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Friday, November 26, 2004

j's indie/rock mayhem - 24th november 2004

[a holiday show on a rather bleary and rainy day made sad by the loss of a close family member of mine. it made me a bit distracted during the show (not to mention the loss of our phone lines), but as always a great hodge-podge of music. onward.]

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Q and Not U - "Wet Work" [one of the shining gems from their latest, power. post punk has rarely gotten better in the last 5 years than these guys.]
Neko Case - "Rated X" (live) [from the tigers have spoken live album which is a hoot for any fan of miss case. she is wonderful. this is a great version of the loretta lynn classic.]
the Velvet Underground - "White Light/White Heat" [the title track from their 2nd album. this is my second time falling in love with the velvets. i go too long between buying albums and get to re-discover them every time.]
Pinback - "The Fortress" [from their newest, summer in abaddon. somewhat minimal indie-rock.]
the Maroons - "If" [one of the righteous tracks off of the maroons new lp, ambush. this is lateef the truth speaker and chief xcel (from blackalicious) doing some fantastic work.]
the Mekons - "Blow Your Tuneless Trumpet" [from the mekons rock 'n' roll, just one of the many standout albums from this band's 20+ year career. truly a great rock and roll band.]
Johnny Darrell - "Why You Been Gone So Long" [i love this song somethin' fierce. from the oxford american southern music compilation 6.]
Elizabeth Cotton - "Shake Sugaree" [elizabeth cotton is a blues musician hailing from north carolina. she died back in 1986 but made a remarkable body of music that is given a nice overview on this new smithsonian folkways collection. she won a grammy at the age of 90 fer cryin' out loud. lovely stuff.]
Matthew Sweet - "Love is Gone" [one of the many excellent tracks from the newly american released kimi ga suki * raifu. american pop rarely sounds sweeter and more rocking.]
Fountains of Wayne - "Valley Winter Song" [from the lovely welcome interstate managers.]
Nas / Olu Dara - "Bridging the Gap" [this is the really amazing song with nas and his father, blues musician olu dara, that is off nas' forthcoming album. it is an amazing song if you've yet to hear it.]
Josh Ritter - "Snow is Gone" [from the triumphant hello starling.]
the Nein - "Handout" [north carolina's own, from their self-titled EP.]
Morphine - "Murder for the Money" [the late mark sandman and his unworldly cool band. from like swimming. if you've never heard morphine, do yourself a favor.]
Joseph Arthur - "Devil's Broom" [one of the best from his latest, our shadows will remain. arthur is an amazing recording artist.]
Drive-by Truckers - "Daddy's Cup" [from the dirty south. this song was absolutely one of the highlights of their show at ziggy's last friday. a great story of lineage redemption in the form of a stock-car racing narrative. it's amazing.]
Cinemechanica - "I'm Tired of Paul McCartney" [from a new split EP with mazerati, cinemechanica and we versus the shark. stop-start/math indie-rock as you know it well.]
the High Strung - "Wretched Boy" [from their these are good times LP. played at the garage in winston-salem on wednesday night.]
Lucinda Williams - "Drunken Angel" [from the nearly flawless car wheels on a gravel road. very easily one of my favorite williams songs of all time.]
Public Image Ltd. - "Seattle" [from their album happy?]
Jesse Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter - "Oh, My Girl" [from one of 2004's best. this is the title track from the album. dark, elegiac country music that transcends time. this could've been recorded in 1965 as easily as 2004.]
Derek and the Dominoes - "Bottle of Red Wine" (live) [from the in concert live album. an in-studio request. not bad.]
Nirvana - "Love Buzz" [from bleach. with the release of the new 3 cd box set, i thought i'd dust off some older material, including this fantastic cover from their debut album.]
Wovenhand - "Speaking Hands" [david eugene edwards (of 16 horsepower fame) and his solo project. americana (true americana) has never come more alive than in the words and music of edwards. if you've never heard him, here the puritanical american rise up. from consider the birds.]
Blind Melon - "Toes Across the Floor" [this was supposed to be the next single off of blind melon's lovely 2nd album soup, but was pulled following shannon hoon's death.]
Kathleen Edwards - "Hockey Skates" (live) [from the live at the bowery ballroom EP. a nice 3 song live EP including a fantastic over of AC/DC's "money talks."]
the Replacements - "They're Blind" [one of the first songs i ever learned to play on guitar. from 1989's don't tell a soul.]

Until next week as we start the countdown to the best of 2004 show.


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