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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

j's indie/rock mayhem - 15th september 2004

[so after a week off, i'm back again in my usual spot. a sad note: due to the spot the managers had to offer him and other things, eugene, the self-proclaimed bad-boy of WQFS, one of my favorite QFS djs of all time and a person i count as a friend, is bidding us adieu. you can still catch eugene doing his overnight dj'ing on rock 92 here in greensboro. i really hate to see him go. he and maddog have made for a wonderful 4 hours of music every friday night on WQFS. hats off to him in all he does. onward.]

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Drive-by Truckers - "Lookout Mountain" [one of the numerous stellar tracks from their new album the dirty south. this album simply will not leave my cd player. it is so, so good.]
the Roots - "I Don't Care" [from their latest, the tipping point.]
the Faint - "Glass Danse World" [by request. the faint have a new album out now, but this is from their previous release, danse macabre.]
the Suicide Commandos - "Mosquito Crucifixion" [hot, minneapolis punk rock from the golden age. from their one and only studio album, make a record.]
the Twilight Singers - "Strange Fruit" [a very nice cover of this song, originally made (in)famous by billie holiday. it is a revolutionary song in many senses. this is from the twilight singers' new covers album, she loves you.]
Miles Davis - "Summertime" [and the livin' is easy. from miles davis rendition of the score to porgy and bess. this song is also covered by the twilight singers on their newest.]
Calexico - "Corona" [their brilliant cover of the minutemen classic. from the convict pool EP.]
the Minutemen - "Nature Without Man" [from double nickles on the dime. what a record.]
the Feebles - "Worthless Son" [north carolina artist. from their latest, blossom end rot. they're playing this friday night at the green bean here in greensboro.]
Lazlo Bane - "Overkill" [from their 11 transistor album. a lovely cover of the men at work classic. even featuring a guest appearance on vocals by colin hay himself! fantastic.]
the Stone Roses - "Love Spreads" [from second coming. as i said on the show tonight, people need to get over themselves. yes, i suppose, second coming doesn't really stack up to the monolith that is the roses' self-titled album, but "love spreads" is one of the most rocking songs of all time and the rest of the record is not terrible. isolated, it is a solid piece of rock.]
Black Grape - "In the Name of the Father" [from the really, really fun it's great when you're straight...yeah. black grape is shawn ryder's band post-happy mondays and this, their debut record, is nearly every bit as good as the mondays were in their prime. would that party music always be this envigorating and fresh.]
Talking Heads - "Psycho Killer (live)" [from the newly released on cd the name of this band is talking heads live collection. two-discs worth of some of the best live recordings ever made of this seminal band. so, so worth owning.]
Camper Van Beethoven - "Harmony in my Head" [by request. dug up this cover of the buzzcocks' classic song on the "turquoise jewlery" 12" single.]
Guided by Voices - "Huffman Prairie Flying Field" [the last track from their last album, half-smiles of the decomposed. not a bad way to bow.]
Tom Waits - "Day After Tomorrow" [from the future soundtrack for america compilation and tom's forthcoming album real gone, due out on october 5th.]
Tommy Stinson - "Something's Wrong" [from his first truly solo album village gorilla head. i went through a lot of trouble to track this album down, being a huge replacements fan and pretty loyal to anything their various members put out, but i have to say i am really, really disappointed in this record. it's just not exciting or unique at all. thankfully, tommy's band perfect's long-in-limbo album, once, twice, three times a maybe.. (originally titled seven days a week) has finally been issued by rykodisc. you'll hopefully be hearing some of that next week.]
Guadalcanal Diary - "Always Saturday" [from their album flip-flop.]
the Damnwells - "What You Get" [a great song. period. from bastards of the beat.]
Killing Joke - "Wardance" [from their 1980 self-titled album.]
Wilco - "Theologians" [from a ghost is born. playing at raleigh memorial auditorium on saturday september 25th. i'll be there!]
Kris Kristofferson - "Blame It on the Stones" [from me and bobby mcgee (originally titled kristofferson). a humorous song about people and their misguded notions about society's downfall.]
the Rolling Stones - "Let's Spend the Night Together" [from flowers. thought i'd follow the kristofferson up with the song censors wouldn't allow the stones to perform, lyrics intact, on television. i believe it was changed to "let's spend some time together." damn jagger and his suggestive lips and hips. damn him.]
Woody Guthrie - "Wreck of the Old 97" [i originally had planned to play some old 97s after this, but then i just played it and let it be. from the asch recordsings vol. 2.]
Hayden - "Home by Saturday" [from the excellent elk-lake serenade.]
Jason and the Scorchers - "Help There's a Fire" [by request. from their album fervor.]
Depeche Mode - "Policy of Truth" [i love this song. this is from the singles: 86 - 98 collection.]
Toad the Wet Sprocket - "Don't Go Away" [from their excellent 1990 album pale.]

Don't forget the Feebles at the Green Bean here in Greensboro this Friday night! Until next week.


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