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Saturday, November 15, 2003

j's indie/rock mayhem - 14th/15th november 2003

[a rather low-key show. this week of teaching had me rather tired. and bowling earlier in the night didn't help. but i think it was enjoyable none the less. i know i was just gone last week, but due to the upcoming Q and Not U show next friday and the Thanksgiving holiday the next week, the show will not be on for the next 2 weeks. the next j's indie/rock mayhem will be on 5th/6th december, 12am - 2am, per usual.]

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
the Cash Brothers - "Sweet" [from their new record a brand new night. it's no great leap forward, but it is a great pop/americana rock record in the style of their previous albums. the cash brothers harmonies are endlessly beautiful and enchanting.]
Lapdog - "Just When I Needed Someone" [former members of toad the wet sprocket. i adore this song, but this version is from their second album, mayfly, and it pales in comparison to the original demo version that appeared around the release of their first album. if you can find that version, it's much, much better.]
Frank Black - "I Heard Ramona Sing" [i meant to play his cover of "hang on to your ego" but hit the wrong track button. oh, well. everything from his self-titled solo album is worth hearing.]
Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players - "Eggs" [by request. a cute song. i've only seen them perform on conan o'brien's show before, and they weren't nearly as engaging as this song.]
Josh Ritter - "Kathleen" [a full us tour is in the works for the springtime. let's hope he quits being stupid and comes to north carolina. i'll drag him here myself if necessary.]
Gin Blossoms - "Allison Road" [one of those great pop records overlooked not because of a lack of success, but quite the opposite: because of its success.]
Talking Heads - "Memories Can't Wait" [from fear of music.]
Bob Dylan - "Oxford Town" [had this in my head for a few weeks, so decided to exercise it.]
Paul Westerberg - "Crackle and Drag (alt. version)" [from the new come feel me tremble soundtrack.]
Fountains of Wayne - "No Better Place" [an example of one of the songs from their new record that infinitely shows up "stacy's mom" and would've made a much better single. sometimes i really wonder why they pick the singles they do. they had enough sense to choose "radiation vibe" and "sink to the bottom" on the first album, but "denise?" "stacy's mom?" jeez.]
Steely Dan - "Dirty Work" [this elicited a call from a fellow dj lambasting me for playing classic rock station filler. whatever. i love steely dan.]
the National Trust - "Making Love (in the natural light)" [this song borders somewhere around eleven minutes long. they opened for josh rouse when i saw him in 2002 and were quite entertaining. a great, modern soul/r&b influenced band.]
Mansun - "Taxloss" [from their wickedly good attack of the grey lantern]
Superchunk - "Art Class"
Drive-by Truckers - "My Sweet Annette" [definitely one of the highlights of their recent show.]
Michael Penn - "Seen the Doctor" [one of america's most consistent(ly overlooked) songwriters.]
the Gun Club - "Yellow Eyes" [from mother juno]
Liz Phair - "Uncle Alvarez" [from whitechocolatespaceegg. a great character study song. if she was capable of writing songs this good only 4 years ago, what happened?]
X - "Johnny Hit and Run Paulene" [from the absolutely-thrilling-every-time-you'll-ever-play-it-in-your-life los angeles.]
Jim White - "Ghost Town of my Brain" [one of my very favourite jim white songs.]
Carl Perkins - "Put Your Cat Clothes On" [recorded sometime in the 50s and it still rocks harder than a lot of stuff today.]
Leonard Cohen - "Hey, That's No Way to Say Goodbye"
Lucinda Williams - "Which Will" [a great nick cave cover from sweet old world.]
Glen Phillips - "My Own Town" [former toad the wet sprocket front man's first solo album. supposedly his newest is due out in the spring]
Randy Newman - "Marie"
Big Star - "Thirteen" [thought i'd close with two beautiful songs that are forever on my mind.]

Thanks for listening.


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