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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

j's indie/rock mayhem - 14th september 2005

[happy 2nd anniversary to me! today marks two years that this blog has been going and this month marks six years (!) that i've been a dj at the finest radio station on the planet, WQFS. so we're going to celebrate the entire month long with great, great music. who am i kidding? i celebrate every week that way. hope y'all like the new design of the blog. it'll go through some changes as it grows on me. we'll see. onward.]

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Greg Dulli - "So Tight" [from the excellent new amber headlights album. this was supposed to be the last twilight singers' album, but after the death of dulli's friend, ted demme, he put this one on hold to write and record the amazing blackberry belle. good that this sees the light of day now.]
the Clash - "Train in Vain" [i still love the obnoxious, momentary catch i always have when this track kicks off and i ask myself whether this is the clash or garbage. quick! name that track: what garbage single sampled the drumbeat from this song? this is from the legendary and tremendous london calling of course.]
John Doe - "Hwy 5" [by request. co-written with exene cervenka, and sung with neko case taking exene's traditional place alongside john, this track is nice. from his latest, forever hasn't happened yet.]
Fischerspooner - "The 15th" [their immaculate (and quite good) cover of wire's classic. i also have an mp3 of mike watt covering this somewhere. from their debut album #1.]
Little Brother - "Beautiful Morning"/"The Becoming" [these two tracks run right up on eachother on the new album the minstrel show, so i hated to tear them apart. so i didn't. not to mention the second song gives a shout out to the gate city. north carolina hip-hop is on fire, y'all.]
the Jayhawks - "Save It for a Rainy Day" [from rainy day music which is now, sadly, the final jayhawks album. not a bad way to bow.]
Citified - "Stopping the Clock" [by request. more great north carolina music. from their self-titled album.]
Wilco - "Bow Full of Letters" [from their debut album a.m. yeah, yeah, they're like..the best band in america now and everything, but seriously, i can never tear myself away from their first two albums. tremendous stuff.]
the New Pornographers - "Sing Me Spanish Techno" [so, this album has finally been forced out of my cd player. largely because of the sheer amount of new music lately. so there you go. still, i find myself singing this song really often. from the excellent twin cinema.]
Mansun - "Negative" [from six. if you ever wondered where the prog-rock influenced britpop was back in the 90s, well, here it is. mansun's first two albums (attack of the grey lantern and this one, respectively) are tremendous pieces of work, especially if you can hear the original british versions with their original running order and song selections. no one sounded like these guys.]
Flick - "Freezer Burnt" [i don't know what happened to flick, but this album, the perfect kellulight, was one of my badge-of-obscureness records. i saw them open for placebo (who in turn, tragically, were opening for stabbing westward) back in '99 and was pretty impressed. and then didn't think of them for years. this song got stuck in my head the other day from out of nowhere. so here it is.]
Flipper - "Sex Bomb" [by request! i was so jazzed that we even had any flipper. this, of course, is from generic flipper album or however you want to put the words together. if you've never heard this song, do yourself a favor and find it. this song does everything wrong as far as typical song structure is concerned: yelling, one repeated riff, way too long (7 1/2 minutes) but god it's exhillirating. sex bomb, baby, yeah!]
Nada Surf - "Do It Again" [well, the sweepstakes for the top 25 of this year just got hotter. the weight is a gift is a remarkable indie-pop record. and you'll be hearing plenty more of it on the show.]
Devin Davis - "Iron Woman" [i'm determined to make the phrase 'mister power-pop 2005' stick to devin davis, one way or another. i'll keep repeating it until it's lodged in all your brains. it's true. lonely people of the world, unite! is just that good.]
Fountains of Wayne - "Survival Car" [pure sugar. barely two minutes. we can take the long way home. from their self-titled debut.]
Hüsker Dü - "Games" [by request. from the last of the three albums the huskers blasted out in '84/'85, flip your wig. every one of them a masterpiece.]
Bob Dylan - "When the Ship Comes In" (live) [the new no direction home: the bootleg series volume 7 double cd is the soundtrack to the new martin scorscese documentary of the same name. it premieres on pbs on september 26th at 9pm. the film focuses on the early, minneapolis years up through the recording of blonde on blonde and this cd does the same. this is a tremendous live version of this song from the times they are a -changin' that always floors me. this is one of the best dylan bootleg collections yet.]
Ryan Adams - "Avalanche" [by request. caller wanted to hear something off of cold roses, but i instead had to dip back to the love is hell vol. 1 EP. a lovely, lovely song.]
Josh Rouse - "Sad Eyes" [a fantastic song from his nashville album that was re-recorded after an initial version was released on the very limited edition bedroom classics EP back in 2001.]
the Avett Brothers - "Pretty Girl at the Airport" [my new favorite song from their most recent studio album, mignonette. after hearing them perform this live, i was totally convinced they are the real deal.]
Blackalicious - "First in Flight" [from blazing arrow which will, in less than two weeks, not be the most recent blackalicious album! the craft drops on september 27th and man am i excited.]
Iron and Wine/Calexico - "He Lays in the Reins" [finally. the in the reins EP is out and it's every bit as good as i hoped. dusky, whispered, beautiful. go do yourself a favor and hear it.]
the Rosebuds - "Boxcar" [by request. more great north carolina rock from these darlings. from the growing-on-me birds make good neighbors.]
K-os - "B-boy Stance" [i can't resist playing this song. i just...can't...stop. from joyful rebellion.]
the Catherine Wheel - "Judy Staring at the Sun" [from their happy days album. featuring tanya donnelly on backing vocals. this was the album that introduced me to the catherine wheel even though it's far from their finest. but that's okay. this song is still tremendous.]
Richard Hawley - "Just Like the Rain" [one of pulp's touring guitarists turns in this amazing record of, well, crooner pop. and it shines like a light in a sheffield bar, it does. from the quite excellent new album cole's corner.]
Tom Waits - "Blue Valentines" [the title track from this album. i used to love going to sleep to this album, so it has a fond place in my heart as far as tom waits albums go. for one year, i closed each show with a tom waits song, so this is a little nod to that era of the show. ahh, the past.]

That'll do it for this week. Now that the schedule is set, I'll be checking in with you every week, the same time, 6pm - 8pm on Wednesday nights. Thanks for reading. Take care.



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