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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

j's indie/rock mayhem - 10th august 2005

[a fantastic evening with some lovely calls and requests. sadly, three cds that i had planned for feature as new music, despite being turned in and reviewed on sunday, did not appear in rotation. so the new nickel creek, bob mould and denison witmer albums will have their delayed debuts next week. that definitely did not stop me from rolling out a powerhouse show so let's get started. onward.]

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Idlewild - "As If I Hadn't Slept" [new rock from one of my top 25 album makers of 2003. the new album, promises/warnings drops in stores next week. it's a strong showing from the scottish group. they verge on sounding like a lot of re-trodden modern rock, but avoid it consistantly. they are a band to really enjoy.]
Daisy Chainsaw - "Love Your Money" [another of my previously mentioned beavis and butt-head songs. that is, i'd never have heard this song had beavis and butt-head not watched the video on the show. a dirty, sleazy and raucous good time. from their self-titled album.]
the Perceptionists - "Memorial Day" [from the probably top 25 bound album black dialogue. this song especially is a keeper. "we knew from the beginning that your ass was bluffing." word.]
Sonic Youth - "Empty Page" (acoustic live from WERS, Boston) [from my new blogging acquaintince, satisfied '75, came a trio of acoustic sonic youth radio performances of songs from their beautiful 2002 album murray street. this one especially stood out as it captures thurston moore, lee ranaldo and jim o'rourke in a rare acoustic mood which gives these songs a whole new lustre.]
Michael Penn - "Walter Reed" [as promised last week, the new album mr. hollywood jr., 1947 is here. i can't help but be a little disappointed. michael penn is a songwriter's songwriter, but between this and his previous two albums, all a significant period of time apart from one another, it feels like he's in a holding pattern. that doesn't make this record bad. it makes it good as always. but sometimes that is troublesome. this song is the standout track.]
Aztec Camera - "All I Need Is Everything" [we already had one scot band. and this week marked the release of orange juice's early singles on cd for the first time. why not another member of the glasgow school? aztec camera is not everyone's cup of tea, but when they hit, they hit dead on. from their 2nd album knife.]
Neil Finn - "She Will Have Her Way" (live) [from the excellent 7 worlds collide live album that features neil with an all-star backing band like nobody's business: two members of radiohead (no, not thom yorke), eddie vedder, tim finn and johnny marr. woah. this song is originally from neils album try whistling this but this live version is fantastic.]
Bloc Party - "Banquet" [by request. there are elements of bloc party that remind me a bit too much of the dance-punk revival currently heading toward its death throes (radio 4, what happened?), but on the whole they are an enjoyable band. but unlike several other people at this radio station, you won't see silent alarm on my year end best of. sorry.]
Bloodkin - "End of the Show" [another nod to satisfied '75's blog in this week's show. bloodkin is a fantastic band out of georgia that reminds me of a whole slew of things but all end up in a really enjoyable band. for some reason, i hear michael kroll who i haven't heard (or thought about) in several years. strange. you'll hear more of this.]
the Ramones - "Do You Remember Rock 'N' Roll Radio?" [from the so-obvious-it-hurt pairing of phil spector and the ramones on their 1980 album end of the century. i adore this song to no end. although i'm still confused. how was 1980 the end of the century? i mean, i guess if you start from any arbitrary year, every year is the end of a century, but that album title still puzzles me. any thoughts?]
Foreign Exchange - "Let's Move" [my favorite song from the absolutely stunning connected album. phonté's main project, little brother, has a new album dropping this fall. i'm licking my chops. some of north carolina's very best.]
the Mekons - "Blow Your Tuneless Trumpet" [from the magnificent mekons rock and roll album. it's hard to describe what the mekons do exactly. they have moved around a lot in their style, but it gets even harder to describe a band so consistantly good. alas.]
the Jim Yoshii Pile-Up - "Silver Sparkler" [the jim yoshii pile-up isn't the kind of band that immediately ingratiates itself into your listening space. at least, that's not how they've been for me. but their albums do slowly weave themselves into your head. this is from their latest, picks you apart.]
Archers of Loaf - "Web In Front" [go north carolina! yes, crooked fingers is quickly heading towards my top 25 of this year, but back in the day, eric bachman really tore it up on icky mettle. this song especially. god.]
Sleeper - "Delicious" [absolutely one of the naughtiest songs i've ever played on my show. it also made me go off, again, about my britpop crushes of yore. between louise wener (of sleeper) and justine frischmann (of elastica) i was a terribly happy 14 year old. of course i never really got over them. from sleeper's debut, smart.]
Dilated Peoples - "Proper Propaganda" [i keep going back to this song from dilated's 2nd album, expansion team, in hopes that it will help erase the memory of their thoroughly unremarkable and downright boring 3rd album neighborhood watch. ehhh...nope. this song is still tremendously good though.]
Paul Westerberg - "High Time" [as i said on the air, i sometimes feel stupid leading off a set with a song like this. i try to open most of the sets of the show with new music. and granted, this is off a 'new' cd, in that it's a new best of collection. but this song is by no means new. oh, well. it's great. from the new besterberg: the best of paul westerberg.]
Arcade Fire - "Neighborhood #2 (Laika)" [by request. people are still flipping out over funeral when they hear it. i'm glad that i know two people who didn't fall for these guys in the way the rest of indie-america seemed to. that keeps me a bit grounded. and not feeling so stupid.]
the Byrds - "I'll Feel a Whole Lot Better" [one of the absolutely wonderful gene clark compositions from the byrds' debut, mr. tambourine man. he was a beautiful songwriter. his story is very sad.]
Velvet Crush - "Why Not Your Baby" [and another gene clark composition, this time covered by the band that created one of the singular best power-pop albums of the 90s. and this song is on it. teenage symphonies to god is aptly named, my friends.]
the Avett Brothers - "Pretty Girl at the Airport" [from the wonderful mignonette. this was, for me, the absolute highlight of their show in charlotte on saturday night. this song became even more amazing live. it's gorgeous.]
Lucinda Williams - "Which Will" [by request. she's playing right now in raleigh. this is her lovely cover of the nick drake from her sweet ol' world album. lovely stuff.]
Neko Case - "Pretty Girls" [by request. caller described her as sounding like 'patsy cline,' and you know, as limiting as that can be in describing neko's music, that's about as excellent a vocal comparison as i can muster sometimes. she is something else. from her blacklisted album.]
the Only Ones - "Another Girl, Another Planet" [three out of four songs in a set about girls. airports, space stations..it's all the same. from alone in the dark.]
Q and Not U - "Wet Work" [i just learned recently, very sadly, that q and not u are calling it quits here in september. so as a minor ode to them tonight, my favorite song from their most recent album power.]
the Lemonheads - "Alison's Starting to Happen" [one of my favorite lemonheads songs of all time from the lovely it's a shame about ray.]
Joseph Arthur - "Let's Embrace" [why not, eh? i embrace you all every week with my music. aww. from redemption's son.]
the Del Fuegos - "Night on the Town" [i got interested in the del fuego's because of juliana hatfield's song "my sister" (her sister takes her to her first all ages show: the violent femmes and the del fuegos. sweet.) their 2nd album, boston, mass. is a great slab of classic rock and roll. classic songwriting.]
the Afghan Whigs - "Fountain and Fairfax" [my favorite song from the absolutely cathartic album gentlemen. the afghan whigs never disappoint me. never.]

That's it for this week. Next week will be my last show before we go on three weeks of temp schedule gearing up for the fall semester. I'll be trying to hold onto my normal slot for those weeks, but keep an eye on the blog for updates on where and when you'll hear me. Take care.



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