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Thursday, October 20, 2005

j's indie/rock mayhem - 19th october 2005

[so after a week off to go see the wonderful josh ritter, i have returned. last night wasn't as great a show as it could have been since i ended up feeling really sick in the middle of it. so apologies if it seemed i kind of petered out along the way. i feel like some aspects of the show were a re-tread from two weeks ago also. i think i was disappointed when i didn't find the virgin prunes' debut album in our stacks. alas.

if you're going to be out at lexington barbecue festival this saturday, i'll be around. look for the tall, dark-haired, immaculately dapper gentleman in the WQFS t-shirt. stop me and say howdy if you're a listener. i always love meeting fans of great music. now onward.]

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Silver Jews - "Sometimes a Pony Gets Depressed" [there's that whole schtick on the liberal blogs lately about 'ponies' in reference to president bush's dwindling poll numbers, so i thought this an adequate song to play off the fantastic new album tanglewood numbers. (click there to read my review.) great song.]
the Stooges - "Down on the Street" [that howling, grinding masterpiece that started off the best (in my opinion) album of their career, fun house. this is from the lovely new re-mastered release.]
the Pogues - "Thousands are Sailing" [another of my favorite songs from the pogues' classic if i should fall from grace with god. heartbreaking song about pulling up stakes for a new land.]
Division of Laura Lee - "Need to Get Some" [from the j's indie/rock #8 album of 2002, black city. i'm still a very big fan of this album. its explosive power hasn't dulled a bit in the past three years despite the other influx of swedish punkers.]
Blackalicious - "Powers" [this song has grown on me a bit, where i wasn't so hot on it to begin with. my good friend patrick called the new album 'garbage,' but i thought he was being harsh. it's no blazing arrow, but then again, will anything ever be? from their actually-pretty-good new album, the craft.]
Q and Not U - "Wonderful People" [from the j's indie/rock #4 album of 2004, power. sadly, q and not u are no more. they called it quits back in september, but hell if they didn't leave a trio of albums that should be the envy (and shame) of any post-punk band operating today. sound like 70s wire, anyone?]
the Pixies - "Levitate Me" [by request. this was the beginning of my atonement attempt for botched requests that i couldn't quite fulfill. one of my regular callers (who calls with incredibly good requests each week) wanted to hear "gouge away," but not having doolittle handy, i went with my favorite song from come on, pilgrim.]
Hayden - "Gouge Away" [by request. so i followed it up with hayden's quite good cover of the pixies classic. from the mild and hazy EP which i have on vinyl, and i'm not sure it's available any other way.]
Ryan Adams - "The Hardest Part" [from the very good new album jacksonville city nights. both of his albums from this year (so far) are contenders for this year's top 25 list. who knows how it'll shake out.]
Michael Penn - "Brave New World" [by request. this was requested two weeks ago by the earlier caller, but i couldn't find a copy of penn's debut album march. so this week i brought mine in.]
Television - "Ain't That Nothin'" [by request. and then to add insult to injury, caller wanted to hear anything off of marquee moon and of course my copy was at home and ours stolen. so i played this, my favorite song off of television's sophomore album, 1978's adventure. i hope that succeeded in satisfying.]
Mike Watt - "The 15th" [and speaking of wire, here's mike watt's quite passionate take on the classic wire song. from the wire tribute album whore. the original appears on wire's 3rd album, 154.]
Supergrass - "Tales of Endurance (Parts 4, 5 & 6)" [the lead track from their excellent new album road to rouen.]
Bob Mould - "I am Vision, I am Sound" [another excellent song from his latest, body of song.]
Nada Surf - "Always Love" [as cheesy as this song almost becomes, the chorus is undeniable. the bridge as well. their newest, the weight is a gift, is fantastic.]
Midnight Oil - "Warakurna" [you go through phases where a band takes up a big chunk of your attention, and i'll admit, when i first bought diesel and dust on cassette when on a field trip to the state FBLA convention in 10th grade, i was really bowled over. i bought it for the "beds are burning" single, but i was wowed. i still am. i collected quite a bit of midnight oil's work over the ensuing years. in their heyday, you can't convince me they weren't one of the finest, big rock bands in the world.]
the Clientele - "Since K Got Over Me" [another album that has been monopolizing time on my cd player of late. strange geometry is really, really good. definitely a late-year entry into the top 25 dogfight.]
Fountains of Wayne - "No Better Place" [somewhat to my puzzlement, i just haven't gotten up the urge to buy the new 2-cd odds-and-sods collection that fountains of wayne put out this summer. but this, from their last new studio album, welcome interstate managers, is a perfect example of why i probably ought to. this album runs out of steam around track 12 (and ends up being about 4 songs too long), but the first 3/4ths of this album are gold.]
Gene Clark - "1975" [thanks to andrew down at gate city noise for tipping me off to this wonderful solo album, white light. we were discussing the byrds (and subsequently the genius of gene clark) when he mentioned a few of his solo albums. tremendous stuff.]
Super Deluxe - "She Came On" [one of those one-off brilliant singles of the 90s. from the quite good famous.]
the Kingsbury Manx - "And What Fallout!" [north carolina's own, from their new album the fast rise and fall of the south.]
the Rosebuds - "Boxcar" [from birds make good neighbors. this song was stuck in my head all day and i had to exercise it. if you haven't heard this album yet, do so. especially this song. more great north carolina music.]
Jim White - "Buzzards of Love" [from drill a hole in that substrate and tell me what you see. rarely on white's records has the utter genius of ralph carney been on display as on this song. i love it.]
the Everybodyfields - "By Your Side" [from their new album, plauge of dreams. dreamy, lovely harmonies, country/folk/bluegrass mish-mashed and combined with fantastic songs.]
Greg Dulli - "Cigarettes" [from the quite good new album amber headlights.]
Killing Joke - "The Wait" [kind of weird for me to play this song towards the end of the show. its tempo fits it more towards the beginning, but anything off of killing joke's self-titled debut is worth playing at any time, anywhere.]
the Damnwells - "Star/Texas" [the beautiful closing track on their j's indie/rock #13 of 2004 album, bastards of the beat.]

And that'll do it for this week. I'll be back next week, feeling much better, naturally. Hope to see some of you at the barbecue festival. Check back for some possible mp3 uploads for this week's show also. Take care.



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