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Monday, September 12, 2005

So, good news. J's Indie/Rock Mayhem will continue to be coming at you on Wednesday nights from 6pm - 8pm. Fabulous news as this December will mark 3 total years (2 continuously) in this time slot. It's definitely grown to be my home away from home and I'd prefer to stay there, thank you very much.

Join me this Wednesday as I celebrate two anniversaries: first, I celebrate 6 years of being a dj on WQFS and 2 years of running this here blog. How exciting it all is.

Until then don't forget to continue making donations to hurricane relief services and to get yourself over to Go Triad's website and vote for us as best college radio station in the reader's choice awards. As I said at our meeting Sunday, if we're the #6 station in the country, I'm damn sure we're #1 in this town. I'll talk to you on Wednesday. Take care.

Update: In order to fix the problems readers were having with the blog when using Internet Explorer (or even Firefox), I have changed the template. To be honest I'm not totally happy with it, but I also don't have enough experience to design my own just yet. Please bear with me as changes to the site progress and I dazzle it up just a bit. Thanks as always to the lovely, lovely, did-I-mention-lovely? Sara for all her wonderful html help tonight and over the past years. I have the biggest nerd crush on her imaginable.


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