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Wednesday, April 21, 2004

j's indie/rock mayhem - 21st april 2004

[tonight's show was a ramshackle debacle, and i loved every minute of it. this is a whole week of me making up for having not been here the previous week. i filled in for erin and kelly on the nc rocks show on sunday and then i'm filling in for the non-conformist cult radio show this friday night from 8pm - 10pm. i'll be following up mad dog's friday night rock party so tune into wqfs starting at 6pm for four solid hours of great rock. meanwhile, on with this.]

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
the Nein - "Handout" [great NC rock]
Tom Waits - "Goin' Out West" [this song is one of tom's more amusing character sketches. there are numerous really clever and funny lines, even if they don't seem so comical on the surface.]
New York Dolls - "Chatterbox" [over at pitchfork media i read this story about how morissey has managed to persuade the remaining, living members of the new york dolls to reunite to play some shows. incredible. so i played them.]
Pavement - "Cut Your Hair"
Bob Dylan - "If You Gotta Go, Go Now (Or Else You Got to Stay the Night)" [from the bootleg series: volume 6.]
Superchunk - "Beat My Guest" [by request. from the cup of sand b-sides collection. this is an adam ant cover.]
the Clash - "Safe European Home" [my favorite song from give 'em enough rope.]
Bruce Springsteen - "Promised Land" [hot damn, this song is good.]
the Damnwells - "Kiss Catastrophe" [i saw the damnwells for the second time in about three weeks, opening for josh ritter monday night at go studios. they were even more impressive this time. this is off their newly released album, bastards of the beat.]
Smashing Pumpkins - "Cherub Rock" [i had my copy of siamese dream out the other night, so i fell victim to it yet again. man what an album.]
Fountains of Wayne - "Mexican Wine" [from their latest, welcome interstate managers.]
Hope for a Golden Summer - "Malt Liquor" [by request. this is one of the bands appearing at the upcoming free texas festival. day one,day two and day three all promise to be amazing. this is over in winston-salem. we're talking nearly fifty bands over three days, april 31st - may 2nd. i'll be there for some of them and hopefully to see these guys.]
Josh Ritter - "Golden Age of Radio" [the man who blew me away yet again on monday. it was my third time seeing him and he continues to blow me away. this song was definitely a highlight.]
the Dead Boys - "What Love Is" [this song is great. the dead boys were one of the most (seemingly) light hearted of the early punksters; the lyrics to their songs are often brilliant pieces of dumb, clever humor.]
the Flaming Lips - "Everything's Explodin'" [by request. one of my favorite early flaming lips' songs.]
Radiohead - "Lucky" [by request.]
the Coral - "Talkin' Gypsy Market Blues" [great, psychadelic/folk rehashing.]
Drive-by Truckers - "Sink Hole" [playing at the lincoln theatre in raleigh coming up in early may.]
the Feelies - "Fa Ce-La" [classic, nervous rock.]
Blur - "For Tomorrow" [from modern life is rubbish.]
USA is a Monster - "I Will Fight No More 4-ever" [by request. yet another band playing at the free texas festival. great song.]
Eugene Chadbourne and Noahjohn - "Coward" [this is the money record in rotation right now. chadbourne is a local, musical genius and noahjohn are a fantastic, national alt-country band. together they produce a sharp, intellectual piece of country protest music. a must hear. especially this song which takes a right handful of congress members (democrats and republicans alike) to task for voting for the iraq war.]
Placebo - "36 Degrees" [i was reading the student newspaper at the high school i teach at, and in an article where a student was suggesting below-the-radar music to check out, she suggested placebo. i was a bit taken aback. and very pleased.]
Paul Westerberg - "Let the Bad Times Roll"
the Pixies - "Debaser" [lordy, i'm salivating. i want to see the pixies reunion now. but they're eschewing the southland until at least next year it seems.]
Wilco - "Monday"
Pulp - "Common People"
Wire - "Mr. Suit"

Catch you guys Friday night from 8pm - 10pm and again next Wednesday when I'll be giving out a pair of tickets to the Free Texas Festival for the day of your choice! Talk to you then!

NB: Edited for spelling. Honestly, I did not mean to leave the 'c' out of democrat. Honest.


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