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Wednesday, March 31, 2004

j's indie/rock mayhem - 31st march 2004

[and a lovely, rainy evening to you all. the highlight of the past week was easily seeing the twilight singers monday night at the cat's cradle. meeting greg dulli was a lovely experience. he's an incredibly nice person and to meet someone whose songwriting has come to mean so much to you is always a pleasure. thus, i double dipped into greg's catalogue for the show tonight. i so rarely do that, but i thought i could let it slide this time.]

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Q and Not U - "Book of Flags" [playing here at guilford college this saturday night at 7pm with des ark and health. do not miss this show. it's free, for cryin' out loud.]
the Velvet Underground - "I'm Waiting For the Man" [this has been stuck in my head all week, despite repeated listenings. so this was yet another attempt to purge it.]
the Emergency - "Breakdown A Go-Go"
the Nein - "Handout" [these guys put on a fantastic show last saturday with tiger bear wolf and jet by day at the apartments at guilford college. ]
the Coral - "Talkin' Gypsy Market Blues" [okay, no offense, but when you name something 'talkin'...' etc., it traditionally does indicate a certain style of talking blues, that of which this song does not follow the format. but it's still really good.]
Sleeper - "Nice Guy Eddie" [one of the sadly overlooked casualties of the age of britpop. you have to give props to any song titles that directly reference reservoir dogs though.]
the Decemberists - "Human Behaviour" [yes, the bjork song. from a lovely bjork cover album.]
the Finks - "Blaak Doll" [winston-salem's own. very good rock.]
Twilight Singers - "Teenage Wristband" [one of the surprise songs of the evening by the twilight singers was a rather rocking and good cover of bjork's "hyperballad." this song was also one of the highlights. along with another song i'll discuss later.]
the Cash Brothers - "You're It" [lovely country-tinged rock with revelatory harmonies.]
Matt Thackston - "Up to the Highway" [matt's an NC artist originally from eden. he lives in nashville now and while his vocals and stylings are very contemporary pop country, this song stands out both lyrically and musically. he's a talent worth hearing.]
Verbena - "Me and Yr Sister" [one of the best songs these guys have ever written. i adore it.]
the Gits - "Bob (Cousin O.)" [this is the best track i've heard off the newly re-issued second album by these guys.]
the Shins - "So Says I"
the Buzzcocks - "Harmony in my Head"
Dilated Peoples - "Proper Propaganda" [easily one of the standout tracks from their last album, expansion team. their new album, neighborhood watch drops next tuesday, 6th april. ]
Josh Ritter - "Snow is Gone"
Teenage Fanclub - "Your Love is the Place Where I Come From"
Chris Bell - "You and Your Sister" [from a little big star. chris was one of the original members of big star. he recorded one solo album and then tragically died in a car accident. this is from that album.]
Johnny Cash - "Man in Black" [from the new life album, the fourth in a series of johnny cash song collections that bring songs together around a common theme. the prior parts of the series were: god, love and murder.]
Destroyer - "New Ways of Living"
the Drive-by Truckers - "(Something's Got to) Give Pretty Soon" [from the excellent decoration day. the rumor is that they're already working on their next album. here's hoping.]
Jim White - "The Wound that Never Heals" [jim's new album just got reviewed in no depression. it's due out 4th May.]
Blackalicious - "First in Flight"
the Replacements - "I Will Dare"
Pulp - "A Little Soul" [much like how "disco 2000" completely lifts the riff from "gloria" by laura branigan, "a little soul" lifts almost all of "tracks of my tears." but does it work? hell yes, it works.]
Del Amitri - "Not Where It's At"
the Afghan Whigs - "Faded" [this stunning, eight-and-a-half minute closer from the whigs' black love was the second encore (and show) closer for the twilight singers the other night. when the opening piano riff came down, the crowd went nuts, instantly recognizing the song. it was quite a closer to a fantastic show.]

Remember, Q and Not U this Saturday night at 7pm in the Guilford College Underground. Also, Greensboro Covered-Up this Friday night at Ace's Basement at 9pm. Come see great Greensboro cover bands for X, the Clash, Elvis Costello, the Minutemen and many more. Plus, register to vote if you have not done so! I'll be personally signing up voters, so come by and say hi!


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