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Thursday, September 08, 2005

j's indie/rock mayhem - 7th september 2005

[another week on the temp schedule with my trainee for the night, kim. she took over for a bit towards the end and played some interesting stuff i hadn't heard before. so here's to new exposure. meeting for the fall semester is sunday, so i'll know by monday if i'm in my normal slot or not. check the blog for updates.

please continue to help support the wonderful folks at the disaster relief organization of your choice, but as always the red cross is a wonderful place to send your donations. another personal favorite of mine is the american friends service comittee. being a quaker organization, of course i would identify with them. i wear their "wage peace" bracelet on my wrist every day.

on that personal note, onward.]

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
the New Pornographers - "Jackie, Dressed in Cobras" [one of dan bejar's compositions from the excellent new album twin cinema. i've liked destroyer's work quite a bit, and bejar's contributions to the pornographers, while different, certainly reflect the aesthetic he brings to his destroyer project. they'll be at the cat's cradle in carborro on sunday, october 16th. i'll be there for sure.]
the Pogues - "If I Should Fall From Grace With God" [i once got into a bit of a disagreement with former QFS dj kelly davis about this album. he bristled when i mentioned it as my favorite pogues record, his being the (admittedly equally fantastic) rum, sodomy and the lash. all the same, this title track from the steve lillywhite produced album is the perfect example of why no one matched the pogues in their day.]
the Tears - "Autograph" [i should either stop playing the tears or start playing other songs off this album, but damn if it's not almost note-for-note perfect. from here come the tears.]
the Streets - "Sharp Darts" [mike skinner of the streets has a new album he produced in the pipe apparently. i'll see if i can't locate it. in the meantime, classic streets from the bold and magnificent original pirate material.]
Michael Penn - "Walter Reed" [tragically presient, that michael penn, with this song about the hospital center now heading for its demise at the hands of the pentagon. funny that. from mr. hollywood jr., 1947.]
Blur - "There's No Other Way" [by request. from the quite dancey debut album leisure. ah, britpop in the very early 90s had a lot of promise.]
Dwight Yoakam - "Home of the Blues" [by request. dwight's version of this classic. from the classic-in-its-own-right, buenos noches from a lonely room.]
the Replacements - "Shiftless When Idle" [by request from a few weeks ago. one of my favorite 'mats songs from their '81 debut, sorry, ma, forgot to take out the trash.]
Devin Davis - "Moon Over Shark City" (live) [a live track from mr. power pop, 2005. davis' live band sounds like a hoot and i really want them to come here. now!]
Cornershop - "Sleep On the Left Side" [from when i was born for the 7th time. speaking of albums people bent over backwards to give wet sloppy ones to (i'm looking at you, arcade fire!), this was the real deal back in 1997. i may be mis-remembering this, but i really think it nudged out ok computer as best album of '97 according to spin magazine. that said, and with 8 years since the last time i heard "brimful of asha," this is a damn good record. that whole future-multi-genre-hybrid thing actually working on all gears. breathtaking.]
Dinosaur Jr. - "Green Mind" [by request. chewy, title track goodness from that permanently-moped and loveable guy j. mascis and co.]
the Twilight Singers - "Teenage Wristband" [from blackberry belle. greg dulli (ex-afghan whigs, current twilight singer) has a new album out called amber headlights that hopefully i'll have up here next week. in the meantime, with a new singers album being prepped for the spring, a look back at their last album of original material.]
John Vanderslice - "Exodus Damage" [i repeated my slightly embarassing 'john vandersnooze' story again on the air. as good as pixel revolt is sounding to me, i really need to do as much pennance for slagging on mr. slice in the past.]
the Beastie Boys - "Super Disco Breakin'" [this song is funky beyond all funkyness. i do love the beasties when they're this on target. from hello nasty.]
the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - "Get Down Lover" [by request. a caller who had never heard these guys before wanted something representative of their sound. i went with the only thing i could find, a b-side to the "talk about the blues" single from their 1998 album acme. quite good, though.]
Kathleen Edwards - "In State" [i normally don't crush on famous people, but having met her a couple of years ago and gone nothing but head over heels for both of her albums, i feel inclined to mention how upset i was when i saw the wedding ring on her finger in the cover photo to this album, back to me. i mean, all happiness to miss edwards, but i don't know when i'll recover.]
Bob Mould - "Paralyzed" [more sugary goodness (pun intended) from bob's new album body of song. this song is especially catchy.]
Hot Snakes - "Braintrust" [the first of two bands that share members that have called it quits this year. hot snakes 'bout broke my heart considering how amazingly good the album this song hails from, audit in progress, proved to be.]
Rocket from the Crypt - "Sturdy Wrists" [and then the other band that just announced its last show will be on halloween of this year. rftc shares members with hot snakes and has been going at their great game since the early 90s. a damn shame on both parts. from circa: now!]
Jeff Buckley - "Lilac Wine" [from grace. not the most obvious song to follow the nitro injections of the prior two, but it'd been in my head for a day or so and his version is so divinely inspired. as was his voice in general.]
Bob Dylan - "Don't Think Twice, It's Alright" (live) [from the live at the gaslight 1962 cd that is, apparently, only available at your local starbucks. go for the cd, head to tate street coffee for your java jones. this cd is entirely worth it however, highlighting a dylan show from the prime early years up in the folk scene in new york. this is actually the earliest recorded version of this song, evident from the unfinished lyrics.]
Tom Waits - "I Wish I Was in New Orleans" [from small change. celebrating the city that was and the city that shall be again. don't forget to click the donation links at the top.]
Velvet Crush - "Time Wraps Around You" [there's a reason that this album is called teenage symphonies to god. at the time, i doubt you could've found a better pop album. indeed.]
Guided By Voices - "Glad Girls" [from isolation drills.]
Patti Smith - "Cash" [from her most recent, the quite excellent trampin'.]
Kyle Fischer - "Should Your Way Ever Need Finding Back" [kyle fischer is the guitarist for indie-rock mainstays rainer maria. his one and only solo album, open ground, is filled with some really beautiful stuff. like this song. this was the first of kim's choices.]
Stars - "Reunion" [from set yourself on a fire. a really nice, classicist pop album of some really well orchestrated indie-pop. definitely worth hearing.]
T. Rex - "Mambo Sun" [i jumped in to give kim a chance to practice cueing up records and had her play this gem from the rambunctiously glammy electric warrior.]
Jimi Tenor - "Spell" [from the album out of nowhere. a really interesting, if to me somewhat backward sounding love song sung over the 70s pop-funk of barry white/issac hayes.]
Big Star - "Watch the Sunrise" [from their debut #1 record album. thank goodness alex chilton was rescued from the waters on sunday. i thought we were heading for a memorial tribute show for sure.]

Thanks for listening and be sure to check the blog next Monday to make sure I'll still be in my normal slot. Take care.



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