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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

j's indie/rock mayhem - 16th june 2004

[tonight's show was lovely as always. lots of grand new music and great stuff to discuss. so let's go. onward.]

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Manamid - "Hot Bronze" [by request. greensboro band with a new album that has some hot tunes. not bad at all. we'll hear more.]
Mclusky - "1956 and all that" [i can't get enough of this song. from their latest, the difference between you and me is that i'm not on fire.]
the B-52s - "52 Girls"
Beastie Boys - "Ch-Ch-Check It Out" [from their newest, to the 5 boroughs which came out yesterday.]
Sonic Youth - "Pattern Recognition" [brilliant lead song from the new sonic nurse. this album is fantastic.]
Pavement - "Type Slowly" [one of the most beautiful songs from the classic brighten the corners.]
Grateful Dead - "Dire Wolf" [by request. from workingman's dead.]
Dawn Chorus - "Sea at Rest" [one of greensboro's absolute gems is this band. when their full length finally drops later this summer, oh, what a day.]
Josh Rouse - "Rise (live)" [from the forthcoming the smooth sounds of josh rouse dvd. this concert was recorded last new years in nashville, tennessee. there's also a rarities collection cd as part of the set. both are fantastic.]
Ash - "Lose Control" [by request.]
the Postal Service - "Such Great Heights" [by request.]
Teenage Fanclub - "Sparky's Dream" [by request.]
Jesse Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter - "Tell the Boys" [this song floors me. i adore jesse sykes.]
the Finks - "Heat Rises" [playing along with golden dawn and one other at ace's basement this saturday evening. these guys are one of my favorite triad area bands by far.]
Meat Puppets - "Meat Puppets" [this is originally from their self-titled debut, but tonight was from the 1983 SST records compilation, the blasting concept. the compilation also contains songs by black flag, minutemen, husker du and others.]
Ray Charles - "That Lucky Old Sun" [in memorium.]
Hayden - "Hollywood Ending"
Kathleen Edwards - "National Steel (live)" [from the live at the bowery ballroom EP.]
Calexico - "Cornoa" [a cover of the minutemen's classic song. from their new convict pool EP.]
Division of Laura Lee - "Dirty Love"
Patti Smith - "Radio Baghdad" [this is the centerpiece of the new album trampin'. a twelve minute spoken word on the state of things in iraq. very, very good. the entire new album in general is one of her best in years.]
Devendra Banhart - "The Body Breaks"
Tiger Bear Wolf - "Wrong Lens, Wrong Film"
the Stone Roses - "(Song For My) Sugarspun Sister"
RJD2 - "Since We Last Spoke" and "Ring Finger" [the new RJD2 album, since we last spoke has been getting some amazing press from all over and if these two tracks are fair judgement, he has already topped his impressive debut album. hip-hop dj records are not always something that draws me in, but RJD2 has consistantly wowed me with his instrumental work. breathtaking and hot.]


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