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Thursday, March 11, 2004

j's indie/rock mayhem - 10th march 2004

[tonight's show took on some random side roads. not nearly as eclectic as it could be, but there were some interesting pairings. so either people were listening and absorbed by the rapid shifting, or listened to one song and then shut it off. alas. but here's the goods.]

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
TV on the Radio - "Staring at the Sun" [playing at ace's basement tomorrow, 11th march 2004. a great live show.]
the Emergency - "Breakdown a Go-Go" [i need to buy this record, cos i haven't played a bad song off of it yet.]
Pulp - "The Night that Minnie Timperley Died" [from their most recent, we love life.]
Q and Not U - "X-Polynation" [playing here at guilford college on 3rd april.]
the Finks - "Heat Rises" [i'm starting to hear a bit more of the X comparisons i've heard about this winston-salem band. this is the best song i've heard from them yet.]
Disband - "Capture the Flag" [by request. greensboro rock.]
Kula Shaker - "Hey Dude" [i hadn't pulled some of the also-rans of britpop out in awhile. kula shaker's debut record, which this is from, isn't that bad at all. if only they'd built on it a bit more.]
the Flashing Lights - "High School" [great, canadian power-pop. i love this band.]
the Cheeps - "Don't Cry For Me" [dirty rock and roll. big, loud guitars that bury the vocals. you know how it is. not bad at all.]
Dangermouse - "What More Can I Say" [from the now infamous grey album. if you haven't heard it, dangermouse took a vocals-only copy of jay-z's the black album and mixed it with samples from the beatles' self-titled (white) album. the result is quite stunning and really catchy. but of course, EMI is in the midsts of trying to shut the whole thing down over un-licensed beatles samples. catch it while you can.]
Jay Farrar - "Clear Day Thunder" [one of jay's best solo songs. from sebastopol.]
the Afghan Whigs - "Honky's Ladder"
Robin and Linda Williams - "Leaving this Land" [from their newest album, deeper waters. this particular song features iris dement on backing vocals and it is gorgeous. this is a very, very good album.]
Iron Maiden - "The Trooper" [by request. my favourite maiden song. little beats it.]
Lyle Lovett - "Nobody Knows Me" [one of the most devastating and simple infidelity songs ever written. this song floors me every time i listen to it. this is the song that made me really tune in to lyle lovett's songwriting.]
the Frames - "Perfect Opening Line (live)"
the Nein - "House Atreides" [more local rock. good stuff.]
Stevie Wonder - "Living for the City" [this song's a bit long, but it is totally worth it. wonder's innervisions album is astounding.]
Matt Thackston - "Up to the Highway" [another north carolina artist originally from eden. he lives in nashville now and was here at the green bean last saturday evening. very country vocal but a smart, if traditional, songwriter.]
Yo La Tengo - "Speeding Motorcycle" [by request. they wanted to hear "from a motel 6," but we're sorely lacking in our yo la tengo at the station. so i pulled this daniel johnston cover off of their album fakebook.]
Dizzee Rascal - "Sittin' Here"
Olivia Tremor Control - "Marking Time"
Air - "Alpha Beta Gaga" [i've always gone from being sort of ambivalent to kinda liking and then being ambivalent again about air. but they really are an interesting band. this kind of hypnotic, dreamy electronic music isn't always my cup of tea. but it does have a lot in common with the great pop music that i love. that's where it gets me.]
Hayden - "Carried Away" [from skyscraper national park. word is that he has a new album heading our way this spring. here's hoping.]
Drug Money - "I Know" [big, catchy, fuzzy rock from asheville.]
Tiger Bear Wolf - "My Eyes, My Vision" [greensboro rock.]
Teenage Fanclub - "Don't Look Back"
Peter Bruntnell - "Played Out" [from bruntnell's normal for bridgewater. this is the kind of album that doesn't immediately bowl you over. rather, after two or three listens, you find yourself humming bits of every song on the record. and soon, it's buried itself inside you. these are the kind of records that wash over you like a warm glow. and stay favorites for years to come.]
Michael Penn - "Don't Let Me Go" [this week marks a year since i was at south by southwest in austin, texas. i saw michael penn play there and he put on a lovely, understated performance. this is one of my very favorite songs by him and i was thrilled when he played it. so i thought it only fitting to leave off with it. ]

Take care and see you guys next week.


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