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Thursday, August 19, 2004

j's indie/rock mayhem - 18th august 2004

[so i decided to celebrate a bit this week. in addition to getting to see lots of great shows, this saturday is my birthday. so i thought i'd just indulge a bit, as you'll see later on. otherwise, a fantastic set of songs as always. onward.]

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Jim White - "Borrowed Wings" [one of the highlights from his show tuesday night. check out the review in the posts below! from his latest, drill a hole in that substrate and tell me what you see.]
the Flaming Lips - "Lightening Strikes the Postman" [from the wonderful clouds taste metallic. it is indeed hard to read the writing through the flames.]
Belle and Sebastian - "Your Secrets" [from the books EP.]
the Roots - "Why (What's Goin On?)" [one of the most subtle and excellent songs from their newest, the tipping point.]
Wilco - "Muzzle of Bees" [from their latest, a ghost is born. coming to memorial auditorium in raliegh on saturday september 25th and the orange peel in asheville on friday september 24th.]
the Rain Parade - "This Can't Be Today" (one of the true standouts of the paisley underground scene. from their masterful debut album emergency third rail power trip.]
the River Bends - "All the Days and Nights" [the new band featuring the wonderful denison witmer. from their album ..and flows into the sea.]
George Jones - "She's All I Got" [the unmistakeable voice of george jones does this johnny paycheck classic justice and then some. from touch my heart: a tribute to johnny paycheck.]
A.C. Newman - "35 in the Shade" [from the slow wonder. newman put on a great show on sunday night. read about it below!]
the Minus 5 - "I Was Drunk" [yet another stellar contribution to the por vida alejandro escovedo tribute album.]
Drive-by Truckers - "Carl Perkins' Cadillac" [from their new album the dirty south which hits stores next tuesday, august 24th!]
Sorry About Dresden - "Deadship, Darkship" [excellent NC music. from their 2001 album, the convenience of indecision.]
Sonic Youth - "Stones" [from the beautiful sonic nurse. playing tonight at the cat's cradle in chapel hill. it is long sold out, but i'll be there and there will be a review (and pictures) posted.]
Neko Case - "Pretty Girls" [by request. from her 2002 album blacklisted. i love getting requests like that.]
Television - "Days" [from their 1978 album adventure. this song has been in my head all week. i can't exercise it.]
Was (Not Was) - "Walk the Dinosaur" [in digging through the 'W' vinyl, i stumbled across this lost, er, classic. i can easily say i haven't heard this song since it was a hit in 1988 and i can see why. to call it 'dated' would be an understatement. from their 1988 album what up, dog?]
Rogue Wave - "Endless Shovel" [from their beautiful album out of the shadow. these guys opened for a.c. newman on sunday and were terrific.]
Elliot Smith - "A Distorted Reality is Now a Necessity to be Free" [from the future soundtrack for america compilation raising money for progressive political organizations. a really great collection.]
Bruce Springsteen - "Atlantic City" [from my favorite boss album, nebraska.]
Lyle Lovett - "Nobody Knows Me" [one of my very, very, very favorite lovett tunes. from lyle lovett and his large band.]
the Replacements - "Color Me Impressed" [from their 1983 album hootenanny. since it's my birthday week, i decided to indulge with a set of songs by my favorite band of all time.]
the Replacements - "Gimme Noise" [from 1982's stink EP. it's the song i named my other blog after!]
the Replacements - "Talent Show" [from 1989's don't tell a soul.]
the Replacements - "Left of the Dial" [from 1985's tim.]
Painted Saints - "Company Town" [from their new release miles of twine. paul fonfara, currently in jim white's touring band (the guy playing sax in the photo below), has this project with members of sixteen horsepower and some others. it's a dark, brooding set of rustic country and folk (both american and european) stylings that is really something. very worth hearing.]
Blur - "The Universal" [the blur song that made me go out and buy an album by them for the first time. i've been hooked ever since. from the great escape.]
the Ramones - "I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend" [elizabeth asked me to play one more short song so she had a bit more time to prep. so i did. ahh, joey, dee dee, how we miss you both.]

Until next week! I'll see you at Sonic Youth tonight and wish me a happy birthday on Saturday.


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