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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

j's indie/rock mayhem - 2nd february 2005

[so the first official show of the spring semester. sadly, i am no longer being followed in the 8pm slot by marcus and his outstanding overexposed show. rather, a big welcome to my trainee friend erin. she'll be following me every week, so give her show a listen. she's not so shabby. meanwhile, i'm listening to the state of the union address, so let's get going. onward.]

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
the Finks - "Wake Up" [hot, hot, hot NC rock. this is from their newest album, more songs about robots and black things. they'll be playing a cd release show this friday night at the garage in winston-salem.]
Q and Not U - "Soft Pyramids" [from the still-quite-amazing different damage. post-punk at its finest these days.]
Pavement - "Type Slowly" [one of the most beautiful of pavement's oft-gorgeous work. from the near-masterpiece brighten the corners.]
Paul Westerberg - "Crackle and Drag (alternate version)" [from the soundtrack to the dvd documentary come feel me tremble. there's a more rollicking version preceding it on the cd, but i like this softer version.]
Graham Coxon - "All Over Me" [loverly. i mislabeled this album last week. his newest is called happiness in magazines. it's quite good and each song i play is catchy and well orchestrated. bravo, graham.]
X - "Sex and Dying in High Society" [from their debut, los angeles. it was exene cervenka's birthday earlier this week, so i thought i'd wish her a happy birthday by playing one of her band's best.]
Pulp - "Common People" [by request, sort of. the caller wanted to hear the cover version by william shatner, but i couldn't locate the album. so i played the original instead.]
Sonic Youth - "Kool Thing" [by request. one of 1990's killer singles. from the goo album.]
the Maroons - "Matter of Time" [more brilliant hip hop from this side project of lateef and chief xcel. from the album ambush.]
Spoon - "Jonathan Fisk" [from their most recent, kill the moonlight. they have a new album dropping in march which is very, very exciting.]
Velvet Crush - "Why Not Your Baby" [a lovely cover of the guy clark classic from their teenage symphonies to god album.]
Helmet - "He Feels Bad" [by request. from their monolithic meantime album. it certainly was a big slap in the face at the time.]
Oneida - "Inside My Head" [from the nice./splittin' peaches EP. oneida is one of a kind, noisy, post-punk rock that is blunting to the senses. god bless 'em.]
the Streets - "Blinded by the Lights" [one of the absolute best songs from (one of) the j's indie/rock mayhem #1 album of 2004, a grand don't come for free.]
Klang - "As These Things Happen" [from the new no sound is heard. klang features donna matthews (ex-elastica) and is quite, quite good. minimalist post-punk that is quite thrilling.]
Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks - "Vanessa From Queens" [from his most recent, pig lib. he has a new solo album coming out may 24th, the same day as the new sleater-kinney. what a day for indie/rock.]
Toad the Wet Sprocket - "Know Me" (live) [from the new live at the arlington theatre, santa barbara 1992 album. a fabulous live version of this song from their debut album. glen phillips belts out a couple of lines from the replacements' "unsatisfied" over the closing bars of the song as well.]
the Replacements - "Unsatisfied" [so i thought i'd play it afterward. from their monumental 1984 album, let it be.]
the Avett Brothers - "Walking for You" (live) [north carolina's the avett brothers have a new live album coming out, live volume 2. this advance copy features this raucus song that ends up getting the crowd all worked up. the avetts are astounding.]
Tragic Seasons - "In Your Mind" [by request. really lackluster metal from here in NC.]
Dangermouse - "Dirt Off Your Shoulder" [by request. one of my students wanted to hear this great song off of the now infamous grey album.]
Kathleen Edwards - "Six O'Clock News" [from her debut, failer. she has a new album coming out on march 1st. i'm so, so excited.]
Jonny Polonsky - "My Secret Life" [from his nice chunk of power-pop, the power of sound. jonny's a good guy.]
Tommy Stinson - "Something's Wrong" [from his first true solo album village gorilla head. playing this saturday at local 506 in chapel hill. i'll be there.]
Dwight Yoakam - "Buenas Noches From a Lonely Room (She Wore Red Dresses)" [the title track from dwight's amazing album. i think i might have a new artist to delve into.]
Tom Waits - "Picture in a Frame" [a love song that never fails to make me smile. a lot. from 1999's mule variations. thank you, tom.]

I'll be at the Finks show at the Garage on Friday night and the Tommy Stinson show on Saturday night. I'm the tall drink of water with the black hair and goatee, so say howdy sometime. I'll talk to you next week.



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