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Thursday, February 19, 2004

j's indie/rock mayhem - 18th february 2004

[today marked a sad anniversary. it was nine years ago today, 18th february 1995, that bob stinson, original lead guitarist and founding member of the replacements, passed away. somewhere, on a journal i decorated when i was younger, i have the obituary from rolling stone cut out and pasted on one side. there's a very melancholic picture of bob, the whole situation framed by the quote from paul westerberg: "it's as sad as if we weren't expecting it." so, tonight, a memorial to the departed member of the tribe of heartfelt american music.]

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
All Astronauts - "Burning/Building" [winston-salem. the more i listen to these guys, the better it gets.]
the Emergency - "Church of the Chix Denomination" [a new release. i believe i've heard of these guys before, but this song was catchy as all. i'm looking forward to hearing more.]
Teenage Fanclub - "Sparky's Dream"
Olivia Tremor Control - "Jumping Fences" [had to give this another listen to see if it was as good as i'd thought initially. it is.]
Saul Williams - "Om Nia Merican" [saul williams is a very interesting spoken word poet that is appearing at guilford friday night. this is from his musical/spoken word album which is fairly lackluster. but, if you want to see saul at his peak, check out the movie slam!. he's the main character. a very good performance and fantastic spoken word works.]
the Bens - "Just Pretend"
Camera Obscura - "Teenager" [every song on this album is a winner thus far.]
the Frames - "Star Star (live)" [from their new live album.]
[this section marked the beginning of the bob stinson memorial. originally i had planned to fill up the last hour with replacements album songs from the period bob was in the band (1979 - 1986). however, in doing some digging i discovered something i owned that seemed a lot better suited. so, instead, i played an entire live replacements' show from 4th february 1986, the last tour bob was a part of the band. an hour and a half of live replacements. here's the tracklist:]

"Color Me Impressed"
"Dose of Thunder"
"Fox on the Run"
"Hold My Life"
"I Will Dare"
"Favorite Thing"
"Can't Hardly Wait"
"Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out"
"Takin' a Ride"
"Bastards of Young"
"Kiss Me On the Bus"
"Black Diamond"
"Johnny's Gonna Die"
"I'm In Trouble"
"Left of the Dial"
"Goddamn Job"
"Answering Machine"
"Waitress in the Sky"
"Take Me Down to the Hospital"
"Gary's Got a Boner"
"If Only You Were Lonely"
"Baby Strange"
"Hitchin' a Ride"
"Nowhere Man"
"Fuck School"
Paul Westerberg - "Good Day" [this is a song from paul's second solo album eventually. it was written not long after bob's death. it's a beautiful, touching song with one very specific reference to the 'mats' past ("hold my life..one last time..") and a wonderful refrain ("a good day..is any day that you're alive.."). i thought it a fitting end to the show.]

Thanks for tuning in. We'll be back next Wednesday with less sorrowful broadcasting. Take Care.


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