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Wednesday, February 04, 2004

j's indie/rock mayhem - 4th february 2004

[this first show back in the old timeslot was a humdinger. due to new rules about rotation, my show is a rotation show officialy for the first time ever. i've had a specialty show as long as i've been a dj at WQFS. last year, when i was music director, i played tons of rotation because, well..i was vastly more familiar with it and i was putting most of it in there. so i knew it a lot better. plus, my taste played into it. so this will be a new challenge. onward.]

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Stellastar - "In the Walls"
the Charms - "The Wish Song" [by request. an okay song. it could grow on me, i suppose, but it's not spectacular.]
the Replacements - "Take Me Down to the Hospital" [good, classic 'mats.]
Sonic Youth - "Sunday" [the one that had the video with macaulay culkin in it. fab.]
Olivia Tremor Control - "Define a Transparent Dream" [OTC's debut album, dusk at cubist castle, was just re-released after a period of being out of print, i presume. cos there are no bonus tracks or anything. but this is an absolute gem from the elephant 6 stable.]
the Rapture - "House of Jealous Lovers" [from a dfa compilation.]
Bob Dylan - "I Can't Get You Off My Mind" [from the timeless hank williams tribute record. a great, great version.]
Tiger Bear Wolf - "Pens Tied Down" [greensboro's own. rock.]
Teenage Fanclub - "Don't Look Back" [fabulous scottish rock.]
Del Amitri - "Medicine" [more scottish rock.]
Aztec Camera - "Good Morning Britain" [a great, overlooked scottish band.]
Camera Obscura - "Suspended from Class" [ending the block of scots. this is from their new album that is very good.]
Ash - "Girl From Mars" [by request. fine, irish band.]
Stiff Little Fingers - "You Never Hear the One that Hits You" [not a great song, but another famous irish band, none the less.]
the Frames - "Star Star" [from their new live collection.]
Dinosaur Jr. - "Green Mind" [by request. title track from their 1991 record.]
the Bens - "Bruised"
22-20s - "Messed Up"
Husker Du - "Every Everything" [by request. from the only husker album that hasn't been stolen from our station, flip your wig.]
Slumber Party - "Electric Boots" [i met gretchen from slumber party at south by southwest in 2003. very, very nice person. this album is quite good.]
All Astronauts - "Burning/Building" [from winston salem. great rock.]
Dizee Rascal - "Sittin' Here" [winner of the 2003 mercury prize in britain. a very unique hip-hop record.]
REM - "Bad Day"
Blind Melon - "Toes Across the Floor" [from the dastardly good soup.]
Elastica - "Stutter" [this is one hellaciously good song.]
the Pixies - "Gouge Away"
Matthew Sweet - "Sick of Myself" [one of the first cds i ever bought was 100% fun.]
the Jayhawks - "I'm Gonna Make You Love Me"
Television - "See No Evil"
Ray Charles - "Bye Bye Love"

Thanks for listening. See you next Wednesday.


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