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Thursday, March 04, 2004

j's indie/rock mayhem - 3rd march 2004

[any night where i get through thirty-four songs in two hours is a great night. it means i'm really tearin' up mileage. first, a quick note. do check out the newly refurbished WQFS website. it is looking snazzier than ever before thanks to naman hampton. kudos to him. and, i got a call tonight from a listener to whom i had recommended an album (j's indie/rock mayhem's #1 album of 2003, kathleen edwards' failer) and it turns out he loved it as much as i do. a great thing to hear. onward.]

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Tiger Bear Wolf - "An Entire City of Mesh-back Hats" [GSO represent. awesome rock.]
Public Enemy - "Bring the Noise" [one of those irrepressible songs from an irrepressible album.]
Q and Not U - "Book of Flags" [they are playing at guilford college on saturday april 3rd. check out the WQFS site for details. it is free, so go see one of the best post-punk bands around today live and in person.]
the Emergency - "Stop Sign" [not a bad song on this album.]
David Bowie - "Ziggy Stardust" [quasi-by request. it was a friend's birthday. she said "play me something." so i obliged.]
Robotnicka - "Hatzanasumi" [catchy, random robot-fueled dance punk. locally owned and operated. very cool.]
TV on the Radio - "The Wrong Way" [i saw these guys play at gate city noise a few months back and they were quite good. they'll be at ace's basement on march 11th. very much worth seeing.]
Dizzee Rascal (feat. God's Gift) - "Hold Ya Mouf" [more mercury prize winning UK garage/hip-hop.]
the Finks - "X = Hidden Planets" [rock from winston-salem. very good.]
the Dead Boys - "Sonic Reducer" [classic from young loud and snotty.]
Public Image Limited - "Seattle" [from their very dated (but very listenable) album happy?.]
Challenger - "Blackouts"
the Shins - "So Says I" [catchy as all.]
the Pogues - "If I Should Fall From Grace With God" [one of my very, very, very favourite songs by the pogues. and of all time.]
the Afghan Whigs - "Going to Town" [this song is hott. from their black love album.]
the Pixies - "Levitate Me (live)" [by request. they wanted pixies songs that aren't "popular." okay. i never knew they were that massive the first time around, but so be it. this is from their at the BBC album.]
the Nein - "House Atreides" [more NC rock. this was quite good.]
Neutral Milk Hotel - "King of Carrot Flowers Pt. 1" [occasionally i just hear way too much about a band. and i've heard people gush over in the aeroplane over the sea so much over the past years, that i had to just put my copy away for awhile. but every now and then...my, what a glorious record it is.]
the Only Ones - "Another Girl, Another Planet"
Crimson Spectre - "Bullet (With Your Name on It)" [NC horror-punk cum socio-political awareness. a very nice combination.]
Olivia Tremor Control - "Memories of Jacqueline 1906" [another elephant 6 band (like neutral milk hotel) who spent most of the 90s wringing every last conceivable drop out of pop and psychadelia and still coming up with more brilliant music. this is from their newly back in print debut record, dusk at cubist castle.]
Echo and the Bunnymen - "Crystal Days" [from the newly re-issued ocean rain.]
Woody Guthrie - "I Ain't Got No Home In This World Anymore" [from the lovely asch recordings boxset.]
His Name Is Alive - "This World Is Not My Home" [from their brilliant stars on e.s.p. album. this song (along with another later on the album) lift lines and licks from the prior guthrie song and re-work them into some beautiful stuff.]
Superchunk - "Beat My Guest" [a cover of the adam ant song from their cup of sand b-side collection.]
Blue Aeroplanes - "Jacket Hangs" [by request. this came from chuck (check his show out - thursday nights, 6pm - 8pm) and it was very, very good. i'm going to have to look into these guys more.]
Teenage Fanclub - "Ain't That Enough" [this comes the closest to eclipsing "sparky's dream" as my favorite teenage fanclub song.]
Uncle Tupelo - "Screen Door (1988 Demo)" [this was from a promotional 45 that was issued with the uncle tupelo re-issues last year. the a-side is their cover of "left in the dark" and this demoed version of "screen door" (which would show up on their debut album no depression) was the b-side.]
the Frames - "Lay Me Down (live)" [from their live album set list.]
Josh Ritter - "Snow Is Gone" [the perfect song for today's 70 degree weather. josh (hopefully) is coming to visit us in the WQFS studios in april. at the very least, he is playing at go studios on april 19th. he is remarkably great live. and super nice.]
Rufus Wainwright - "Vibrate" [from his newest album want one.]
All Astronauts - "Glassening" [by request. more great winston-salem rock.]
Josh Rouse - "Late Night Conversation" [from his debut album dressed up like nebraska.]

Until next week, get outside and enjoy the weather. It's a strawberry spring, don't you know.


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