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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

j's indie/rock mayhem - 29th september 2004

[a rather great show tonight, despite a cd mix-up and a dull headache. but that's life. we push through and bring on the best we have to offer. thus, onward.]

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Talib Kweli - "Broken Glass" [this song was too hot not to play again. plus the grandmaster flash allusion is very sweet. from the excellent new the beautiful struggle.]
Sixteen Horsepower - "Brimstone Rock" [one of the all time great song titles, and a hellacious and frightening song to boot. from low estate.]
the Stooges - "Loose" [i can feel it. 10th time's the charm. this is the 10th year that the stooges have been eligible for induction into the rock and roll hall of fame. i see it happening. from (my favorite stooges' album) fun house.]
the Twilight Singers - "Too Tough to Die" [from their excellent new covers album, she loves you.]
the Arcade Fire - "Rebellion (Lies)" [read a glowing review of their album funeral here. this is a really sharp band full of good, classic pop ideas. like a more focused and less-fuzzy elephant 6 in its heyday.]
TV on the Radio - "Staring at the Sun" [by request. from the oft-praised desperate youth, blood thirsty babes.]
Mouse on Mars - "Wipe that Sound" [by request. from their latest.]
Steve Earle - "The Revolution Starts..." [from the sharp and uplifting the revoultion starts now!]
Paul Westerberg - "Lookin' Up in Heaven" [from his latest, folker.]
Drive-by Truckers - "Tornadoes" [one of the most beautiful and affecting songs from their (in my mind) nearly flawless album, the dirty south.]
Interpol - "C'mere" [from the polarizingly reviewed new album, antics.]
Hot Snakes - "Braintrust" [this makes the second week in a row i've played a hot number of their newest. this record is smokin'.]
Son Volt - "Sometimes" [hold the phone, frances. son volt's reuniting! although to be fair, they always claimed it was a hiatus. they're going into the studio soon to work on their 4th LP and are planning to tour early next year. meanwhile, this newly recorded alejandro escovedo cover (the impetus of their reunion) can be heard on the por vida: a tribute to the songs of alejandro escovedo double cd.]
Sleater-Kinney - "Call the Doctor" [title track from their second album. speaking of bands that need a new album..]
Lyle Lovett - "God Will" [from his eponymous debut. a very, subtly vicious song. but lovett is good at that sort of clever, subdued writing.]
Wilco - "At Least That's What You Said" [one of the definite highlights of their show last saturday. from their latest, a ghost is born.]
Tom Waits - "Shake It" [from tom's forthcoming (oct. 5th) album real gone. this is his most out-there recording since the weirder side of the brilliant bone machine.]
Bruce Springsteen - "Hungry Heart" [well, in another quasi-nod to the late johnny ramone, i played this. the boss originally wrote it with the intentions of giving it to the ramones. his manager talked him out of it. it would've made a great ramones tune. from the river.]
Jim White - "Buzzards of Love" [the unreal sax playing of ralph carney makes this song an experience. from the excellent drill a hole in that substrate...]
the Clean - "Big Soft Punch" [from the clean anthology. viva new zealand.]
Pavement - "Gold Soundz" [from crooked rain, crooked rain which is getting the swank, double disc re-issue treatment next month. there's a reason this album is so highly regarded. if you've never heard it, do yourself a favor and go pick up the re-issue.]
My Bloody Valentine - "Only Shallow" [from loveless. i fell into a theme of the highlights of the alternative music scene of the 90s. this is a certified masterpiece.]
Helmet - "Milquetoast" [from betty. helmet actually put out a new album last week. but i haven't heard it. it's their first since 1997.]
Blur - "There's No Other Way" [from their debut, leisure.]
Camper Van Beethoven - "Hippy Chix" [wow. brand new camper van? i didn't even know this was coming. from their newest, new roman times.]
the Jayhawks - "Blue" [from tomorrow the green grass.]

Until next week, check back in tomorrow for a review of the Wilco show from last Saturday.


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