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Monday, May 02, 2005

j's indie/rock mayhem - 27th april 2005

[first off, i'd like to apologize to any of the listeners who had to suffer through my voice last week. i was not in a good way, to say the least. if you tuned in, you heard a garbled and mangled version of my normal voice and good luck understanding a lot of what i was saying. i've been very sick with complications with mono which actually landed me in moses cone over the weekend for some seriously needed help getting over the illness. the folks there were very kind and very helpful, just like a good hospital should be and i owe them many thanks and kudos.

we're on temporary schedule right now which means we're training new djs for the summer semester. i'll probably have some unfamiliar voices with me this week and i will NOT be on the air on wednesday may 11th due to some job commitments. i'll remind you in the post for this week's show. in the meantime, here's last week's belated list. if only i could blog from the hospital..]

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Tiger Bear Wolf - "You Play Guitar" [from the new self-titled album. TBW played their cd release show last friday night at gate city noise down on tate street. i would've been there had i not been put up, and i was very sad to miss it. i'm sure it was a dynamite show.]
Killing Joke - "Requiem" [have to love that 1980 synth-post-punk. from their self-titled debut.]
Bloc Party - "Blue Light" [the band that's all the shakes in the british press. from their new silent alarm LP.]
Tom Waits - "Singapore" [from rain dogs. a friend wanted to hear this album on a road trip a few weeks past, but i couldn't locate my copy. well, now i did.]
the Flying Burrito Brothers - "Wild Horses" [the original recorded version of this song. that's right. this appeared on the burrito brothers' burrito deluxe album a full year before the stones recorded it for the first time. oh, that gram parsons.]
Kathleen Edwards - "One More Song the Radio Won't Like" [by request. someone took off with our copy of kathleen's latest, but too sick to really fume, i took this request and played this dazzling song off of her debut failer.]
Jesse Malin - "Mona Lisa" [the lead off track from his latest, the quite good the heat.]
Blur - "Badhead" [feeling so ill all week, this song became stuck in my head for awhile and for good reason. what a song. from blur's masterpiece, 1994's parklife.]
the Replacements - "Answering Machine" [by request. how does one say 'goodnight' to an answering machine? such questions paul posits. from let it be.]
Brian Eno - "Becalmed" [beautiful early ambient intstrumental work from his another green world album.]
the Blind Boys of Alabama - "Demons" [from their new album atomic bomb, this song features gift of gab, the infinitely talented MC of blackalicious and this song is somethin'. this album is too. great gospel voices.]
The The - "This is the Day" [from 1983's soul mining. i heard this song in a dockers commercial the other day and despite being totally appalled, laughed. and thus, thought i'd play it. it's a great song.]
the Maroons - "If" [the fantastic centerpiece song from 2004's excellent ambush LP.]
the Drive-by Truckers - "The Living Bubba" [from the trucker's debut, gangstabilly. both that album and their second have been rescued from out-of-print land by new west records and are now widely available and very good.]
Del Amitri - "Tell Her This" [possibly my favorite dels song of all time, from their lovely album twisted. scottish pop is a grand art form all its own.]
Nouvelle Vague - "I Melt With You" [a caller has called me a couple of times and written me once regarding this group and then finally, out of nowhere, their album fell into our lap a week or so ago. it's an engaging album of bossanova covers of post-punk standards and it's a hoot to listen to. you'll hear plenty more of this. this cover of the modern english classic is of course an excellent choice.]
John Doe - "Heartless" [from his latest forever hasn't happened yet. i really like this song an awful lot. it's rollicking rock of a highest order. as only someone who was in X could do it.]
Oasis - "Supersonic" [by request. people wanted to hear "champagne supernova," and listen, i love oasis despite my better instincts, but there are some songs it'll never have been long enough for me to play. this being said, i have played "don't look back in anger" before, but whatever. i went with this, one of the undeniably best singles from oasis debut album definitely maybe which noel gallagher still can't get over. see the documentary live forever to see what i'm talking about.]
the Louvin Brothers - "There's Higher Power" [great gospel country that really swings. from the classic satan is real album.]
Superchunk - "Silver Leaf and Snowy Tears" [classic emotionally baring rock from chapel hill's heroes. from the lovely here's where the strings come in.]
the Mountaingoats - "This Year" [from the new album the sunset tree. this song is awesome. i really, really like it and if the rest of the new mountaingoats album is as solid, this is a winner, really, thoroughly. john darnielle is sometimes an acquired taste, but you appreciate detailed lyrics and a focus on the songwriter, you'll love this band.]
Aimee Mann - "Pavlov's Bell" [from her most recent, the fabulous lost in space. she has a new album due out later this year. very exciting.]
the Decemberists - "The Engine Driver" [another fantastic song from the lovely new album picaresque. way to go, colin.]
Elastica - "Never Here" [at some point, someone will compile a really great collection of rock and roll kiss-off songs between famous people. like, that song tupac did basically telling B.I.G. that he slept with his wife or whatever. on the calmer side of things, "never here" is justine frischmann's great (and really, really good) tell off to brett anderson of suede at the demise of their relationship. sadly of course, it's bookended by blur's very, very touching "no distance left to run" from when damon albarn and frischmann called it quits years later. from the excellent self-titled debut.]
Glen Phillips - "Duck and Cover" [the album title of glen's new album, winter pays for the summer appears in this, the lead-off track of the album and when he puts it down, all the song's ideas come flying together in grand style. this is a great, great song.]
the Posies - "Burn and Shine" [great, raving noise from the power-pop lords of the 90s. from the absurdly good frosting on the beater.]

I'll be here this week, feeling much better, and hopefully with some fun people to introduce you to and do some training with. Take care and I'll talk to you soon.



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