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Thursday, March 24, 2005

j's indie/rock mayhem - 23rd march 2005

[a really awesome show today with some great new music and all because, i think, the air was electrified by the serious stormage going on outside. something about tornado warnings that bring out the best in college radio. so onward.]

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Drive-by Truckers - "Tornadoes" [i just couldn't resist starting off a show done in the midsts of a tornado warning with this song. one of my very favorites from their latest, the dirty south.]
Black Star - "Defintion" [part of going to see the most excellent talib kweli last saturday here at guilford was going out the next day and buying a cd featuring him and mos def in their black star collaboration. it's no wonder this cd was blowing minds in 1997 as this is one hell of an album. two unparalleled wordsmiths at the top of their game with fat jazzy beats to boot. from mos def and talib kweli are black star.]
Jeff Buckley - "Last Goodbye" [last year marked the 10th anniversary of this sad album's release. sad largely because buckley didn't live long enough to follow it up properly. from the beautiful grace.]
Fischerspooner - "The 15th" [their cover of wire's classic tune. fischerspooner is finally getting ready to drop their sophomore album odyssey here in a few weeks. we'll see how electroclash evolves. this is from their debut #1.]
Queens of the Stone Age - "I Never Came" [by request. from the new lullabies to paralyze. i like the queens, but i've never been properly moved by their music. of course, desert stoner rock isn't exactly designed to move you, is it? this, however, is quite a good song.]
Afghan Whigs - "Uptown Again" [the riff and vocal delivery on this song is so hot it melts you. 'uptown again/throw me a bone.' and man, he means it. from the swan song album 1965.]
Judas Priest - "Jawbreaker" [by request. from the 1984 album defender of the faith. judas priest is not something i'm prone to pull out, but i don't mind them. if you like iron maiden (which i do), judas priest comes along as a bit of a more stripped back version of the overt pompasity of some of maiden's best work.]
Hüsker Dü - "Games" [by request. from the 1985 album flip your wig which is often lauded as one of the husker's most consistant songwriting efforts. it is quite a stirring listen.]
Iron and Wine - "Freedom Hangs Like Heaven" [from the new, amazing woman king EP. this song has been stuck in my head all week and will not leave. someone help me. sam beam is on a mission to dominate my brain.]
Big Star - "September Girls" [one of the best known big star songs (well, aside from the that 70s show theme song) and easily one of their best. power pop at its peak. from the wonderful radio city.]
The The - "Love is Stronger Than Death" [this song has been in my head for some time and i kept forgetting to exercise it. luckily, as is often the case when i play the the, mark from up on the blue ridge called and said howdy. it's nice to hear from folks. from the excellent dusk.]
Semisonic - "Gone to the Movies" [i commented on air about how there was a point in time where getting away from semisonic was impossible. "closing time" was so ubiquitous that it was unnerving. i actually used to be rather lukewarm about them. then my friend sara brought me to my senses about one of the best american power pop bands of the past 15 years. this song is a beautifully melancholic closer to the fantastic feeling strangely fine album.]
Kathleen Edwards - "Old Time Sake" [speaking of people who are ubiquitous on my radio show. this song was co-written with peter cash of the cash brothers. cos you know, canada is such a small country, geographically, that all their songwriters can work together. this is a really poignant song to say the least. from the stellar back to me.]
the Jam - "David Watts" [this song, from all mod cons, lets me see exactly where spoon took a lot of their playbook, and you know what? that's perfectly alright cos this song is fantastic.]
Ultramagnetic MCs - "Watch Me Now" [if there is an album that stands alone, not just as an oddity, but as an obvious reference for countless acts afterward, the ultramagnetic mcs' cricital beatdown is it. kool keith and ced gee are two of the most diametrically opposed mcs i've ever heard rhyme together, but does it ever work. and it still sounds as fresh as anything else.]
the Cash Brothers - "Night Shift Guru" [so, to prove the poignancy of the cash brothers, i pulled out easily one of their most amusing songs. this ode to night shift 7/11 workers is as slightly tragic as it is amusing. i'm glad there are odes to these things. from the wonderful how was tomorrow?]
Crooked Fingers - "Andalucia" [do the good songs on this album stop? no, they do not. dignity and shame is just good. really good. eric bachman is fleshing out his sound in ways that are so natural that it doesn't seem like a stretch in any way.]
the Las - "There She Goes" [one of the best pop songs of all time and here's the kicker: lee mavers, the las main guy, went a bit crazy trying to work on the follow up to this, their self-titled debut, and then disappeared for, oh, you know, a decade. well, the word is there's a reunion a'brewin'. and that is incredible.]
the Roots - "Water" [and of course i can't let a week go by without playing something to alienate listeners. this is the amazing, 10 and a half minute song-into-sound-collage that graced the middle section of the roots' phenominal 2002 album phrenology. half ode to departed member malik b. and his struggle with drug addiction, half sound collage representation of the experience of getting high and coming down hard, this was (and still is) a huge defiance of anyone who would ever say hip-hop was inherently limited. hip-hop artists should be this brave more often. you might fall on your face sometimes, but when you hit, you hit hard.]
Dwight Yoakam - "Please, Please Baby" [hot, bakersfield country from one of my new favorite singers. yoakam is a great songwriter, but his voice is what seals the deal. from the excellent hillbilly deluxe.]
Ani DiFranco - "Recoil" [the closing track from the quite good new album knuckle down.]
Marvin Gaye - "Mercy, Mercy Me (the Ecology)" [i found this song terribly appropriate given congress' actions with the ANWR drilling this week coupled with the EPA's lukewarm mercury regulations. "fish full of mercury" indeed, mr. gaye. from the masterpiece what's going on?]
the Damnwells - "I'll Be Around" [one of my favorites from the vastly underrated (but not by me) 2004 album bastards of the beat. this record is a songwriter/power-pop fan's dream.]
Elf Power - "The Naughty Villain" [from the winter is coming. part of the legendary elephant 6 collective, elf power are nothing if not tuneful composers. this song is catchy as all hell.]
Guided by Voices - "Glad Girls" [and we close with this, one of the catchiest songs robert pollard ever put to wax. from 2001's blistering isolation drills.]

I'll be back next week, so until then, take care.



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