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Thursday, July 07, 2005

j's indie/rock mayhem - 6th july 2005

[greetings and salutations. a really enjoyable show, per usual. a brief note: i'll be out of town next week, so the venerable scott logan will be filling in for me. you can get a taste for his show on monday nights from 6p - 8p. he'll do a fantastic job filling in, i know. he's a class act.

my thoughts go out to all the people of london today in light of the terrible bombing. having lived in london myself for a number of months back in 2001, i saw the wonderful way in which they responded to the 9/11 tragedy. i also know first hand how horrific it would be to be in the tube when something like that happened. in addition to being musical brethren (as we are with all the countries of the world), we are also human brethren, so our thoughts go to them. onward.]

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Common - "Faithful" [another wonderful song off of his excellent new album be. it's a consistant and solid album that is a scaleback of the stretching that went down on his electric circus album. not a bad thing.]
Josh Rouse - "Nothing Gives Me Pleasure" [i'm still a bit underwhelmed by the promotional push surrounding josh's latest album. it seemed to come out of nowhere and retreat just the same. nevertheless, this wonderful song from 2002's under cold blue stars is proof of his prowess.]
Sleater-Kinney - "Modern Girl" [all reports point to the show at ziggy's last week having been phenominal. good to hear. this is one of my favorites from the excellent new album the woods.]
Jonny Polonsky - "Love Lovely Love" [jonny's first album, the appropriately named hello my name is jonny, is a pure chunk of power-pop glory. revel in it.]
Teenage Fanclub - "Cells" [from the new album out on merge records, man-made. they'll be at the cat's cradle on monday july 18th. so very exciting. i love this song especially.]
Crooked Fingers - "Twilight Creeps" [i finally bought my copy of dignity and shame and it is safely tucked away in the j's top 25 albums of 2005 to be sure. where it will end up is a different story. this song especially. jeez.]
Sonic Youth - "The Empty Page" [the lovely song that chimed a return to full-on sonic glory. from 2002's murray street.]
the Replacements - "Take Me Down to the Hospital" [by request. from 1983's hootenanny. i love this song. i have a live version that just kills me.]
Gomez - "Get Myself Arrested" (live) [from the new out west double disc live album. recorded at the fillmore, of course, we get to hear gomez in their live element. gomez is quite a band, even if i do say so myself. this live album is proof.]
the Jayhawks - "Waiting for the Sun" [vintage minneapolis alt-country from hollywood town hall.]
My Bloody Valentine - "Off Your Face" [by request. from the glider EP. that immediate precursor to the amazing loveless. good stuff.]
Jurassic 5 - "Monkey Bars" [from quality control. it's the last line in the song that slays me: "it's like reading arabic/comin' from right to left/it's hot to death/so take a breath." no one delivers like chali 2na.]
Stephen Malkmus - "Post-paint Boy" [more goodness from face the truth. it's a good album. to say the least.]
Kathleen Edwards - "Six O'Clock News" [i cry everytime i think about my missing copy of her newest album. where is it? meanwhile, this amazing lead-off track from failer will have to do.]
the Rosebuds - "You Better Get Ready" [more north carolina goodness. they'll be opening for teenage fanclub at the cradle, so man, that show's gonna rock. from the new unwind EP.]
Division of Laura Lee - "All Streets End" [one of my favorite tracks from das not compute. great, surging punk revival. their album black city is the real deal.]
Smog - "I Feel Like the Mother of the World" [more low-key goodness from smog and the new album a river ain't too much in love.]
Ryan Adams - "Magnolia Mountain" [ah the grateful dead-tinged lead-off from the excellent cold roses.]
the Emergency - "Breakdown A Go-Go" [can we please get this west virginia band down here before they break up or something? how do you move? is way to brilliant to let fester somewhere.]
Mary Loud Lord - "Lights are Changing" [one of many nick soloman numbers that she has done more than justice. from the beautiful got no shadow.]
Woody Guthrie - "Do-Re-Mi" [from a new smithsonian folkways collection of guthrie and ledbelly's best. for someone who owns way too much woody guthrie to begin with (me, 6 cds worth at this point), this collection is a waste of money, but for just a general over view of the two men's work, it's heavenly.]
Nanci Griffith - "Tecumseh Valley" [from the wonderful other voices, other rooms covers album. not only does nanci cover "do-re-mi" on this record, but on this townes van zandt cover, arlo guthrie sings duet vocals. there's a connection for you.]
the Cash Brothers - "Nerve" [one more brilliant song from the brilliant how was tomorrow? i do so love these guys.]
Tripping Daisy - "Sonic Bloom" [from the fuzzed out and loud jesus hits like the atom bomb. you can see the template for the polyphonic spree at this point.]
the Damnwells - "Kiss Catastrophe" [from bastards of the beat. there were here every three months for like a year, now i haven't seen them around since. what gives?]
Jesus and Mary Chain - "Just Like Honey" [after returning from japan i re-watched lost in translation to see what new things i would see. so yes, this song has been in my head. from psychocandy.]
Leonard Cohen - "Bird on a Wire" [from the lovely songs from a room.]
Meneguar - "Christmas Isn't Christmas" [by request. from i was born at night, a rather interesting indie-rock exercise circa the mid-late 90s. it's okay.]
the Handsome Family - "Weightless Again" [thursday july 21st at the weatherspoon art gallery on uncg campus, for free, the gallery will be showing searching for the wrong eyed jesus which heavily features the music of jim white and the handsome family among others. i'll be there. from what i've heard about this documentary, so should you.]

Again, I'll be out of state next week so do be kind to Scott Logan who so graciously is filling in for me. He will do an outstanding job and I'll talk to y'all in two weeks. Take care.



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