever owned (and usually that leads to unnecessary adulation), it's always sort of underwhelmed me compared to hollywood town hall or sound of lies and i rarely come back to it. but i also forget that it holds unquestionable masterpieces like this song.]
Temples - "A Question Isn't Answered" [from sun structures. seriously, if you don't like this song, we may be on a different wavelength music wise.]
Superchunk - "Watery Hands" [from indoor living. why this, of all superchunk records, to get reissued? i know foolish already got a reissue a few years ago, but is this a push to make us re-evaluate this album? might work.]
St. Vincent - "Birth In Reverse" [from her new self-titled album. here she is performing this song on the colbert report the other night.]
Surfer Blood - "Demon Dance" [from python. excited to maybe catch these guys at the blind tiger on march 4th.]
Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks - "Cinnamon and Lesbians" [from wig out at jagbags. they'll be at the cat's cradle next monday, march 3rd.]
The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - "Belong" [the title track from their last album. they'll be at the cat's cradle on sunday, march 9th.]
Pontiak - "It's the Greatest" [from their album innocence. can i go see pontiak live sometime this year, please? i probably missed them somewhere.]
Del Amitri - "Not Where It's At" [from some other sucker's parade. justin currie, del amitri's lead singer, will be at the cat's cradle back room on wednesday, may 14th! i'm totally going.]
Colleens - "Sun Before I Set" [from wild dreams. liking this record more and more as i play it.]
Lyle Lovett - "Simple Song" [from pontiac. get it? pontiac and pontiak?]
Crooked Fingers - "Mansion on the Hill" [from badlands: a tribute to bruce springsteen's nebraska. love his cover. eric bachmann sounds an awful lot like bruce here, too.]

That'll do it for this week. I'll be back next week with more new and classic tunes. Until then, take care.

Friday, February 21, 2014

J's Indie/Rock Mayhem - 19th February 2014

[Welcome to another edition of J's Indie/Rock Mayhem. I think this week's show is pretty spectacular - probably doesn't hurt that two weeks of new releases were saved up after last week's show was scrambled by the winter weather. But that's how it goes.

That said, this is a pretty excellent week. Tons of new stuff and some great classics and we remember two departed people from the last week.

Now, onward.]

J's Indie/Rock Podcast: 19th February 2014 show

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
St. Vincent - "Digital Witness" [from her new self-titled record which is out next week. this reminds me, sound wise, of her record with david byrne from last year, and i suppose that shouldn't surprise me, but it is good. we'll hear more.]
Sixteen Horsepower - "Dead Run" [from low estate. i'm probably going to be in a sixteen horsepower/gun club mood the next few weeks, so be ready.]
Speedy Ortiz - "Everything's Bigger" [from the real hair EP. this band is just getting better. love the production on this record.]
the Buzzcocks - "Harmony in My Head" [from singles going steady. maybe my favorite buzzcocks song. it's way up there at the very least.]
the Men - "Different Days" [from their forthcoming album tomorrow's hits. these guys are reaching almost pollardian levels of production. an album a year since 2010 including this one. i approve when they're this consistently good.]
Beastie Boys - "Remote Control" [by twitter request from hello nasty. clemens from hannover, germany sent this request in and i was only happy to oblige.]
together Pangea - "Badillac" [by request, the title track from their new album. haven't heard these guys before, but i dig this song, so we'll probably hear more.]
the Clash - "Remote Control" [from their self-titled debut. when i got the beasties request, i thought of this song as well, so there you go.]
Temples - "Shelter Song" [from their new album sun structures. we'll definitely hear more of this - it's a retro sounding album, but in a good way.]
the Lemonheads - "The Great Big NO" [from come on feel the lemonheads. the first half of this album - or the first six songs at least - is just tremendous. and then "style" starts that weird back half that has some amazing songs and some clunkers. i've never seen a record that is such a mess solely because of one half of an album and not the whole thing.]
Guided by Voices - "Some Things are Big (and Some of Them Are Small)" [from their new album motivational jumpsuit. speaking of pollardian releases, this is GBV's fifth album since january of 2012. and then there was that pollard solo record, too. sheesh.]
"Weird Al" Yankovic - "King of Suede" [from "weird al" in 3-D. i have a lot of respect for "weird al," but this is my favorite record of his. there's something totally classic about it. especially this song.]
the Afghan Whigs - "Algiers" [from their forthcoming album do to the beast. the "be my baby" drums that open this song are inspired and i am super excited for the full record in april.]
J's Indie/Rock My First Time - Scott Maynard: [a member of rock plaza central who tells a great story about his first show in canada.]
Rock Plaza Central - "Are We Not Horses?" [the title track from their 2006 album. this is just such a mind blowing record. i miss this band.]
Colleens - "Maybe We'll Fall In Love" [from the wild dreams EP. we'll hear more from them as it's sounding good.]
Kudzu Wish - "Afraid of the Bomb" [from en route. 4/5ths of this band were WQFS djs and managers, so, you know, gotta crank up the old greensboro jams.]
Lydia Loveless - "To Love Somebody" [from somewhere else. seriously, people, this is one of this year's best records so far. we'll be hearing a lot more.]
Pulp - "Mis-Shapes" [from different class. this record will be 20 years old  next year. sigh.]
Phantogram - "Never Going Home" [from voices. i'm new really to listening to these guys, but this is a pretty great song.]
That Petrol Emotion - "It's a Good Thing" [from manic pop thrill. oh, post-punk. how good you were/are.]
Beck - "Blue Moon" [from his forthcoming album morning phase. the new beck album that has been getting comparisons to mutations and sea change and, yeah, we'll hear more. it's beck.]
Blair - "Rampage" [from die young. still love this record and these songs.]
Angel Olsen - "Hi-Five" [from burn your fire for no witness. i'm already digging this more than her low-key predecessors. we'll hear more.]
Aztec Camera - "Oblivious" [from high land, hard rain. this album, which turned 30 last year, is getting a big reissue. i'm more of a fan of some of the later aztec camera albums, but their debut is still pretty solid.]
Bleeding Rainbow - "So You Know" [from their forthcoming album interrupt. another band cranking out releases. excited to hear more from these folks.]
the Rosebuds - "Woods" [from loud planes fly low. we played the hell out of this song at wqfs when this album dropped. good stuff.]
Cibo Matto - "Check In" [from hotel valentine. their first album in fifteen years. i'm still digesting it, but they still make intriguing music.]
Quilt - "Arctic Shark" [from held in splendor. i may have misspoken about their album name on the air. if so, sorry. really good album.]
Hurray for the Riff Raff - "The Body Electric" [from small town heroes. i really like this song, lyrically, a lot. we'll hear more.]
Devo - "Uncontrollable Urge" [from q: are we not men? a: we are devo! for the second time in less than a year, i have to play a devo song because a member of the band died. this time it's guitarist bob casale who died at the age of 61. really sad.]
Elvis Hitler - "Green Haze" [from disgraceland. and this is for mary grace canfield, the great character actress who died at the age of 89. probably best known as ralph monroe on green acres, one of my favorite tv shows when i was a kid. rest in peace, both of you.]

That'll do it for this week. I'll be back next week for more fantastic new and classic music. Until then, take care.

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Monday, February 10, 2014

J's Indie/Rock Mayhem - 5th February 2014

[Hey, folks, welcome to another edition of J's Indie/Rock Mayhem. There's a lot of great music this week, though I'm going to have done a bit of editing to the show. I had some trainees in for the week - and they did a great job - but there are a number of things I wanted to talk about with the music that I wasn't able to, so I'm re-recording the voice breaks later on so that I can do that. Hope it isn't too disruptive and just adds to things.

Now, while they're still putting down the sod in Sochi, onward.]

J's Indie/Rock Podcast: 5th February 2014 show

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Dum Dum Girls - "In the Wake of You" [from the new album too true. this is a pretty snazzy song. this record is growing on me - we'll hear more.]
Jarvis Cocker - "Further Complications" [the title track from his second solo album. really great song, needless to say.]
Against Me! - "Fuckmylife666" [from transgender dysphoria blues. the band was on letterman this week and did a great version of this song.]
the Modern Lovers - "Roadrunner" [from their self-titled debut. i'll probably never get tired of playing this song. why would i?]
Pontiak - "It's the Greatest" [from innocence. this album is growing on me quite a bit as well, though it hit me over the head a bit more directly from the go. i want to see these guys live.]
Kula Shaker - "Hey Dude" [from their debut album k. did anyone ever hear the record the reunited band put out the other year? any good?]
Dot.s - "Dot.s 3" [from their self-titled EP. a former wqfs manager is involved in this and it's pretty interesting stuff.]
Royal Baths - "Darling Divine" [from better luck next life. still just a great, twisting, dirty rock and roll song.]
Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks - "Lariat" [from wig out at jagbags. i don't know how much longer i'll be playing things off this record, but it is really good.]
R.E.M. - "Finest Worksong" [from document which is still, in a lot of ways, my favorite album by them.]
Sun Kil Moon - "Ben's My Friend" [from the new album benji. i'm not sure what i think of mark kozelek's lyric writing sometimes, but this song is at the very least fairly amusing.]
Television - "See No Evil" [from marquee moon. because you can never get enough television in your life.]
Doug Paisley - "To and Fro" [from strong feelings which is a really great album. it kind of reminds me of elements of good 80s country and just stellar songwriting from all across the place.]
the Reigning Sound - "Stormy Weather" [from time bomb high school. j. gage, i'm forever grateful to you for hipping me to this record. it just never gets old.]
Gem Club - "Speech of Foxes" [from in roses. this isn't the most upbeat record of the year (understatement), but it is fairly pretty. we might hear more.]
Simple Minds - "Speed Your Love to Me" [from sparkle in the rain. hey, it's simple minds and it's good stuff as well. plus it was produced by steve lillywhite who, honestly, i love as a producer.]
Warpaint - "Love Is to Die" [from their new self-titled album. this is growing on me a good bit. maybe it's flood's production? kidding. but, still, good album.]
Sebadoh - "Defend Yr Self" [the title track from their latest album defend yourself. they were in chapel hill last week - anyone go?]
Shana Falana - "I Have a Date" [from her shana falana sings herself to sleep cassette which you can purchase as part of her indiegogo campaign to raise money for a european tour. head over there and take a look at the things she has as incentives. it's a worthy cause considering how good the music is.]
Girls Against Boys - "Tucked In" [from cruise yourself. did that new ep of theirs come out yet? i fall behind on things.]
Hot Fudge - "To Be One Ask One" [a new single from this athens, georgia band. seriously - this song is like the high, cranked vocals of some elephant 6 bands mixed with the high, punchy energy of supergrass' first album. i can't wait to hear more from them. in the meantime, you can buy the song for just a dollar from their bandcamp page.]
Rickie Lee Jones - "Rainbow Sleeves" [from jones' girl at her volcano EP this is a song written by tom waits that he (to my knowledge?) never recorded himself for release. beautiful stuff.]
Marissa Nadler - "Was It a Dream" [from her newest album july. interesting stuff. we'll probably hear more.]
Vic Chesnutt - "New Town" [from about to choke. still one of my favorite vic records and just a masterful album all in all.]
Orca Orca - "OK, Lost" [from a 7" single called the shallows. pretty interesting dream pop stuff. we might hear some more. i'm running on the same slogans this week, obviously.]
the Church - "Antenna" [from starfish. you know my love of this band, so i don't need to encourage you to buy all their stuff, but you should.]
Olivia Tremor Control - "I'm Not Feeling Human" [from the peel sessions EP that was released recently. good to hear some more of their stuff.]
Susu - "Anarchitect" [from the win EP. miss this band. they were good.]
Hiss Golden Messenger - "Straw Man Red Sun River Gold" [from the recent re-release of hiss golden messenger's 2009 debut, bad debt. great north carolina music.]
Glen Campbell - "Any Trouble" [from his 2011 album ghost on the canvas. this is one of a couple of songs written for campbell by paul westerberg. you can tell because of how the lyrics to the bridge were lifted from westerberg's "it's a wonderful lie." i like it when westerberg lifts lyrics from his songs.]

That'll do it for this week. Next week I'll have trainees again and lots of good music as well. Until then, take care.

Friday, January 31, 2014

J's Indie/Rock Mayhem - 29th January 2014

[Welcome to another edition of J's Indie/Rock Mayhem. Another great episode this week - 2014 is off to a cracking good start in terms of new releases, so it's pretty great to listen to a lot of it.

If you're a Triad area person and would be interested in volunteering to become a DJ at WQFS, our spring semester meeting for new DJs is tomorrow, Saturday, February 1st at 3:30 PM in upstairs Founders Hall on the Guilford College campus. Come on in and become a part of something pretty excellent.

Now, before the snow melts, onward.]

J's Indie/Rock Podcast: 29th January 2014 show

Theme Song  - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Big Ups - "Goes Black" [from eighteen hours of static. interesting track from this band's new album. we'll probably hear more.]
the Geraldine Fibbers - "You Doo Right" [their cover of the can classic from the album butch. i feel silly for having never known that nels cline was a member of the geraldine fibbers, but it explains how explosive i always thought this record was.]
Pontiak - "Ghosts" [from their new album innocence. this is a torrential song. love the pummeling beat of this thing. we'll be hearing more.]
Sleater-Kinney - "Turn It On" [from dig me out. i love how this song segued into the pontiak. i consider this opening set a huge success.]
Hospitality - "Rockets and Jets" [from their new album trouble. great to hear more music from this band. we'll hear more.]
Jarvis Cocker - "Black Magic" [from his self-titled debut solo album. jarvis and co. have had a great knack for slightly re-purposing songs over the years. this one takes from "crimson and clover," of course, and does it justice.]
Uncle Tupelo - "Graveyard Shift" [from no depression. this seminal record is getting its second reissue - this time in the legacy edition format with unreleased demos from 1988. pretty awesome stuff for a great, great record.]
Michael Penn - "Figment" [from resigned. yeah, i'm back to being obsessed with this record again. well, it's awesome, what can I say?]
Wye Oak - "The Tower" [from their forthcoming album shriek which will be out on april 29th. the new wye oak record is, allegedly, guitar free, so this first single is a good preview for that. we'll hear more when the album gets closer.]
Sleeper - "Feeling Peaky" [the lead track from the american version of the IT girl. just such a great opening album track.]
Morgan Delt - "Obstacle Eyes" [from their new self-titled album. interesting stuff and we'll hear more.]
the Replacements - "Askin' Me Lies" [from don't tell a soul. a song that i've grown to like a lot more over the years. kind of silly, but a lot of fun.]
Dum Dum Girls - "Rimbaud Eyes" [from too true. so, i'm not sure what i think of this album yet. i really enjoyed the last record by dum dum girls, but this one is a bit of a different animal. we'll see.]
the Stone Roses - "Begging You" [from second coming. i'm one of the few people in the world that actually thinks this album is pretty good. i'm on a crusade to change minds.]
Roman Candle - "Not Strangers Anymore" [from debris. still enjoying the new record from roman candle a good bit.]
Cloud Nothings - "No Future, No Past" [from attack on memory. these guys have a new record coming out on april 1st, so we'll be hearing new music from them soon. exciting.]
Jack Name - "Out of Sight" [from light show. pretty interesting record, the more i listen to it. we'll hear more down the line.]
Del Amitri - "Medicine" [from some other sucker's parade. i love this record pretty thoroughly. del amitri wrote great pop music.]
Lambchop - "Up With People" [from nixon. my interview with kurt wagner of lambchop is up at aquarium drunkard where we discuss the re-issue of nixon. check it out.]
Nico - "I'll Keep It With Mine" [her cover of the dylan classic from chelsea girl. nico's version of this dylan song is mesmerizing.]
Shy Boys - "Keeps Me On My Toes" [from their self-titled debut. this record is pretty intriguing. love the vocals on this song especially.]
Summer Cannibals - "Wear Me Out" [from last year's no makeup. still one of my favorite out and out rock records from last year.]
Cheap Time - "Slow Variety" [from exit smiles. new music from this tennessee band.]
Suede - "Trash" [from coming up. classic suede and new suede are equally great as last year proved.]
Wilco - "Hate It Here" [from sky blue sky. haven't played any wilco in awhile - especially not later wilco, but this album has grown on me over the years.]
Pete Seeger - "Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream" [pete seeger passed away this week at the age of 94. it's impossible to fully talk about what affect he had on american folk and music in general. it's just appropriate to say goodbye and thank you. this performance is from pete seeger's rainbow question show. check it out.]
Pete Seeger - "Guantanamera" [this song was used to perfect effect in don mckellar's last night in the late 90s. it's since been my favorite seeger song.]

That'll do it for this week. I'll be back next week with more new and classic music. Until then, take care.

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Friday, January 24, 2014

J's Indie/Rock Mayhem - 22nd January 2014

[Welcome to another episode of J's Indie/Rock Mayhem. Sorry about the missing show from last week - it was a good one, too, but technology interferes sometimes. I think this week's show is even better - aside from the lack of a triptych of versions of "(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone" at least. But all the shows can't be that cool.

Now, while the fire's are burning, onward.]

J's Indie/Rock Podcast: 22nd January 2014 show

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
White Hinterland - "Ring the Bell" [from their forthcoming album baby which will be out in april. great to hear this band back after four years.]
Fountains of Wayne - "No Better Place" [from welcome interstate managers. i still love this record quite a bit. jus a tremendous band.]
Against Me! - "Transgender Dysphoria Blues" [the title track from their latest. just a sincerely powerful song. this record is growing on me a lot.]
Bash and Pop - "Friday Night (Is Killing Me)" [the title track from their one and only album. maybe one of my all-time favorite songs. granted, that's a long list, but you get the idea.]
Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks - "Planetary Motion" [the lead track from their latest, wig out at jagbag's. this record is growing on me. its a bit of a slow grower in spots, but it's quite good.]
P.O.S. - "Bumper" [the lead track from 2012's we don't even live here. i'm still blown away by this record, two years on.]
Warpaint - "Keep It Healthy" [from their latest self-titled album. speaking of the 90s - produced by flood. had no idea what that guy was up to.]
Lush - "500" [from lovelife. oh, lush. i miss this band.]
Jack Name - "Pure Terror" [from light show. we'll probably hear more - new music from their just-out album.]
Sugar - "If I Can't Change Your Mind" [from copper blue. classic sugar from their debut album.]
Shana Falana - "Gone" [from shana falana sings herself to sleep. this is a new cassette-only physical release as part of shana's indiegogo campaign to raise money for a european tour. go over and look into donating to help her out and snag a copy of this pretty great compilation of her early stuff.]
Toad the Wet Sprocket - "All Right" [from in light syrup. got this stuck in my head this past week. i think seeing them last year woke up my dormant love.]
Doug Paisley - "It's Not Too Late (To Say Goodbye)" [from strong feelings. the guys in megafaun specifically praised messr. paisley on my show a few years back, so it's about time we heard him on the show.]
Marah - "It's Only Money, Tyrone" [from kids in philly. just flat out one of the best rock records of the 2000s.]
Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra - "Take Away These Early Grave Blues" [from their latest fuck off get free we pour light on everything. love these guys - who played with vic chesnutt on his last couple of records - and digging this new record.]
Jungle - "Platoon" [from their the heat EP. ryan snyder turned me on to these guys the other week. they only have this EP out currently from last year, but we'll hear more.]
Drive-by Truckers - "The Part of Him" [from english oceans. the record isn't out until march, but it's a solid one for sure. we'll hear more as we get closer to the release date. they have upcoming shows at the orange peel in asheville (jan. 31st and feb. 1st) and at the ritz in raleigh (mar. 14th).]
Dinosaur Jr. - "Start Choppin'" [from where you been. freak scene, a cover band tribute to the band, is at the garage in winston-salem tonight, january 24th.]
Phosphorescent - "Ride On / Right On" [from muchacho. they're at the neighborhood theatre in charlotte tonight, january 24th.]
Caveman - "In the City" [from last year's self-titled album. and these guys are opening for phosphorescent tonight.]
Shy Boys - "And I Am Nervous" [from their self-titled album. interesting young band with their debut. we'll hear more.]
Autolux - "Turnstile Blues" [from future perfect. haven't played any in awhile by this band, but they're quite good.]
The Lover Speaks - "No More 'I Love You's'" [from their self-titled album. the original that was covered rather amazingly by annie lennox.]
'Red' Tommy Malbeouf - "Andrea's Song" [my friend's dad, who passed away this week, playing an original composition of his. a very talented bluegrass fiddle player. rest in peace.]

That'll do it for this week. I'll be back next week with more great music, so until then, take care.

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