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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

j's indie/rock mayhem - 16th november 2005

[no better way to kick off a cold weather snap than a rollicking thunder storm. and of course it waits to downpour when i'm driving across town to do my show. alas. this was a really fun show to do. it doesn't show from the requests, but there were lots of calls. i had a great time speaking with folks. and playing fabulous music. so onward.]

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Silver Jews - "Punks in the Beerlight" [still probably my favorite song off the new tanglewood numbers album. this is a really tidy, nice slice of true indie-rock. if you miss the 90s, by all means, grab this album. it's worth it.]
Helmet - "Milquetoast" [i rarely get very heavy on my show, and plenty of people might even scoff at my talking about helmet being incredibly heavy, but compared to the average weight of music on my show, it's up there. i haven't regularly listened to helmet in a long time, but i'll be damned if betty isn't a really good album. and this song one of its crown jewels.]
Hank Williams III - "7 Months, 39 Days" [don't do the math, just sit back and relax. from his lovesick, broke and driftin' album. i really like hank III, even if i really can't stand his cover of the boss' "atlantic city" that they tacked onto the end of this album.]
Greg Dulli - "So Tight" [from the lovely amber headlights album. this song is so reminiscent (obviously) of the slinkiest, rockin'est, sexiest work the afghan whigs put together. therefore it is bumpin' like nothing else.]
Rogue Wave - "10:1" [from the excellent new descended like vultures. i still have to get a chance to relax with the entire record, but this song keeps pulling me in. fast, furious, and so good.]
Placebo - "Without You I'm Nothing" [it had been a bit since i'd played anything off of this, my favorite placebo album. i remember seeing them perform this live back in 1999 (the sole time they visited north carolina) and being utterly floored. this is the title track from that album.]
Michael Penn - "Walter Reed" [walter reed is dead. long live walter reed! the lead track from his latest mr. hollywood jr., 1947.]
the Streets - "Blinded by the Lights" [i'd give [enter random important item] in order to have an edited copy of a grand don't come for free. i love this song but have a list of 7 or so spots i have to edit words in. this album was, of course, tied for #1 on my top 25 albums of 2004 list. there will probably not be a tie for #1 this year. if you have suggestions for the best albums of this year, leave 'em in the comments.]
Ryan Adams - "The Hardest Part" [a caller kinda scoffed at my playing messr. adams, saying i was kind of 'off my point.' let it be known that i am never off my point. that's why it's mayhem. off the new, fantastic, jacksonville city nights.]
Daisy Chainsaw - "Love Your Money" [from eleventeen. yet another song i first heard via beavis and butt-head. i was a bit disappointed to find, upon buying the new DVD collection of the cartoon, that the videos have been separated from the cartoons. they are kept on the 3rd disc of the set. and it's only 11 of them. i want all of them. there were some pretty rare and outstanding videos those guys watched.]
the Geraldine Fibbers - "I Killed the Cuckoo" [from 1997's butch which was a pretty highly rated album at the time. i think it's worn really well, personally, and i still thank the drummer i used to play with who just gave me his copy. thank you, brad.]
Brendan Benson - "Spit It Out" [more power-pop to soak the brain. from the alternative to love.]
Devin Davis - "Iron Woman" [this was a set entirely of songs off of devin davis' lonely people of the world, unite! a thoroughly amazing power-pop masterpiece. though i've been dabbling in songs off the album for a few months, its relative lack of notice in the music press finally inspired me to give it the full on treatment tonight. so i played four songs off of it. and, it's also my featured download of the week. so click here to download "iron woman."]
Devin Davis - "Turtle and the Flightless Bird" [click here to download.]
Devin Davis - "Paratrooper with Amnesia" [click here to download.]
Devin Davis - "Giant Spiders" [click here to download.]
Kate Bush - "Sunset" [from her new album aerial. i think i kind of griped about not really caring for kate bush last week, but here she is again 'cos i like to fulfill requests. there you go.]
Kathleen Edwards - "In State" [the lead track from her wonderful back to me album. her last album, 2003's failer, was my #1 album of that year. will she repeat this year? we'll see.]
Drive-by Truckers - "Daddy's Cup" [by request. from the dirty south. the truckers are playing back to back shows on friday, november 18th and saturday, november 19th at the cat's cradle in chapel hill. i will be at both shows. i really, really love these guys.]
Blackalicious - "Supreme People" [i was told that i really missed a great show last night as blackalicious graced the stage at the cat's cradle. not surprised. from their newest, the craft.]
New Pornographers - "Jackie, Dressed in Cobras" [one caller said he would certainly put twin cinema at the top of his list for the year. and it's certainly way up on mine as well. i especially love this song.]
Sonic Youth - "Sunday" [i think i saw satisfied '75 over at aquarium drunkard have this song on his blog radio the other week. a thousand leaves is one of my absolute favorite sonic youth records.]
Sleater-Kinney - "Modern Girl" [by request. stan, a longtime listener of QFS, called up wanting to hear anything by sleater-kinney and i'd say that's a good choice. this is another top 25 contender for this year, the woods.]
John Wesley Harding - "Still Photo" [i saw this guy play at schuba's in chicago a couple of years ago and he put on a world class show. very impressive considering i was there to see his opener, josh ritter. i am now a fan. from new deal.]
Kevin Gordon - "Find My Way" [i was recommended to check this guy out by fellow QFS dj tom of tom's diner. and o come look at the burning seems like it might really be a class record. this song sure seems to hint at that.]
Toad the Wet Sprocket - "Know Me" (live) [this is from the live at the arlington theatre, santa barbra, 1992 live album. the song is originally from their debut bread and circus, but here appears in a much more intense version capped with glen phillips singing a snippet of the replacements' "unsatisfied" over the outro jam on "know me"'s central riff. very nice.]
the Replacements - "Unsatisfied" [so of course i have to follow that up with this. from 1984's let it be.]
Bruce Springsteen - "10th Avenue Freezeout" [and since it's all the talk that born to run is 30 years old now, especially with the swank new deluxe release of the album, i had to play a bit to close us out. happy birthday, thunder road.]

That's it for this week. I will be back next week for a pre-Thanksgiving show, so make sure to tune in. Until then, take care.



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