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Monday, December 01, 2003

First off, over at my personal blog I have a holiday offer involving items you purchase through Amazon.com and the Triad Health Project here in Greensboro. Feel free to check it out and perhaps you can make a difference in the Triad this month. Thanks for taking time to look.

Second, the Annual J's Indie/Rock Mayhem Best of 2003 show is coming up later in December. I've already started receiving some ideas for albums you guys feel should be included on the list. The list is ultimately up to me to decide, but you may remind me of something that totally slipped my mind! Please suggest your favourite albums of the year. In addition to posting my Top 25 list along with comments after the show, I will tally and post the nominations from you guys as well. How swank does that sound?

How can I nominate albums, you ask? One of two ways: Email me and tell me your nominations or use the comment boxes at the bottom of each post (preferrably the most recent post) here on the site (just click on the 'Comment' link at the bottom of each entry). I look forward to seeing you guys' nominations grow, grow, grow!

I will definitely be on the air this Friday night, but we will already be into temp schedule for the Winter holiday, so I might be on earlier than normal depending on what happens. I will let you guys know later this week.

Let's see those nominations roll in! And please, check out the opportunity to help out the THP over on my main site. Take care.


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