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Wednesday, March 17, 2004

j's indie/rock mayhem - 17th march 2004

[and a happy st. patricks day to you all. i had fully intended on at least playing a full set of irish bands, but the saints only smiled on me getting to one or two songs. alas. but we are pressing ever closer to several big shows. and big album releases. it's going to be an exciting spring and summer for music. onward.]

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
the Twilight Singers - "Teenage Wristband" [the twilight singers are more or less a front for a rotating musical collective centered around greg dulli, formerly of the afghan whigs. their newest album, blackberry belle, is quite a stunning work. they will be at the cat's cradle on monday 29th march. i'll be there. ]
Dangermouse - "What More Can I Say" [from the infamous grey album.]
X - "It's Who You Know" [by request. i love X. there is a cover band show coming up in greensboro around april fool's day featuring an X cover band. details will be posted here as time draws near.]
the Emergency - "Church of the Chix Denomination" [awesome band.]
Drug Money - "I Know" [from asheville apparently. not a bad, big, crunchy rock band.]
Paul Westerberg - "Crackle and Drag" [from the come feel me tremble documentary soundtrack. he has a new solo album due out in april, i believe.]
Britta Phillips and Dean Wareham - "Knives from Bavaria" [britta and dean are both in luna, a lovely little band. this is an ep of some re-mixes of work they've done aside from the band.]
Gram Parsons - "The Streets of Baltimore" [a song i got stuck in my head after maryland won the ACC tournament last sunday. heh.]
Tiger Bear Wolf - "An Entire City of Mesh-back Hats" [wonderful gso rock.]
Pavement - "Grounded" [i just bought wowee zowee this past week and while i still prefer crooked rain, crooked rain, there are some truly masterful songs on it. like this one.]
Junior Brown - "My Wife Thinks You're Dead" [i love junior brown. and this song is a masterpiece. just for the whole chorus hook of: 'but you're wanted by the po-lice and my wife thinks you're dead.' brilliant.]
Josh Rouse - "Marvin Gaye" [from the masterful album home.]
Year Future - "All of Your Eggs" [i wasn't really impressed with this. not to mention the music reviewer's review of it was a tad bit off.]
the Streets - "Sharp Darts" [he's dropping a new album in may. huzzah.]
the Gits - "Guilt Within Your Head" [a really interesting and sad story. the gits were a very promising riot grrl/punk revivalist band out of the burgeoning northwest scene in the early 90s. their debut album was a critical darling and they were heading for great things when the rape and murder of their powerful lead singer, mia zapata, stopped them from ever achieving. recently their unfinished second album was re-released with a live show as the bonus tracks, further illustrating the power of this unfortunately short-lived band.]
the La's - "There She Goes" [i just love this song.]
Josh Ritter - "Kathleen" [playing at Go Studios on Monday 19th April. go see this man! he is an amazing live show.]
Destroyer - "New Ways of Living" [well, frankly i'm floored. this destroyer record is even better than the last. should we expect anything less from someone who is a main contributor to the un-godly talented new pornographers? no, we shouldn't.]
the Pogues - "Sally MacLennane" [hey! st. patrick's day.]
Bob Dylan - "Queen Jane Approximately" [as i said on the show, i plan on at least middle-naming my first born daughter jane so that i can sing this to her as an infant and young child.]
The Who - "Blue Red and Grey" and "How Many Friends" (cut short) [by request. the former was a suggested st. patrick's song. then they asked me to let it roll through to the next song, which contained an FCC violation word, so i had to cut it short. oh, well.]
TV on the Radio - "Staring at the Sun" [played a packed house at ace's basement last week.]
the Nein - "Handout" [more NC rock.]
UI - "Get Hot, You Bum" [i don't listen to a lot of instrumental post-rock. but apparently these guys have been around since 1990 or so. this was a pretty good song, i must say.]
New Bethel - "Chemical Control"
Hello From Waveland - "Speaking4clapping" [one of my favorite bands from my time as music director. this song is catchy as hell.]
Alexander McGregor - "Nothing Wrong"
Teenage Fanclub - "Sparky's Dream" [i figure it's been a few weeks since i played this song. but as long as teenage fanclub's greatest hits is in new release, i'll be playing it. more americans need to know this group of scottish pop smiths. ]
Tragically Hip - "Fireworks" [i love this song, mainly for the oh, so canadian (and brilliant) line of 'you said you didn't give a fuck about hockey, well i never saw someone say that before.']
Big Star - "Thank You Friends" [from the swan song, big star third/sister lovers.]

Thanks and we'll see you next week.


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