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Thursday, June 10, 2004

(cross post with notes from underground)

The sadness keeps mounting. And honestly, this and Robert Quine have saddened me far more than the passing of Reagan.

Ray Charles has died at the age of 73.

Charles' spirit will forever grace that of all popular music. He was an endlessly talented and terrific performer. One of his albums, the incomparable Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music, was on VH1's top 100 albums of all time and rightfully so. It is an amazing collection of r&b/pop versions of some of country music's greatest songs from its 40s-60s golden age. If you've never heard Charles do "Bye Bye Love," "You Don't Know Me" or "You Win Again," you are truly missing out. God speed, Ray.

Since I will be covering both Mad Dog and Eugene's shows tomorrow night, tune in from 8pm until 10pm for a special tribute to both Robert Quine and Ray Charles, with complete albums featuring both artists taking the stage. Quine's tribute from 8pm - 9pm and Ray Charles from 9pm - 10pm.


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