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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

j's indie/rock mayhem - 31st august 2005

[ah, the end of summer as i know it. true, summer doesn't end until later in september, but being back to work means summer is over. i mean, really. who follows the seasons by the calendar dates anyhow? when the school bells are ringin', autumn is the season. well, i guess plants and things follow the seasons. but what do they know?

this week and next are our training weeks for new djs. i was accompanied by the wonderful eric and jamie for the extent of my show. keep your ears out for them in the future. meanwhile a whole nest of fun music was on tap. so what're you waiting for?

you're waiting for what's most important. give time or give money to the red cross to help out our brothers and sisters in lousiana and mississippi and other parts of the gulf coast. it is a true disaster and they desperately need help. visit their site or call 1-800-HELP-NOW today. with many of the national guard divisions overseas, lousiana and mississippi can really use the additional help. please donate time or money today.

now onward.]

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
the New Pornographers - "Sing Me Spanish Techno" [one of my absolute favorites (one of many) from their new, fantastic album twin cinema. this album is quickly becoming lodged in my top 25 of the year list. and climbing. check out their home site to listen to the album on streaming audio.]
Sleater-Kinney - "Dig Me Out" [from the album of the same name. it was spin magazine's #3 album of 1997. with good reason. it's where they really took off as a band.]
the Dead Boys - "Sonic Reducer" [this is the first time in awhile i haven't played this back to back with the beastie boys song that samples it ("an open letter to nyc"). doesn't lack any charm though. from the shambling, chaotic and thrilling young loud and snotty.]
Rogue Wave - "10:1" [this song is hot. you can take a listen to it, the first single off of their forthcoming album descends like vultures, by clicking here. chaos is the new pop it seems. long may it reign.]
Portastatic - "Registered Ghost" [another quite nice track off of their new album bright ideas. all the reviews of this album are toting it as the songs that 'would've been on superchunk's next outing.' eh, who cares? sounds like portastatic to me. frankly, i want superchunk to keep mining the vein they dug into with here's to shutting up. meantime, hail 1993. stream a couple from the new one here.]
Supergrass - "Richard III" [while i wait for their new album to appear, i'll dig back for this lovely rave from their excellent second album in it for the money.]
the Foreign Exchange - "Let's Move" [the sampled woodwinds on this song just slay me every time. from the far too good to be true album connected.]
Brian Eno - "The Paw Paw Negro Blowtorch" [my exploration of eno's solo work continues. this time it's here come the warm jets which, by the way, is amazing.]
Devin Davis - "Turtle and the Flightless Bird" [another song from the jaw-dropping lonely people of the world, unite. mister power-pop 2005 it is, my friend.]
Dwight Yoakam - "Blame the Vain" [the title track from his new album. i had meant to play something from his hillbilly deluxe album since brooks and dunn saw it necessary to release an album by the same name this week. i mean, really. dwight's got you guys beat. get your own title.]
Son Volt feat. Kelly Willis - "Rex's Blues" [a magnificent reading of the townes van zandt classic. "ain't no dark til something shines" indeed. from the son volt retrospective.]
Randy Newman - "Lousiana 1927" [far too appropriate, sadly. about the last time new orleans saw a major flood. from his good ol' boys album.]
John Vanderslice - "Plymouth Rock" [another song from the excellent new pixel revolt that deals, in one way or another, with the iraq war. this album is really growing on me. check out some mp3s from this new one and his older albums right over here.]
Prince - "Party Up" [and prince's great 'forget war. let's party' song from the amazing dirty mind album.]
the Flying Burrito Brothers - "Lazy Days" [from their second album (and final one with gram parsons) burrito deluxe. it's also from sin city: the very best of the flying burrito brothers. a lovely collection that puts their first two albums together in their entirety along with some bonus material.]
Pulp - "A Little Soul" [yes, they ripped "tracks of my tears" for this song, but god, who cares? one of my absolutely favorite pulp songs of all time. from the amazing this is hardcore.]
Bob Mould - "I Am Vision, I Am Sound" [from his new album body of song. you know, vocoders can do cool things and everything, but enough with the robotic voice alteration. does mould really have to start this song off by saying the title in a robotic voice? the rest of the song is sharp, but god, the beginning makes me want to pull my hair out.]
the Smiths - "Panic" [by request. this came off of louder than bombs. unless you really know the smith's work (which i don't. not well enough anyway), it's sometimes really hard to tell if something is a proper album or one of the many re-packaging of smiths material. so there you go.]
Bad Religion - "American Jesus" [it's been a bit since i've pulled out older bad religion so jamie found this in my collection and put it on. from recipe for hate.]
the Drive-by Truckers - "The Day John Henry Died" [one of my favorite jason isbell songs and way up there among truckers' songs in general. from the j's indie rock #1 album of 2004, the dirty south.]
Doc and Merle Watson - "Summertime" (live) [eric put this one on so i didn't catch the album it's off of, but a nice rendition of the classic porgy and bess number.]
Rufus Wainwright - "April Fools" [from his self-titled debut. this was the song i usually drug out to play on my show. i still like it quite a bit, but credit jamie for picking it out.]
Hank III - "Atlantic City" [eric picked this out from hank's lovesick, broke and driftin' album. i'm not so fond of this cover of the springsteen classic. hank gives it a lilt and bounce that undercuts the desperation of the lyrics. but hey, at least he was doing something different with it.]
Willie Nelson - "Blue Skies" [the hoagie charmichael classic brought back for willie's stardust album. this was eric's pick. he thinks the album is kind of cheesy, but personally i like it a lot. even if it sounds a touch dated.]
Jim White - "King of the Road" [we had a request for some roger miller, so i slapped on jim's quite bizarre cover of the roger miller song of roger miller songs. from his brilliant no such place album.]
Steely Dan - "The Second Arrangement" [this is from the version of the gaucho album that never saw daylight. the album was re-recorded for whatever reason and this version scrapped. if you'd like to hear it, head on over here. this song in particular is nice. very simple and very steely dan.]
the Modern Lovers - "Government Center" [the short and awesome closer to the modern lovers' self-titled debut. oh, to see the secretaries smile and see the office boys jumping for joy. maybe even old mister ahearn will come down a while. after all, that's the only way the center is ever gonna get better. whatever that means.]

I'll be back next week with another set (or singular) trainee. In the meantime, do visit the Red Cross site linked at the top and donate time or money. For our human cousins, it's the least we can do. Take care.



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