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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

j's indie/rock mayhem - 26th october 2005

[it's that time of year again. that time when i take the radio show closest (but not after) a holliday and declare it the official holiday show. so here we are at the official j's indie/rock halloween spectacular. not all of the songs in the first hour are halloween songs per se, but they do have some sort of supernatural/spooky what-have-you to them. that sort of thing. plus my mash-up from last year makes a return visit. so lots of good stuff.

as a heads up, the downloads offered on here are for a limited time. they are good for a week, minimum, if not 14 days. but the point is, their times as downloads are limited. so get them while you can. onward.]

Update: The Onion AV Club has one-upped me when it comes to Halloween mixes. Note, however, my foresight in playing both Donovan and the Dream Syndicate as #18 on their mix-tape is the Dream Syndicate's 10 minute cover of "Season of the Witch." It's a great list. Check it out.

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
the Flaming Lips - "Halloween on the Barbary Coast" [from 1992's hit to death in the future head. not my favorite lips album, but this song is choice. it is, indeed, halloween on the coast again.]
Squirrel Nut Zippers - "Ghost of Stephen Foster" [however, this is my favorite zippers album. from perennial favorites. this is the rollicking, jewish-music-informed romp through a hotel filled with the ghost of legendary songwriter stephen foster. camptown ladies abound.]
Woody Allen - "Down South" [from a double-vinyl collection of allen's stand-up bits called woody allen - comedian 1964 - 1968. this bit is especially a riot as woody finds himself going to a costume party in the deep south. he, of course, decides to go as a ghost. and when a few other southern men in white sheets pick him up off the road, well, hilarity ensues. what lessons do we learn? that all it takes to pass as southern is to keep repeating the word 'grits.' very funny.]
the Gun Club - "Ghost on the Highway" [from fire of love. 'cos that's what allen looked like in that last bit. a ghost on the highway. get it? eh.]
the Louvin Brothers - "Satan is Real" [the title track from their nearly perfect album of gospel country. has anyone heard that louvins tribute album that was nominated for a few grammys a couple of years ago? i've always wanted to pick it up, but haven't seen it around really.]
Donovan - "Season of the Witch" [speaking of spooky people. you will, most likely, never hear donovan on my show under any guise except something novelty. so here 'tis. from sunshine superman.]
Nina Simone - "I Put a Spell On You" (live) [from the very best of nina simone. her downright amazing version of the screamin' jay hawkins classic.]
Type O Negative - "Everyone I Love Is Dead" [and what's halloween without these guys? ironically enough, the two big holiday music shows i do, halloween and christmas, both feature type o negative. any one who knows them want to guess what the christmas song is? this is from world coming down.]
the Dream Syndicate - "Halloween" [can't get more halloween than a song called 'halloween.' from their downright jaw-dropping debut, the days of wine and roses. if you've never had the luxury of hearing the dream syndicate, you're missing out. this album especially.]
Kristin Hersh - "Your Ghost" [by request. my one halloween request. from her 1994 solo album hips and makers. not a bad song.]
Charles Camille Saint-Saens/Orson Welles/Charlie Brown - "War of the Great Dancing Macabre Pumpkins" [this is the mash-up to which i alluded. it involves a looped opening (and then the complete) composition "danse macabre" by romantic composer charles camille saint-saens. over top of this i played interspliced vocal cuts from the original 1938 orson welles' radio broadcast of war of the worlds and a children's record audio recording of it's the great pumpkin, charlie brown. it turned out really, really well. a lot of movements in the music ended up matching the emotions of the characters precisely.]
Silver Jews - "Punks in the Beerlight" [galloping ghosts this song is awesome. it grows more and more every listen. from the excellent new tanglewood numbers.]
the Shins - "Pressed in a Book" [by request. from oh, inverted world. i hope the caller got to hear it.]
Lou Reed - "Satellite of Love" [this has been in my head all week and so now it's gone. transformer is one hell of an album anyway.]
Aztec Camera - "The Crying Scene" [another head song. from stray. that album, on the whole, i could see leaving people at a loss for what to think, but between this song and "good morning britain," it's worth the price of admission.]
Supergrass - "St. Petersberg" [from the excellent new road to rouen. top 25 bound? we'll see.]
Radiohead - "The Bends" [this has been the week for old songs to spontaneously manifest themselves in my head. i had to fight the urge to play the smashing pumpkins (and i still may, yet) but radiohead broke through. this title track song is an amazing song in its own right.]
the Flying Burrito Brothers - "Dark End of the Street" [the burrito brothers' version of this song is quite choice. but now that i'm digging around, seems the afghan whigs did a version on the what jail is like EP. looks like we'll hear this again next week. i like this song a lot, personally.]
Beastie Boys - "Right Right Now Now" [this is the case of a particular verse getting in my head and making me play it: "i went to get a loan and they asked my race/i wrote down 'human' inside the space/it's a disgrace how they try and debase/it ain't the bank's damn business how my lineage trace." indeed. from to the 5 boroughs.]
Ryan Adams - "Trains" [from the excellent jacksonville city nights. top 25 bound? we'll see. could be.]
Teenage Fanclub - "Cells" [from their latest, man-made. i like this song an awful lot.]
Marah - "The History of Where Someone Has Been Killed" [by request. from the slowly-growing-to-be-legendary kids in philly. i've picked up a marah track here and there and always found them good, but not overwhelming. this song, however, was great. and it makes me want to re-examine kids in philly especially.]
Tom Waits - "You Can't Unring a Bell" [from the amazingly good soundtrack to one from the heart. waits recorded this soundtrack with crystal "don't it make my brown eyes blue" gayle and that unlikely pairing resulted in an amazing set of recordings.]
the Clientele - "My Own Face Inside the Trees" [from strange geometry. just a bit twee for some folks, but i like the gentle pop melodicism. this album is a slow grower.]
the Drive-by Truckers - "Danko/Manuel" [fitting song to play as they new boxset of the band was released today. i've always kind of shied away from playing this song off of the dirty south if only because of it's slow demeanor. it's the type of song that is so thoroughly enjoyable, but it's not what leaps to mind when i think about radio singles. regardless, the truckers are coming to the cats cradle for back to back nights on friday november 18th and saturday november 19th. i have my tickets for both shows already. i'll see you there.]
Del Amitri - "In the Frame" [if there's anything i'll say about del amitri, it's that when justin currie has the right idea, he nails it. the metaphor of his former love always getting her 'finger in the frame' is as apt as any i've ever heard. these guys are amazing songwriters and they are cruelly under-appreciated. from the lousy with love b-sides collection. take a listen to this song: click here.]

That's it for this week. Have a wonderful Halloween and a fantastic weekend. I'll be back next week with more, so enjoy. Take care.



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