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Saturday, November 01, 2003

j's indie/rock mayhem - 31st october/1st november 2003

[ah, all hallow's eve. i truly meant to make this a more dynamic halloween show, but alas. waking up at 6:30am and then being on full-tilt for a midnight radio show is difficult. sleeping for four or so hours beforehand can do the trick, but that leaves you waking up twenty minutes before you're due at the station. honesty, folks. honesty.]

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Pavement - "Cut Your Hair" [i gave some sort of lame intro about telling anybody you pick up tonight that's overly hairy to get a haircut to make sure they're not all werewolf or something. something interesting i learned: the old english word for man was 'were.' thus, the origin of 'werewolf?' quite possibly.]
Soundgarden - "Rusty Cage"
Nicolai Dunger - "Hey, Mama" [this is a relatively fun, shuffling number from nicoali's most recent, tranquil isolation. when i saw him at south by southwest he stretched this out into a ten minute ramble that was exquisite for me but seemed to drive off half the audience. to each their own.]
Gram Parsons - "Return of the Greivous Angel" [closest thing to a halloween song i could get for ol' gram]
The Rapture - "House of Jealous Lovers" [i'd heard so-so reviews of this record and while this song is certainly a stand out, i can definitely see why anyone who has seen the rapture live (such as myself) would find their recorded incarnation to be a bit lacking. somewhere there is a producer who can capture them correctly. but where, oh, where, were?]
Gary Numan - "Metal"
Squirrel Nut Zippers - "Hell" [truly a lively, halloween-esque number]
Meat Puppets - "Lake of Fire" [and this jived quite well with the previous song]
Sixteen Horsepower - "American Wheeze"
Lou Reed - "Andy's Chest" [got this stuck in my head the other day. no better way to exercise those demons]
the Flaming Lips - "Halloween on the Barbary Coast" [from their hit to death in the future head album. a great chunk of early, acid-fried lips' brilliance]
Dandy Warhols - "Hell's Bells" [a very entertaining cover of the ac/dc classic. acoustic guitars, a horn section, slowed tempo..what more could you ask for? this is a b-side on the UK "bohemian like you" single]
the Gun Club - "Ghost on the Highway" [perfect]
Velvet Underground - "All Tomorrow's Parties" [by request. they heard me play lou reed, so they wanted the velvets. i went with this nico-on-lead song from the velvet underground and nico]
the Supersuckers - "Creepy Jackelope Eye"
Ryan Adams - "Come Pick Me Up" [i listened to adams' heartbreaker on the way to chapel hill last night and am routinely amazed at how fantastic a record it is. which begs the question...what happened? this song is especially heart breaking]
Teenage Fanclub - "Ain't That Enough"
the Suburbs - "Rattle My Bones" [catchy minneapolis new-wave punk]
Type O Negative - "My Girlfriend's Girlfriend" [this may be one of the funniest songs ever written, intentionally or no. it's just so serious. but peter steele and the boys in type o have always been quite good at seeming way too serious for their own good. it's becoming of them]
the Replacements - "Rock and Roll Ghost"
Josh Ritter - "Kathleen" [to me, this song sounds almost like a re-telling of that classic 'met a girl at the dance, took her home, returned the next day..' and her house is a graveyard or she's been dead ten years or something else equally disturbing. i love it]
Toad the Wet Sprocket - "Rings" [a song about the life rings of trees..'dry spells, brushfire'..for california]
the Ramones - "Chain Saw" ["texas chainsaw massacree...they took my baby away from me.."]
Tom Waits - "Earth Died Screaming" [later period tom is always good for creepin' it up]
Fischerspooner - "The 15th" [their cover of the wire classic]
Wilco - "I Got You (at the end of the century)"
Drive-by Truckers - "Sink Hole" [a song about a farmer who invites the foreclosing bank manager to his farm for dinner, walks him around the farm to show him what all this means to him, to ask him not to take it away..then he kills him and buries him in the sink hole near the house. hah. classic]

Thanks for listening.

I will not be doing my show next week. I will be out of town, so the next J's Indie/Rock Mayhem will be Friday 14th/Saturday 15th November from 12am - 2am. See you then.


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