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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

j's indie/rock mayhem - 4th may 2005

[a wonderful return to full voice power this week and a really enjoyable show and chat with you listeners. don't forget that i will not be on the air next week. we're on temporary schedule gearing up for the summer semester and i'll be taking the week off. i'll be back on wednesday may 18th with special guests from greensboro's own citified in for what should be a lovely interview. until then, onward.]

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Nouvelle Vague - "Just Can't Get Enough" [more bossanova goodness from this surprisingly good band. a caller told me tonight that the lead singer had apparently never heard any of these songs before. stunning. this depeche mode cover is wonderful. from their self-titled debut.]
M. Ward - "Big Boat" [more chewy, vintage rock and roll goodness from the excellent new album transistor radio.]
the Buzzcocks - "Ever Fallen In Love?" [catchy pop-punk that puts most modern practitioners to shame. from the classic singles going steady collection.]
John Doe - "Heartless" [yes, i played this last week, but i couldn't get it out of my head for this week. so back it comes. from the excellent new LP forever hasn't happened yet.]
Tiger Bear Wolf - "The Rats" [hot guitar goodness from greensboro's rock gods. this is off their new self titled release and you can take a listen to this song by clicking here.]
Jerry Harrison - "Kick Start" [by request. from the 1990 album walk on water, although i believe i may have hit upon the wrong harrison solo release for the request. harrison, of course, was a seminal player in both talking heads and the modern lovers so he is nothing if not a talent.]
Graham Coxon - "Freakin Out" [excellent britpop/rock from ex-blur lead guitarist. this is off his latest, happiness in magazines. damn catchy, too.]
My Bloody Valentine - "Only Shallow" [by request. would i ever turn down a request for a song off of the masterpiece album loveless? probably not, but then again sometimes i have a hard time telling the difference between the songs on that album also. it works so well as one, hulking piece of shoegaze as is to be beyond belief.]
the Perceptionists - "People 4 Prez" [one of my favorite tracks off the smoking new album, black dialogue, from this definitive jux supergroup featuring mr. lif and others.]
Supergrass - "Cheapskate" [the lead single off of their 1997 album in it for the money. hard to believe it's been 8 years since this album came out as i can certainly remember rushing out to the store to buy it after seeing this video on 120 minutes on mtv. great, great britpop.]
Brendan Benson - "Suck It Up" [power-pop lives in this man, apparently. and his new album, the alternative to love, seems to prove it.]
Glen Phillips - "Don't Need Anything" [the closing track off his excellent new album winter pays for summer. this song reminds me so much of classic randy newman that it makes me weep. but in a good way. i adore randy newman.]
Dinosaur Jr. - "Tarpit" [from the thank-god-someone-finally-reissued you're living all over me. this was dinosaur jr.'s 2nd album and it leaps beyond its self-titled predecessor like no one's business, especially on this gorgeous track. long live noise.]
Edwyn Collins - "A Girl Like You" [when you're a teenager and you're desperately trying to be cool (so in my day it was grunge and heavy rock and punk), you will not cop to liking anything even remotely unfashionable. thus, my friend kevin and i used to mercilessly make fun of edwyn collins and this song when we first heard it on the empire records soundtrack. secretly, i've loved this song ever since. and i still do. here's to coming out of the closet on good pop music. from his 1995 album gorgeous george. here's also hoping edwyn an eventual and full recovery from the cerebral haemorhage that he suffered back in february.]
Nouvelle Vague - "Teenage Kicks" [by request. so, typically i don't play the same artist twice in a show, but this is a bit of an exception, so when someone wanted to hear more, i acquiesced. this is a lovely cover of the undertones' classic.]
the B-52's - "Quiche Lorraine" [to my firefox. and serendipitously enough, my good friend mark from up on the blue ridge was just about to call and request some old b-52's when i slapped this on. am i good or what? from their 1980 sophomore album wild planet.]
the Blind Boys of Alabama - "(Jesus Hits Like An) Atom Bomb" [the title track from their excellent new album.]
the Everybodyfields - "T.V.A." [this song won the big songwriting aware at merelfest this year and it's pretty easy to hear why. you'll be hearing more of this group on the show in the future and on QFS. from their new album half-way there: electricity and the south. check out some samples of their work by clicking here.]
the Roots - "Don't Say Nuthin" [the single off of thier latest studio LP the tipping point.]
the Avett Brothers - "The Traveling Song" (live) [by request. so you wants your live avett brothers? here you go. from the blistering live volume 2 album.]
New Order - "Bizarre Love Triangle" [their new album is out, but since it's not up here, i thought i'd pull out some classic work from the substance 1987 collection. everyone knows frente!'s version of this, but the original is still just as much a rush to dance around a radio studio to, lemme tell you.]
Porcupine Tree - "Lazarus" [from their new LP deadwing. i've heard of these guys before, but not anything by them. apparently this is what modern prog music has become? i don't know, but this song is gorgeous.]
the Afghan Whigs - "Faded" [the monumental (well, at least in my ears) closing track to their fantastic black love album.]
Prince - "U Got the Look" [and as viciously funky as the whigs could be, it's only too appropriate to follow them up with the crown prince himself. from the impossible to overrate sign o' the times.]
Grandpaboy - "Lush and Green" [possibly one of the most beautiful songs paul westerberg ever wrote. from the self-titled debut EP of his pseudonym/not-such-a-pseudonym-anymore.]
Crooked Fingers - "Twilight Creeps" [in absentia of the new springsteen this week, eric bachman sounds so much like the boss, that i just played one of the best albums of 2005 so far instead. dignity and shame is the best crooked fingers album yet and you are waiting for all the wrong reasons if you haven't heard this album yet.]

That'll do it for this week. Remember I'll be gone next week, but back on Wednesday, May 18th with some member(s) of Citified joining me in studio for an interview. It should be a real treat. Don't be a stranger to the site during the two weeks however. Updates can (and probably will) appear. Take care.



  • At 10:02 PM, May 18, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    like i said, COOL show! y'all are the last bastion(did i spell that right?)& best hope for intelligent, independant,& intelligent radio 'round these here parts(you're a primary reason why). best, stan.


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