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Thursday, September 02, 2004

j's indie/rock mayhem - 1st september 2004

[since it's training schedule time again, i had a trainee up in the station with me. he played some very good stuff, but also, due to the training schedule, i will not be on the air next week. so hopefully you'll hear me back in the same time on september 15th. until then, keep checking in for album review updates. onward.]

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Drive-by Truckers - "The Day John Henry Died" [from their latest, the dirty south. easily one of my top 5 albums of 2004 thus far. simply stunning.]
Elliot Smith - "A Distorted Reality is Now a Necessity to be Free" [from the future soundtrack for america compilation and also from his forthcoming final, posthumous album.]
Guided by Voices - "Girls of Wild Strawberries" [from their newest (and last!) album, half-smiles of the decomposed. a great song.]
Liz Phair - "Polyester Bride" [from her last great album, whitechocolatespaceegg.]
Steve Earle - "Condi, Condi" [a rather humorous ode to our beloved condoleezza rice. skank for me, condi! from his new (and excellent) album, the revolution starts...now!]
the Cash Brothers - "Nebraska" [from the wonderful how was tomorrow?]
Placebo - "Johnny and Mary" [a cover of the classic robert palmer song. a b-side from the "taste in men" 12" single.]
Dreamend - "Ellipsis" [a beautiful, rustic instrumental from their newest album. really lovely stuff.]
My Morning Jacket - "Bermuda Highway (live)" [from the acoustic live! EP. one of my morning jacket's very best songs. beautiful stuff.]
the Clash - "Police on My Back" [from sandinistas!]
the Roots - "Guns are Drawn" [from the excellent the tipping point. i thought, title wise, it was a good follow-up to the clash song.]
Woody Guthrie - "Railroad Blues"/Woody Allen - "Down South" [another in my growing line of cross-over mashups. i call this one 'woody 'n' woody.' a mix of a woody guthrie instrumental from the third volume of the asch recordings and a hilarious woody allen stand-up piece from 1964 - 1968.]
Jon Dee Graham - "Helpless" [another fantastic version of an alejandro escovedo song from the por vida escovedo tribute.]
Ultramagnetic MCs - "Give the Drummer Some" [one of my all-time favorite hip-hop groups. from the groundbreaking (and still unique and foward-sounding) critical beatdown.]
the Byrds - "Lazy Days" [i played the flying burrito brothers' version of this last week, so why not tack on the byrds' excellent take on it? from the re-issue of sweetheart of the rodeo.]
Beck - "Sunday Sun" [from sea change. this is where my trainee took over.]
Paul Simon - "Leaves That Are Green" [from the re-issue of the paul simon songbook.]
Shark Quest - "Furies of Fire" [an excellent instrumental group out of chapel hill, nc.]
Rilo Kiley - "More Adventurous" [the title track from their new album. a really great band.]
Oakley Hall - "Ridin' the Dog" [from their excellent self-titled album. read a review here. who knew that one of the guys in this band used to be in oneida? talk about worlds apart.]
Painted Saints - "Doused Appleway" [from the spookey and wonderful miles of twine.]
King Crimson - "The Court of the Crimson King" [from their classic debut, in the court of the crimson king.]
Jethro Tull - "To Cry You a Song" [jethro tull. need i say more?]
The One AM Radio - "Shivers"
Jurassic 5 - "Quality Control" [the title track from their excellent debut album. stone. cold. classic.]
Secret Mommy - "The Experience"
the Streets - "Fit But You Know It" [from another of 2004's best albums, a grand don't come for free.]
the Fucking Am - "Doing Research for an Autobiography" [a collaboration between members of the fucking champs and trans am. a really great rock instrumental song very much in the vein of thin lizzy.]

I'll hopefully talk to you again in two weeks. Remember to check in for new album reviews in the coming week.


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