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Friday, July 22, 2005

j's indie/rock mayhem - 20th june 2005

[had a great time with this show. i have one more absence coming up next week due to wonderful anniversary dealings, but then i'll be back on consistantly. promise. the only thing i see that might keep me off in the future is michael penn playing in carborro on a wednesday night in october. so i'm clear 'til then. onward.]

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Son Volt - "Jet Pilot" [absolutely one of the best tracks off the new son volt (version 2.0) album okemah and the melody of riot. by now you know the story: jay farrar, unable to get the original lineup together, scraps them all with a new band and calls it...son volt. oh, well. the album is pretty good although i'm still deciding my final verdict. this song, however, is fantastic.]
Teenage Fanclub - "Time Stops" [one of the highlights from their show at the cat's cradle back on monday. they were thrilling. this is from their new album man-made.]
Blur - "There's No Other Way" [vintage blur from their debut album leisure.]
the Darkness - "Best of Me" [a british single b-side that is on par with any of the songs on their debut. their new album is supposed to be out this fall, so here's hoping it's as fist-pumping and enjoyable as the first.]
Medications - "Magazines for Entertainment" [finally the full length LP from the band that teased us so gloriously last year with their debut EP. medications is, of course, ex-faraquet and smart went crazy members (all dischord records bands), and their new album is the real deal. from their new lp your favorite people all in one place.]
Radiohead - "Electioneering" [by request. i had a request for this song two weeks ago and couldn't fulfill it. so here it is. from ok computer.]
Josh Rouse - "Flight Attendant" [one of my absolute favorite josh rouse songs, period, from his album 1972. character sketches have never been so subtle and so on point. i love it.]
the Byrds - "I'll Feel a Whole Lot Better" [from mr. tambourine man. this is one of gene clark's flawless compositions. god, that man could write.]
Dwight Yoakam - "Blame the Vain" [the lead and title track from his new album. the album is produced by yoakam, and though it stumbles in places as a result, the songs are uniformly strong. yoakam is a great songwriter. and a goof. did anyone else see him on the daily show? the guy goes off on more tangents than..i do.]
The The - "Love is Stronger than Death" [by request. sort of. the super-nice mark from up on the blue-ridge called in a request for anything off of the b-side of the soul mining LP. we didn't have it, sadly. i'll have to buy it. so instead, the first the the song i ever heard. and it's a doozy. from dusk.]
Beastie Boys - "So What'cha Want" [by request. from the stunning (and hot as all hell) check your head.]
Johnny Cash - "Solitary Man" [by request. caller wanted to hear johnny's version of "hurt," but like a lot of things, it walked out of the station awhile ago. so i went for my favorite johnny cash neil diamond cover. from american III: solitary man.]
the Tears - "Autograph" [the ultimate, glammy goodness of brett anderson and bernard butler working together again. a song about dating a woman so famous, that when the love falls apart, he says: 'just leave your autograph.' holy god that's a great song.]
the Church - "Reptile" [the song that chuck, fellow qfs dj (thurs. 6-8pm), was playing on his show the night i fell in love with the church. i went out and bought this album, starfish, immediately. i've never looked back.]
Catherine Wheel - "Delicious" [from their 1997 album adam and eve. they really are really good, you know.]
the Handsome Family - "My Sister's Tiny Hands" [one of my favorite handsome family songs, but this is from the searching for the wrong-eyed jesus soundtrack. a wonderful film by andrew douglas, in conjunction with the BBC, that is as much a mix of documentary film making as it is short stories, legends, sterotypes and the breaking of stereotypes. i saw it last night at the weatherspoon art gallery on uncg campus and it is stellar. it'll be out on dvd in january so don't miss it.]
David Eugene Edwards - "Wayfairing Stranger" [this guy you know from 16 horsepower and he plays a large role in the aforementioned film also. this is also from the soundtrack, but a full band 16 horsepower version appears on their album secret south.]
the Clean - "Big Soft Punch" [lovely, jangly new zealanders whose influence on underground music is way too incalculable. from the merge records anthology.]
Paul Westerberg - "Stain Yer Blood" [originally from the friends tv show soundtrack, this is from the new besterberg best of collection that is a really nice set even for people who own most of his work. this, along with several other soundtrack songs ("nowhere man" from i am sam and "dyslexic heart" from singles) along with alternate mixes, b-sides, two new songs and his classic album tracks. a really great set of this wonderful writer's work.]
10,000 Maniacs - "Scorpio Rising" [one of the most purely rocking songs of their entire career. and a great one at that. from their album the wishing chair.]
Sloan - "Everything You've Done Wrong" [wonderful pop from those worshipers of the past, sloan. they have a new collection, a sides win - singles: 1992 - 2005 which makes for a lovely collection for a band so devoted to the art of the perfect, single pop song.]
Super Deluxe - "She Came On" [one of those songs that sticks with you for years. i haven't heard this since 1995, but it never left my head. and i finally bought the album, famous, and it's a wonderful chunk of mid-90s power pop. fabulous.]
the Chameleons - "Bobby Moore's Wine" [a collection of odds and sods from this wonderful group from the uk. this song showed up as a modified form of the strange times track "mad jack." a really great song from a band i need to explore further.]
the Delays - "Hey Girl" [more great pop from one of last year's j's indie/rock top 25 albums, faded seaside glamour.]
Superdrag - "Sucked Out" [as long as we're dragging out the 90s hits (no pun intended), why not this former buzz bin contender from superdrag's debut regretfully yours.]
Sleeper - "Inbetweener" [and speaking of 90s british hits, this from sleeper's debut album smart. i used to crush on louise wener pretty hardcore. leave it for me to get crushes on britpop musicians in high school.]
Fretblanket - "Into the Ocean" [and then the song that won a week on the mtv show 12 angry viewers. from their 2nd album home truths from abroad. that song is catchy as all hell.]
Lazlo Bane - "Overkill" [a wonderful band from boston who did this cracking cover of men at work's "overkill" featuring colin hay on guest vocals. how fitting. from their album 11 transistor

I'll be gone next week for my anniversary, as I said, but I'll be back the week after that for more goodness, so treat my guest host well. Take care.



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