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Sunday, January 30, 2005

j's indie/rock mayhem - 26th january 2005

[a lovely show with my trainee, erin, who showed savvy by, when asked by me if she'd brought any music to play or wanted to select some things, said simply that she'd play whatever i'd like her to. excellent choice, erin. she has some stellar taste and is going to make a fine addition to the QFS family. i'll be able to post tomorrow night about if the show is staying in the same place. i have no doubts that it will, but you never know. here's knocking on wood. also, the dj after me didn't show up so this is a three and a half hour playlist. i will give commentary to all the songs played during the normal show time, but it will be selective after that. all the songs i played are listed. onward.]

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Graham Coxon - "Freakin' Out" [awesome. brand new solo material from ex-blur guitarist. this song was pretty righteous, i must say. a great slab of great brit pop-rock. from his newest, life in magazines.]
the Afghan Whigs - "Debonair" [from the hellaciously good, class of '93 album gentlemen. rock rarely got better in the 90s.]
the Velvet Underground - "That's the Story of My Life" [by request. from a person whose philosophy professor quoted this song in his class. now that's what i call educatin'. from the velvet underground.]
the Church - "Metropolis" [lately i've been focused on the early 90s and how great the music was. another great example, from 1990's gold afternoon fix.]
the Finks - "Wake Up" [huzzah! already a brand new one by the finks. their last album was my #25 of 2004, so it's great to see (and hear) new music. they are having their cd release party this friday, 4th february, at the garage in winston-salem. i'm planning on attending. from their newest.]
Anthrax - "Deathrider" [by request. what's up with all the metal people calling into my show lately? listen, i can play you iron maiden, but i'm not big on thrashy stuff. i don't know it very well, so i hesitate to play it. this is from anthrax's latest, the greater of two evils.]
Paul Westerberg - "My Dad" [from his latest, the lovely folker. he's touring a bit but not around here. figures.]
Dizzee Rascal - "Stand Up Tall" [all hail dizzy dizz. from the fantastic and j's indie/rock top 25 of 2004 member showtime. british hip hop at its finest.]
Handsome Boy Modeling School featuring Cat Power - "I've Been Thinking" [played this last week, but hoo boy, had to do it again. it puts me on fire. from the lovely white people.]
the Nein - "Handout" [north carolina's own. and uh, they have a new EP out apparently. hopefully we'll have it soon. from their self-titled EP.]
American Music Club - "Another Morning" [a song containing one of my favorite female names of all time, kathleen. from the quite good love songs for patriots.]
Jonny Polonsky - "Let Me Out" [more big power-pop from the long-time-coming the power of sound. 'bout time, jonny.]
the Maroons - "If" [if the bush administration keeps helping to cause great music like this, maybe i'll have to reconsider my opinion. from the awesome ambush. one of my absolute favorite hip-hop records of 2004.]
the Arcade Fire - "Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)" [from the much lauded funeral. they were in asheville last thursday and chapel hill on friday. i've yet to hear a report on the shows, but i've heard amazing things about their live act. hopefully it was good for all concerned.]
Rilo Kiley - "Portions for Foxes" [by request. a great song from their latest, more adventurous]
Lou Reed and John Cale - "Slip Away (A Warning)" [from the amazing songs for drella album, recorded in 1990 as a tribute to the late andy warhol. it is a stellar record marking one of reed and cale's greatest later-career works.]
the Darkness - "Friday Night" [okay, "friday, i'm in love" keeps popping into my head whenever i hear this song, but its greatness is undeniable. from the amazing permission to land.]
Tommy Stinson - "Without a View" [from his first official solo record, village gorilla head. tommy will be playing at local 506 in chapel hill this saturday night, 5th february.]
Wilco - "Muzzle of Bees" [from a ghost is born which is being reissued shortly with a 4 song EP attached. wankers.]
the Gourds - "Let Him In" [not a bad song at all from this group of stoner alt-country/blues afficianados. from their latest.]
Aztec Camera - "The Crying Scene" [another of 1990's best. from their album stray. some of this album sounds like adult contemporary of the time period, but the rocking songs are amazing and some of the softer numbers are simply transcendent.]
Tiger Bear Wolf - "An Entire City of Mesh-Back Hats" [from their self-titled album. greensboro's own. they need a new album.]
Teenage Fanclub - "Sparky's Dream" [one of their best songs. ever. teenage fanclub is already one of the best power-pop bands this side of anywhere. from their album grand prix.]
Michael Penn - "No Myth" [let there be no doubt that at his best, michael penn's writing is as sharp and as amazing as anyone of the last two decades. his last two albums really prove it. as does this, from his debut album march.]
Velvet Crush - "Time Wraps Around You" [wow. this is the album that got this early 90s thing kicked off for me. teenage symphonies to god is absolutely amazing. these guys are every bit the inheritors of brian wilson's pop-burden.]
The The - "This is the Day" [from the excellent soul mining album. and i got another lovely call from mark up on the parkway.]
the Red Rockers - "China" [by request. i have no idea who these guys are, but this was a request. from their album good as gold. it's quite good. very reminiscent of early period the church. understandable as this is from 1983. great, dreamy guitar rock. horrible name for a band though.]
the Drive-by Truckers - "(Something's Got To) Give Pretty Soon" [one of my absolute favorite tracks by one of my absolute favorite bands. heartbreaking is the only way to describe this song. from 2003's amazing decoration day.]
Brian Eno - "Burning Airlines Gives You So Much More" [from taking tiger mountain by strategy. eno's early solo records are unreal. and so, so amazing.]

[from this point on, we were out of the normal j's indie/rock time slot. but since i had another hour and a half of music yet to play (unbeknownst to me), i kept going. here's a complete list of what was played along with partial commentary.]

XTC - "Respectable Street"
Hank Williams III - "7 Months, 39 Days"
the Jayhawks - "I'm Gonna Make You Love Me"
Hayden - "Hollywood Ending"
Social Distortion - "So Far Away"
Verbena - "All the Saints"
Pavement - "Cut Your Hair"
Sleater-Kinney - "Step Aside"
Propaghandi - "Today's Empires, Tomorrow's Ashes"
the Stone Roses - "I Am the Resurrection"
Yo La Tengo - "Georgia Vs. Yo La Tengo"
Primal Scream - "Kowalski"
the Cash Brothers - "Shadow of a Doubt"
Kris Kristofferson - "Sunday Morning Coming Down"
Gomez - "Even Song"
the National Trust - "Making Love (In the Natural Light)"
Klang - "As It Is" [this group features donna matthews, formerly of elastica and believe me these guys are nothing like elastica. very, very interesting.]

Alright, I'll see you soon. I'll know by tomorrow if I have my same time slot so check back here tomorrow evening for the update. I'm sure I'll be coming your way on Wednesday, but if you don't hear me, you know where to check. Take care.



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