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Thursday, January 13, 2005

j’s indie/rock mayhem – 12th january 2005

[a wonderful night full of oddball songs and wonderful requests. i got a call from possibly QFS’s most long distance listener (he lives on a ridge up somewhere in the blue ridge mountains in virginia) and it was great as always to hear from him. so let’s get going. onward.]

Theme Song – Peaches - “Rock Show”
the Kinks - “Picture Book” [yet another of my commercial-influenced songs. this has been in some HP commercial or another lately. plus, the album it’s from, the village green preservation society, got a recent swank re-issue.]
Gift of Gab - “The Writz” [got to love any song that effectively uses “puttin’ on the ritz” as a sample. from gift’s first solo album, 4th dimensional rocket ships going up.]
Primal Scream - “Movin’ On Up” [from 1991’s other groundbreaking album, screamadelica.]
Radio 4 - “Start a Fire” [well, their new album isn’t so hot, in my opinion, but their last effort, gotham, is solid gold. this is from that. hot, dancey post-punk.]
Calexico - “Alone Again Or” [from the convict pool EP. a wonderful cover of the love classic featuring your favorite swede and mine, nicolai dunger and his band.]
Del Amitri - “Some Other Sucker’s Parade” [the title track from my personal favorite del amitri album. yes, i’m a really big fan of theirs. get over it.]
the Rain Parade - “This Can’t Be Today” [by request, long-distance. this person didn’t get to hear the song, but they love it none the less. from the nothing-less-than-awe-inspiring emergency third rail power trip.]
Sleater-Kinney - “Male Model” [i pulled out my copy of all hands on the bad one the other week and had a wonderful time reliving just how good of a record it is. this is one of my favorite songs, just for the chorus: “’cause you don’t own the situation, honey/you don’t own the stage/we’re here to join the conversation/and we’re here to raise the stakes/now do you hear that sound?/as the model breaks..”]
Andrew Octopus - “Platinum Decoder Rings” [the best thing out of canton, north carolina since sliced bread. from his latest, who is john titor? experimental, kitchen sink hip-hop doesn’t get much better.]
Placebo - “Scared of Girls” [from without you i’m nothing. in 1999, andrew octopus and i went to see placebo at tremont music hall in charlotte, their only visit to north carolina to date. they opened with this song.]
Let’s Active - “Every Word Means No” [by request, but really by pleasure, for tom of tom’s diner’s birthday. happy birthday. from the afoot EP.]
R.E.M. - “So. Central Rain” [also by request for tom’s birthday. from the majestic reckoning.]
the Fiery Furnaces - “Straight Street” [from the much lauded blackberry boat. thanks to jay for giving me a tip on finding a radio friendly single on this album. crazy.]
Son Volt - “Sometimes” [from the por vida tribute to the songs of alejandro escovedo. the first new song son volt has recorded in 5 years or so. here’s hoping for that alluded to new album.]
The The - “Your Cheatin’ Heart” [by request for my main man in the blue ridge who loves the the. this is from their hanky panky album of nothing but songs by the legendary hank williams sr.]
Paul Westerberg - “Best Thing that Never Happened” [from the oft-overlooked, but so, so lovely, suicaine gratifaction.]
MC 900 Ft. Jesus - “The City Sleeps” [flashback while digging through vinyl. i first heard this guy while watching beavis and butt-head back in the day. honestly, he’s one of many artists i was introduced to as a result of that show. why did beavis and butt-head show better videos than MTV in general? hmm.]
Tommy Stinson - “Something’s Wrong” [from his first true solo album, village gorilla head. tommy is playing up at local 506 on Saturday 5th february so you can bet your sweet ass i’ll be there.]
the Pixies - “Letter to Memphis” [by request. this is my favorite song from their used-to-be-swansong tromp le monde.]
the Buzzcocks - “Everybody’s Happy Nowadays” [originally from singles going steady. a nice cover of this rolls during the credits of shaun of the dead which if you haven’t seen go do it right now!]
Jesse Malin - “Goin’ Out West” [from jesse’s latest, the heat. it’s a sad, beautiful song, it is.]
the B-52’s - “52 Girls” [from their self-titled masterpiece.]
the Louvin Brothers - “There’s a Higher Power” [this record makes me smile every time, even if it is about satan and stuff. from the highly influential satan is real. classic country is rarely better.]
Ryan Adams - “To Be Young (is to be sad, to be high)” [from his absolutely stunning debut solo album heartbreaker.]
Liz Phair - “X-ray Man” [sorry, charlie. from the hot-like-lava-rock whipsmart.]
Rob Sonic - “Shoplift” [another entry from the ever expanding and ever improving def jux label. this is from his newest, telicatessan. this song is hot, hot, hot.]
the Suicide Commandos - “Mosquito Crucifixion” [from their only album, the suicide commandos make a record. early 80s minneapolis punk. brilliant.]
Hüsker Dü - “Something I Learned Today” [the massive opening track from their classic zen arcade. another minneapolis band done good.]
Dillon Fence - “Collapsis” [i heard mad dog play this on the Friday night rock party last week and man, what a song. i’ve never paid that much attention to dillon fence, even though they are from NC, but wow. from the new best + best of collection.]
Beth Orton - “Love Like Laughter” [a gorgeous and floating song from her second album, central reservation.]

We’ll hopefully be back next week. Spring training temp schedule is beginning so it’ll be a race for slots. Check out the blog to make sure I’m where I should be. Take care and have a wonderful holiday. Do take a minute to remember Dr. King on Monday and all the great work we’ve accomplished and all the work we have yet to do to make this world an equal and better place for all of humanity. If you and I can come together over music, imagine how we can bring the world together in the same ways. ‘Til then.



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