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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

j's indie/rock mayhem - 6th april 2005

[a beautiful, sunny, warm evening and what a great show. lots of requests from great callers and we're even nearing a milestone here at the j's indie/rock blog. now, j's indie/rock mayhem has been around for 6 years (this fall), but this blog has only existed since the fall of '03. we are about to pass the 5,000 hit mark. a true milestone when you consider that i only advertise two or three times a week on one night in one place. i really appreciate all of you who take the time to come visit. onward.]

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Q and Not U - "X-Polynation" [from their latest, power. they will be at ace's basement right here in greensboro this friday night, april 8th. they are a tremendous live show. post-punk at its finest.]
the New York Dolls - "Personality Crisis" [the lead track from their self-titled debut. the raucousness, sleeze and dirt just ooze out of it. god bless 'em.]
Oneida - "Each One Teach One" (live) [a live radio broadcast recorded at WNUR in evanston, illinois. WNUR is northwestern university's radio station and they put out a lovely compilation of their on-air performances called airwaves for your hairwaves. thanks to brynn for the hook-up. at least something good came out of illinois this week....okay. that was crass.]
the Avett Brothers - "Pretty Girl From Annapolis" (live) [the lead track from the new live volume 2 album from the avetts. north carolina couldn't be prouder.]
Glen Phillips - "Cleareyed" [another new song off of glen's newest solo album winter pays for summer. i'm heading north to see glen in charlottesville, virginia this weekend. should be a fantastic show.]
Squirrel Nut Zippers - "Soon" [a pounding, stomping number from my favorite zippers' album perennial favorites. more north carolina goodness.]
the Bobs - "Mr. Duality" [by request. a quartet acapella group that re-creates instrument sounds and builds them into a traditional song. this one is a rather amusing tale about a man with multiple personalities. from shut up and sing!]
Iron and Wine - "Freedom Hangs Like Heaven" [by request. this request didn't even need to be made as i am completely in love with this EP still. this song especially. from the woman king EP.]
the Perceptionists - "People 4 Prez" [one of the amazing tracks off the debut album from this def jux super group, black dialogue. the delivery on this song reminds me of older hip-hop and the production by el-p is electric. this album is so good.]
the Stone Roses - "Love Spreads" [from the much maligned second coming album. you know, we talk about sophomore slumps in albums and this album takes an unfair beating. how do you follow up something as groundbreaking as their self-titled debut? yes, it took them a stupidly long time to record (5 years) and they split up after it kinda fell flat, but really. this song, especially, is on par with any of their earlier work.]
Los Lobos - "Will the Wolf Survive?" [the closing track from their wonderful debut album how will the wolf survive? los lobos has done some transforming over the years but their songwriting is uniformly sharp and enrapturous.]
Citified - "Secret Knock" [by request. more great greensboro rock from their self-titled album. i can't get enough of these guys.]
Kathleen Edwards - "Somewhere Else" [the song that was stuck in my head all day from her new album back to me. it's the sole song on the disc she didn't write, but what a choice. longing never seemed so beautiful.]
the Replacements - "Run It" [by request. from their second full length hootenanny. from my replacements caller who got a traffic ticket last week. a shame, but great reason to ask for this song.]
Hayden - "Hollywood Ending" [this song was also in my head all day after a lunch time conversation concerning woody allen films. this is from hayden's latest, elk-lake serenade.]
Radiohead - "Exit Music (For a Film)" [by request. from their masterwork ok computer. a bit dreary for the show sometimes, but it was a request and it is a great song.]
Stereophonics - "Pedalpusher" [from the new album language, sex, violence, other? mad dog and i had a discussion of this album last week and he wasn't too keen on it. i like the welshmen's early records but lately they've left me very nonplussed. this just continues in that vein. lately seems all they're good for is answering questions like 'name a band from each of the countries in the british isles.']
the Carter Family - "Single Girl" [this is a very crackly recording from the monumental, harry smith edited anthology of american folk music. i love the carters.]
Pinback - "Syracuse" [by request. from thier latest summer in abaddon. you know, the more i listen to pinback...the less i really like them. they've yet to really attach themselves to me in any way, shape or form. but that's me.]
the Jam - "'A' Bomb in Wardour Street" [from the classic all mod cons. every self respecting band between like, 1960 and 1991 had a song about atomic bombs going off. and while it really doesn't match the armageddon love ode that is "melt with you," this song works fantastically.]
the Kills - "At the Back of the Shell" [more pouding, minimalist post-punk from the excellent album no wow. i just might have to get this album.]
the Church - "Tristesse" [beautiful, radiant, ghostly guitar pop. shimmering gets used a lot to describe them. rightfully so. the opening riff to this song comes up in my head so much it's not even funny. from the beautiful heyday.]
Michael Penn - "High Time" [from his wonderful mp4: days since a lost time accident. he has a new album dropping relatively soon and he's playing in charlotte at the evening muse on monday, april 25th. i'm planning on being there, though it'll kill me the next morning.]
Willie Nelson - "Philadelphia Lawyer" [one of my favorite woody guthrie songs given a proper run through by willie. this is from an odd (but really awesome) tribute album to woody guthrie and ledbelly that came out on folkways records. an amazing collection of people pay their respects.]
Afghan Whigs - "Blame, Etc." [one of the hottest songs. ever. from the underrated black love.]
Pavement - "Gold Soundz" [there are great indie rock songs. there are great indie rock albums. there are great indie rock bands. here's all three together. from the nearly perfect crooked rain, crooked rain.]
the Teardrop Explodes - "Ha, Ha, I'm Drowning!" [this wins for best song title of the night. from the oustanding debut album kilimanjaro. these guys were a big influence on early pulp albums and it shows. great stuff.]
R.E.M. - "Perfect Circle" [by request. from their debut LP murmur. tom of tom's diner called to inform me that this is the 25 year anniversary of their start as a band. southern rock really is something.]
Space - "Female of the Species" [from the really mediocre album spiders, but i'll tell you, this song takes me back to 1997 like nobody's business. this is still a damn catchy song and has all the weird elements of catchy, below-the-radar pop from that time: weird theremin/electronic instruments, turntable scratching, scratchy vinyl pops and cracks. reference both white town's "your woman" and lucas' "lucas with the lid off" if you want to hear a trio of songs that really sound like their time.]

I'll be back next week. Until then drop me a comment or an email and take care.



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