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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

J's Indie/Rock Mayhem and Blog will be on a brief hiatus during June as I will be travelling abroad in Japan. If you are interested in (hopefully) somewhat keeping up with my adventures in the Orient, visit my other blog, Notes From Underground. My time slot will be filled by Mad Dog of the Friday Night Rock Party (Fri. 6 pm - 8pm) on June 8th and other guest hosts for the June 15th and 22nd shows.

j's indie/rock mayhem - 1st june 2005

[last show before my departure. i took a moment to rant about 98.7 simon's promotional ad that talks about a listener switching their radio preset from guilford college radio over to simon. are we even competing with them? while we both trend towards very diverse radio styles, we, unlike 98.7, play hip-hop, true country, electronica and other styles that they wouldn't touch with a ten-foot "we play anything" pole. we also eschew decidedly commercial music, so i honestly can't imagine someone throwing us over for 98.7. we just don't play the same music. not to mention we're a better station. period.

we were also again named as the #8 college radio station in the country according to the princeton review for the 2005 best colleges list. thanks so much to you guys, the listeners, who keep us as fresh and progressive as we are with your encouragement, wonderful requests and support. we couldn't do it without you.

i'll be back for the june 29th show, but until then i'll have guest djs filling in. i hope you all have a wonderful june.

i also owe someone an apology for totally blanking on a promise to play warren zevon's "lawyers, guns and money" tonight. i'm really, really sorry. forgive me. onward.]

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Sleater-Kinney - "Rollercoaster" [yet another of the blisteringly thunderous songs from their new album the woods. this could very well be my #1 album of 2005. but we've got half the year to go yet. we'll see.]
Saint Etienne - "Nothing Can Stop Us" [originally from their debut album fox base alpha, this came from the new travel edition: 1990 - 2005 best of collection. wonderful, dancey britpop.]
Hüsker Dü - "Girl Who Lives on Heaven Hill" [if there was ever a band that showed how pop could truly be powerful, it was the huskers. this song, especially, is the perfect display of pop grace and sheer sound. from new day rising.]
Jurassic 5 - "If You Only Knew" [from their most recent, 2002's power in numbers. i'm anxious for the chalie 2na solo album, myself.]
Stephen Malkmus - "Pencil Rot" [the lead track from his newest, face the truth. the first three or four tracks on this album ("freeze the saints" excepted) didn't do much for drawing me in, though they are good. it's tracks 4 - 12 that sold the album for me. and it's quite good.]
Blonde Redhead - "In Particular" [by request. from their 2000 album melody of certain damaged lemons. i've always liked what i've heard by these guys (delicate, melodic noise) and my like is growing by the day.]
Bob Dylan - "Boots of Spanish Leather" [from the times they are a-changin'. my favorite dylan song, period.]
the Rosebuds - "You Better Get Ready" [a high-energy, charging lead track to their new unwind EP. they played here tonight at greene street. great north carolina rock.]
Tiger Bear Wolf - "I Think I Heard Her Body Sing" [the tense, taut closing track to their self-titled album. north carolina rock rarely gets finer. especially here in greensboro.]
Lyrics Born feat. KRS One and Evidence - "Pack Up" (remix) [lyrics born is a hoot to listen to. he has one of the more unique voices in hip-hop (his quasi-smokey/gravelly delivery and actually decent singing voice is fantastic) and this song, the original version of which appears on his later that day.. album, is no exception. evidence (of dilated peoples) and the incomparable krs one add quite a bit to this stew. fantastic.]
Verbena - "White Grrls" [from la musica negra. this is, along with "me and yr sister," my favorite song on this album. i actually heard a band last night from charlotte (elevator action) that reminded me of the best parts of verbena. bluesy, grungey, thick rock and roll.]
the Streets - "Sharp Darts" [this song slays me every time. too bad it's so short. but that's half the appeal. from original pirate material.]
Ryan Adams - "Cherry Lane" [why does he want to go and ruin a perfectly serviceable single by plopping down random curse words in the middle? oh, well. this song, from his new double album, cold roses, is stellar. as is the rest of the album.]
the Church - "Under the Milky Way" [the song that introduced me to a band that has easily become one of my all time favorites. from their wonderful starfish.]
Woody Guthrie - "I Ain't Got No Home in this World Anymore" [from the third disc of the asch recordings box set. any fan of woody would be very happy with this collection as it just about sums up the bulk of his work.]
His Name is Alive - "I Can't Live in this World Anymore" [from the startling stars on e.s.p. this song lifts elements from a couple of woody's classic songs and re-interprets them with stunning effect.]
Glen Phillips - "Duck and Cover" [the lead track from his excellent winter pays for summer.]
Guru - "Surviving Tha Game" [from his forthcoming album, guru version 7.0 guru is a very, very good mc and while i'm more fond of his jazzamatazz cds than i am just about anything else he's done, he still creates vibrant hip-hop. plus, as much as the falsetto/sped-up soul samples have gotten a bit out of hand lately, there is something infinitely amusing about hearing paul mccartney's voice sped up to chipmunk speed. "live and let die" will never sound the same again.]
Dogbowl - "The Girl With the Pelican Hair" [by request. from the album tit! (an opera), which may win for one of the greatest album titles of all time. dogbowl (and yes, that is one person, although it is also a band) is a former member of king missile which may explain the vein in which he is mining. very intriguing stuff.]
Kris Kristofferson - "Blame It On the Stones" [from the album me and bobby mcgee. i often envision chain gangs breaking rocks and singing this song.]
the Mountain Goats - "Love Love Love" [another excellent song from darnielle's latest, the sunset tree. i really need this album.]
Dwight Yoakam - "Buenos Noches From a Lonely Room (She Wore Red Dresses)" [the title track from possibly yoakam's finest hour. the song is haunting and frightening while still magnifying the bakersfield country sound he all but perfected. truly something.]
the Rain Parade - "This Can't Be Today" [one of the paisley underground's best groups. the rain parade's debut album, emergency third rail power trip, is a stunning piece of the 80s garage/psychadelic movement. really amazing.]
Public Enemy - "Louder than a Bomb" [is it any wonder PE got a lot of notice in their day? when flava flav opens a song by saying: 'picture us..on the fourth of july / and if you heard we was celebrating, that's a world-wide lie.' calling out the seeming dichotomy of celebrating independence in the face of continued in-equality is a powerful stand to take. it takes a nation of millions to hold us back still resonates for those reasons.]
Blendcrafters feat. MF Doom - "Melody" (remix) [blendcrafters is djs nu-mark (jurassic 5) and pomo. this single contains what the complete album does not: rappers. MF doom graces this track with his unique delivery and vision. also guesting on the b-side of this single...are you ready? carole kaye. i don't get it either, but wow, she looks weird on the cover. the original version is from the blendcrafters LP.]
the Replacements - "Can't Hardly Wait" (The Tim Version) [this is the version recorded for the 'mats 1985 album tim. sadly the song was shelved until their 1987 album pleased to meet me. this is one of the versions that bob stinson actually plays on. the '87 version is lovely and has its own charms, but this older version (original lyrics and all) is amazing to hear. from the second disc of the all for nothing/nothing for all retrospective.]
Blur - "No Distance Left to Run" [even though it's really a few years late (it would've meant more on their self-titled record than on the follow-up, 13) this song serves as a fitting bookend to britpop. afterall, any song about the breakup of damon albarn and justine frischmann (elastica)..well, can you get more 90s britpop? maybe if jarvis cocker was wedged in there somehow.]

That's it for this week. I'll see you guys in 4 weeks on June 29th. Until then, tune into my guest hosts and take care.

Updated to reflect confirmed guest host(s).


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