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Sunday, August 08, 2004

j's indie/rock mayhem - 4th august 2004

[a brief delay in this posting, owing largely to me starting back to work and coming home from this four hour show a bit too tired to do the posting that eve. but it was an amazing show, none the less. some really great requests and some lovely pairings made this quite an enjoyable listen from my end and hopefully from yours as well. onward.]

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Sonic Youth - "Pattern Recognition" [from the new sonic nurse. sonic youth will be at the cat's cradle on thursday august 19th. tickets are already sold out, so if you're one of the lucky ones, i'll see you there.]
the Clash - "Safe European Home" [the raucous, invigorating lead off track from give 'em enough rope.]
Hayden - "Dynamite Walls" [from skyscraper national park.]
Beastie Boys - "Triple Trouble" [one of my favorite tracks from their latest, to the 5 boroughs. the sample is unmistakable and there are very few people who could pull it off and make it sound less spectacular.]
Guided by Voices - "Everybody Thinks I'm a Raincloud (When I'm Not Looking)" [the first single from GVB's forthcoming swan song, half smiles of the decomposed. they are going to be coming to chapel hill on their farewell tour in september.]
Mansun - "Negative" [from six.]
Belle and Sebastian - "Your Secrets" [from the new books EP that is rather good.]
Happy Mondays - "Loose Fit (live)" [one of my favorite mondays' tracks, from the happy mondays live album.]
the Trouble with Sweeny - "Evelyn Rochman" [a lovely power-pop song from the philadelphia group's new fishtown briefcase. i saw these guys play at gate city noise last fall and they put on a lovely set of amazing pop that reminded me of parts elvis costello. a really great listen.]
Nina Simone - "I Put a Spell On You" [the late miss simone's blistering take on the screamin' jay hawkins classic.]
the River Bends - "Are You Lonely?" [another philadelphia band. this one based around the wistful songwriting of denison witmer who has built quite a solo name for himself before launching this project. from their new LP, ..and flows into the sea.]
Superchunk - "Cool" [from the old enough 2 know better: 15 years of merge compilation. celebrating 15 years of chapel hill's own merge records, an undeniable force in indie-rock over the past decade and a half.]
the Fiery Furnaces - "Paw Paw Tree" [these guys have been getting some really crazy critical reviews of late, so luckily their newest, blueberry boat has made it into rotation.]
the Roots - "I Don't Care" [another philadelphia band, this time bringing their unequaled brand of full-band hip-hop to your ears. from their latest the tipping point.]
Blondie - "Hanging on the Telephone" [from parallel lines.]
Hank Williams III - "I'm the Only Hell My Mama Ever Raised" [another classic johnny paycheck tune brilliantly worked up for the touch my heart: a tribute to johnny paycheck compilation.]
Patterson Hood - "The Assasin" [patterson hood, one of the main songwriters of the drive-by truckers, dropped this stripped-back solo album, killers and stars, back a few months ago. it's an excellent collection of home-recorded demos that really emphasizes the songwriting strengths of this member of, in my opinion, one of the best bands in america today.]
REM - "Disturbance at the Heron House" [from document.]
the B-52's - "Lava (Party Mix)" [from the party mix! EP.]
The The - "Armageddon Days (Are Here Again)" [by request. a guy calling in from nearly 80 miles away, who, thanks to the precipitous perch of his home, can pick us up, on a long shot asked me if i knew this song. well, not only does the station have a vinyl copy of mind bomb, but i happened to have my cd reissue copy. how fortuitous. a great song.]
North Elementary - "Chemicals" [a nice song from one of north carolina's own. from their lose your favorite thing.]
Eric B. and Rakim - "I Ain't No Joke" [one of my absolute favorite 80s hip-hop tracks. from the classic paid in full.]
the Pixies - "Monkey Gone to Heaven" [from doolittle.]
Old 97s - "The New Kid" [a really enjoyable, upbeat track from the new old 97s album, drag it up.]
Bobby Bare Jr.'s Young Criminals' Starvation League - "Borrow Your Girl" [this song reminds me, in tone, of slim dunlap's "girlfriend," a song i really ought to play on the show soon. it's been awhile. from their latest from the end of your leash.]
the Replacements - "Kids Don't Follow" [from the 1982 EP stink. world class minneapolis punk rock.]
the Suicide Commandos - "Burn It Down" [more minneapolis punk, circa 1978. from the brilliant make a record.]
Sleater-Kinney - "Ironclad" [from all hands on the bad one. aren't they due for a new album soon? damn, i'm impatient.]
M. Ward with Vic Chesnutt and Howe Gelb - "Way It Goes" [a lovely cover of the alejandro escovedo song from the por vida: a tribute to the songs of alejandro escovedo fundraising cd to benefit escovedo's recovery and pay medical bills. a world-class songwriter, and an absolutely breathtaking collection of musicians have come together on this 2 disc set.]
Steve Earle - "The Galway Girl" [for my friend tracy, whose family hails from galway, ireland. from earle's fantastic 2001 album transcendental blues. his newest comes out august 24th.]
Talking Heads - "The Big Country" [from more songs about buildings and food.]
New York Dolls - "Babylon" [from too much, too soon. in memory of the dolls' (very recently) late bass player, arthur kane.]
A.C. Newman - "Miracle Drug" [from the new solo album the slow wonder. playing at go room 4 on sunday august 15th.]
the Kinks - "You Really Got Me (live)" [by request. from the come dancing with the kinks: best of 1977 - 1986.]
the Damnwells - "What You Get" [from the excellent bastards of the beat.]
the Nein - "Handout" [a really fantastic north carolina band. from their twelve, thirteen, fourteen EP. they'll be opening for a.c. newman.]
Frank Zappa - "You Are What You Is" [by request.]
Bob Dylan - "Queen Jane Approximately" [one of my all time favorite dylan songs. from highway 61 revisited.]
Smashing Pumpkins - "Today" [from siamese dream. a seemingly commercial choice, but i played it because of its reflections on suicide and thus its lead in to..]
Josh Rouse - "Scenes From a Bar in Toronto" [an instrumental piece over which i played richard chamberlin's performance of hamlet's act III soliloquy ("to be or not to be..that is the question") from hamlet. the soliloquy itself is a rumination on suicide, so ties in with corgan's wistful direness.]
Wilco - "At Least That's What You Said" [from their latest a ghost is born.]
the Avett Brothers - "Swept Away" [by request. the caller wanted to hear the avett's rock side project (oh, what a nightmare), but sadly we didn't have their album. so we went with this lovely track from mignonette, their latest.]
the Zombies - "She's Not There" [classic quasi-psychadelia from the band many honestly thought were heirs to the beatles' throne.]
Jesse Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter - "Tell the Boys" [from the breathtaking oh, my girl.]
Calexico with Nicolai Dunger and His Band - "Alone Again Or" [a beautiful cover of the love classic. from the calexico ep convict pool.]
the Streets - "Dry Your Eyes" [from a grand don't come for free. this is the album that will be fighting off people for my number one album of 2004 come december.]
Randy Newman - "Marie" [the first randy newman song i ever really paid attention to and still one of my favorites. from good ol' boys.]
the Church - "Almost With You" [from the blurred crusade.]
Jim White - "Buzzards of Love" [speaking of best albums of the year, jim's latest, drill a hole in that substrate and tell me what you see is way up there. he'll be playing at local 506 in chapel hill on tuesday august 17th.]
Noahjohn - "Lady Macbeth" [from their lovely had a burning.]
Emmy Lou Harris - "Angel Band" [one of my favorite traditional songs, done very well by the timeless emmy lou harris. from her angel band album.]
the Byrds - "You Don't Miss Your Water" [from sweetheart of the rodeo.]
Drive-by Truckers - "Something's Gotta Give (Pretty Soon)" [from the amazing decoration day. they put on one hell of a show (as they always do) on friday july 30th at ziggy's. their newest, the dirty south, comes out on august 24th.]
Josh Rouse - "Comeback (Light Therapy)" [one of my personal favorites from josh's most recent new album, 1972.]

A long list, but hopefully one you enjoyed. Until next time.


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