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Saturday, January 24, 2004

j's indie/rock mayhem - 23rd january 2004

[another friday night and another Friday Night Jones. send me an email with your Friday Night Jones suggestions. think classic albums that people may or may not have ever heard. admittedly, my first two are pretty famous. but they are also inseparable from the face of modern independent music. and that's why i picked them. onward.]

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Midnight Oil - "My Country" [in a week with both a major primary and the state of the union address, a very appropriate song.]
My Morning Jacket - "Lowdown" [by request. i played this on wednesday as well, but who am i to argue with great requests?]
Kathleen Edwards - "Six O'Clock News"
the Bens - "Bruised"
Stellastar - "In the Walls" [you've heard me comment on these guys by now. if not, scan down.]
Spoon - "Jonathan Fisk" [i was in a hectic grab for a song at this point and lucked across my copy of kill the moonlight. tasty.]
the Happy Mondays - "Kinky Afro" [an absolutely anomaly. pills 'n' thrills and bellyaches is easily the best thing the mondays ever recorded. and then they burned out, back into the madchester oblivion that spawned them.]
the Microphones - "My Roots are Strong and Deep" [by request.]
Grandpaboy - "MPLS"
Pretty Girls Make Graves - "Speakers Push the Air"
Radio 4 - "Start a Fire" [radio 4 gets knocked a lot by some indie critics i've read, but i think they're first class. and their live shows are a dance marathon.]
the Streets - "Let's Push Things Forward" [the edited copy has been long missing from the stacks. so my un-edited copy usually gets eschewed for FCC purposes. but, this was the single and is the easiest to edit. a great song.]
Soundgarden - "Mind Riot" [some guy called in for tool and turbonegro and fantomas. i ended up playing this instead.]
Teenage Fanclub - "About You" [one of their greatest harmony exercises.]
[this week's Friday Night Jones is a forehead-slapping pick if there ever was one. if i'm doing friday night rock shows, it is one of the quintessential party albums. people sometimes scratch their heads when i profess my absolute adoration of this band. thinking solely of "love shack" or "roam" (or heaven forbid that atrocious song for the live-action flintstones movie). but in 1979 there is no way, had i been alive, i couldn't have been convinced these guys were going to change music forever. and, in a very large way, they did. even if the extent of their masterpiece albums totals this one. they put out some great, great music in the meantime. but nothing that has quite added up to the sheer energy and reckless abandon of this one.]
Friday Night Jones Album - The B-52s - The B-52s
"Planet Claire"
"52 Girls"
"Dance This Mess Around"
"Rock Lobster"
"There's a Moon in the Sky (Called the Moon)"
"Hero Worship"
End of Friday Night Jones Album
the B-52s - "Private Idaho" [this is from their second album, wild planet. my main qualm with this record is the thicker production. it's wrong to hate on a band cos they're able to step up quality, but part of their self-titled album's charm is it's razor thin sound. still, this is a great song.]
the B-52s - "Roam" [from their "comeback" album, cosmic thing.]
the B-52s - "Is That You Mo-Dean?" [from good stuff. absolutely not one of their best records. but this song is snazzy.]

Thanks for listening. Again, click on the email link at the top if you have any questions or Friday Night Jones album suggestions. We'll see you guys next Wednesday, 6pm - 8pm.


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