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Monday, April 25, 2005

j's indie/rock mayhem - 20th april 2005

[sorry for the terrible delay on posting. my job had me tied up more ways than not last week and then, in a terrible stroke of relief, i was diagnosed with mono on saturday. oh, don't morn for me. it's totally worth it. anyway, before this week's show gets here, let's get reviewing. onward.]

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
British Sea Power - "It Ended on an Oily Stage" [from the new open season. these guys' first album got some pretty solid reviews and this one as well. it's a nice chunk of updated guitar post-punk. i like it.]
Whiskeytown - "Yesterday's News" [from the classic stranger's almanac album. ryan adams is getting ready to release a new doulbe album, so i thought i should send out some good vibes for it by playing some of his solid material. it'd be nice to see two solid records back to back with cold roses and love is hell.]
Crooked Fingers - "Call to Love" [now this song will not leave my head, 5 days later. if you haven't had a chance to hear dignity and shame yet, do yourself a favor and do it.]
the Church - "Reptile" [usually i wait until later in the show to slap on the church, but i haven't played them in a bit, so i put on the song that made me first go out and buy one of their albums. from the triumphant starfish.]
Kathleen Edwards - "In State" [the killer lead track from her new album back to me. my copy has gone missing. and i'm missing it terribly. so i only get to hear it once a week. i'm sad.]
the Decemberists - "16 Military Wives" [by request. i was going to play something else off picaresque since i played this track last week, but it was a request and this is a damn fine song.]
the Kinks - "Come Dancing" [by request. well, less a request for music than a request for exorcism. my good friend had it lodged in his head but couldn't remember the words. so on it went. come to find out it just made it stick further. oh well. from come dancing with the kinks.]
Mansun - "Wide Open Space" [the over-looked prog masters of britpop. this was the american single off their triumphant debut attack of the grey lantern.]
Tiger Bear Wolf - "I Can't See the Light" [gearing up for the release show for their new self-titled album this friday, april 29th at gate city noise down on tate street. this album gets more solid with every track i play.]
Echo and the Bunnymen - "The Killing Moon" [by request. i commented that i have to really prepare myself to listen to echo. no one has or ever will really sound like these guys and listening to them is an experience in itself, especially tracks like this from the ocean rain album. they are amazing.]
Drive-by Truckers - "Life in the Factory" [probably one of the hardest rocking songs off of the elaborately hard rockin' southern rock opera.]
Queens of the Stone Age - "First It Giveth" [by request. from their 2002 songs for the deaf.]
the Green People - "Pretty" (live) [by request. these guys are from here in greensboro and sort of straddle the glam-punk genre fairly well. this is from their new live at solaris live album, recorded live at, yes, you guessed it, solaris tapas restaurant.]
Erik B. and Rakim - "I Ain't No Joke" [there are fewer greater opening tracks in hip-hop. thank god for paid in full. what an album.]
Glen Phillips - "Thankful" [the first single off his latest solo album winter pays for summer. glen can be a mighty fine songwriter when he wants to be and this album really puts that forward.]
Wilco - "Hotel Arizona" [digging back a bit for one of my favorite songs from the immaculate being there album.]
Blind Boys of Alabama - "(Jesus Hits Like The) Atom Bomb" [okay. a bit of explaining. this is off the new blind boys' album atom bomb. when i saw the title of this first track, i started, immediately linking it to the tripping daisy album of the same name. know the blind boys' penchant for odd covers, i ran to get our copy of the tripping daisy album only to find that no song by that title appeared on the record. but i was way too on to something to stop.]
Uncle Tupelo - "Atomic Power" (demo) [this is a demoed version of uncle tupelo's cover of the louvin brothers' classic tale of how only jesus can save you from atomic warfare. the studio recording appears on their nearly flawless march 16-20, 1992 album, but this demo is from the expanded, re-released version of that album.]
Tripping Daisy - "Sonic Bloom" [next came this gorgeous song from their jesus hits like the atom bomb album.]
Tom Waits - "Earth Died Screaming" [and i thought i'd end, not only with a song that could easily describe nuclear holocaust, but a song by an artist that the blind boys had covered in the past. from tom's haunting bone machine.]
the Avett Brothers - "Walking For You" (live) [by request. great north carolina music from great north carolina musicians. their new live album, live volume 2 is actually coming out in may or something. but we're still spinning it like mad.]
the Ramones - "Needles and Pins" [their wonderful cover of the sono bono-penned classic. from road to ruin.]
the Perceptionists - "Black Dialogue" [the title track from their excellent new album. what better way to prove what black society has given to the world than to list a whole slew of crucial people? you gonna argue? i think not.]
Mclusky - "To Hell With Good Intentions" [from the steamroller that is mclusky do dallas. i get more and more sad every time i think about how this band is no more.]
Velvet Crush - "Time Wraps Around You" [probably the most gorgeous song on their power-pop masterpiece teenage symphonies to god.]
Citified - "Going Places" [i'm entirely sold on these greensboro folks. sign me up, please, for your fan club. and maybe an on-air interview.]
the Clash - "Safe European Home" [from give 'em enough rope. to me, this album has some really strong points and some somewhat weaker ones, but this opening track is pure clash.]
the Replacements - "Can't Hardly Wait" [from pleased to meet me. one of four copies of the album that i own. ask me about it sometime.]
the Emergency - "Church of the Chix Denomination" [from the excellent, out-of-nowhere album how do you move? prominantly featured on the j's indie/rock top 25 of 2004 list. check it out to your right. see what you missed last year.]

That's it for this week's delayed list. This Wednesday I'll be running a bit late due to some unavoidable circumstances, but should be on by 6:15 or so. Still tune in right at 6 'cos you never know how clever I am. Until then, take care.



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