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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

j's indie/rock mayhem - 2nd november 2005

[hah! and i had felt like i'd been in such a slump the last few weeks, but tonight's show had energy to spare. i really enjoyed tonight's show, so i hope y'all did as well. anyone take a gander at the hits counter at the bottom? this blog is about to cross the 10,000 hits mark. just a little over 2 years. not bad. so before i spoil it by typing too much, let's go. onward.]

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Rogue Wave - "10:1" [from their new album, descended like vultures. i played this song a month or so ago, and despite the fact we now have the full length, i had to play this song again. very, very good and a good bit of a departure from their prior album. you can stream the entire new album by clicking here. they'll be at local 506 in chapel hill on monday, december 5th.]
Velvet Crush - "My Blank Pages" [fans of power pop: if you are like i was last year, and have never heard the album teenage symphonies to god, do yourself a favor and find it. a luckier find i have never had in the used cd bin. this is a gold mine of songwriting.]
Blackalicious - "Supreme People" [from the excellent new album the craft. they will be at the cat's cradle in carborro on tuesday november 15th and of course i can't be there. i've promised myself i won't cry.]
the Perceptionists - "Memorial Day" [however, i will make up for it by seeing these guys next wednesday night, november 9th, at local 506 in chapel hill. the black dialogue album is one of the finest hip-hop albums i've heard this year and this single, especially, leads the way.]
Silver Jews - "Sometimes a Pony Gets Depressed" [i pitched this as a new PSA on pony depression, but syke! it's the second track off the new silver jews album tanglewood numbers. a very, very good album, by the way. click on the appropriate link to the right to read a review of the album.]
Sleater-Kinney - "Jumpers" [from the woods which is still just too cool for school. one of this year's best.]
the Rentals - "Friends of P" [from return of the rentals. good news! apparently the rentals are back together and working on their 3rd album. very exciting as they are quite excellent.]
Josh Ritter - "Me & Jiggs" [from messr. ritter's second album, the golden age of radio. i'm very anxiously awaiting his forthcoming fourth album in the spring.]
Big Star - "Dony" [so finally we get a copy of in space, the first new big star album in 30 years. granted, only alex chilton and jody stephens are here from the original line up, but the rest is filled in for by john auer and ken stringfellow of the posies. while chris bell will forever be missed, this song is nice. i haven't heard the rest of the album yet (which i've definitely read mixed reviews about) but this lead-off track is solid, classic big star.]
the Replacements - "Alex Chilton" [by request. this fit in perfectly given the previous song. from pleased to meet me.]
the Byrds - "I'll Feel a Whole Lot Better" [one of gene clark's truly shining compositions from the byrds' debut album mr. tambourine man. it's a shimmering gem.]
the Emergency - "Breakdown A Go-Go" [i've been rather obsessed with this album, how do you move?, ever since it showed up, randomly, last year. this is a fantastic band from morgantown, WVa. they're apparently working on a new album which is great to hear. you can check out their official site here.]
the Fiery Furnaces - "Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)" [from the new this bird has flown tribute album for the 40th anniversary of the release of the beatles' rubber soul. a pretty diverse and cool group of artists on this compilation.]
the Deathray Davies - "She Can Play Me Like a Drum Machine" [by request. mad dog, if you're reading this, one guess as to who requested it. from the excellent album day of the ray.]
Calexico, Nicolai Dunger and his Band - "Alone Again Or" [from the convict pool EP that calexico put out last year. a wonderful cover of this classic song by love. nicolai dunger can do nothing wrong.]
Love - "Maybe the People Would Be the Times or Between Clark and Hilldale" [despite the obnoxiously long title, this is a great song. from forever changes.]
Ris Paul Ric - "The Sleeparound" [this is chris richards (christopher paul richards, get it?), formerly of q and not u. i had no clue his first solo album was dropping this quickly. q and not u just played their final show in september, but here it is, purple blaze and man it's something. like very low key q and not u. you might be scratching your head, but trust me on this one. click here to download this song, and click here to check out the title track.]
Hayden - "Home by Saturday" [from his latest, elk-lake serenade.]
Sonic Youth - "The Diamond Sea" [from washing machine. i take somewhat geekish pride in the fact that, were someone to walk by my car and look in, they'd see the washing machine cassette case sitting in open sight. this of course was a somewhat shorter version of the album track. i decided to opt out on the last 10 or so minutes of feedback.]
Pavement - "Major Leagues" [i finally bought the last pavement album i didn't own, terror twilight. while it ended up being pavement's swan song, and it's also not their best album, it has some amazing songs. "spit on a stranger" and this track are especially incredible. i heard nickel creek has been covering "spit on a stranger" in concert. interesting.]
Marah - "Walt Whitman Bridge" [from the new album if you didn't laugh, you'd cry. i had a request for this last week, but we just got it in over the weekend. a great song. click here to download this song.]
Ryan Adams - "If I Am a Stranger" [from cold roses. so, the date's been set for ryan's 3rd album of the year: december 20th will mark the release of 29. now the question is, do i wait to hear it before doing my top 25 list?]
Supergrass - "Tales of Endurance (Pars 4, 5 & 6)" [from road to rouen. had a caller who seemed to like this song quite a bit, and man, once you're into supergrass, you never go back.]
the New Pornographers - "Sing Me Spanish Techno" [speaking of amazing albums and songs. twin cinema is bound for the j's indie/rock top 25 album of 2005 list, but this song is especially the reason why.]
Depeche Mode - "Precious" [from their new album playing the angel. everyone and their mother has been arguing the "best album since violater" meme for the past few weeks and frankly i'm tired of it. each review has taken that as the theme, whether they're arguing that's stupid to discuss, or whether they're arguing it's true. i can hear the comparisons between the two albums pretty easily. and this song is really not bad and they were right to choose it as a single. although, really, could depeche mode ever have the huge, commercial audience they once had again? doubtful. but that doesn't make this a bad song. click here to download this song.]
Keith Richards - "You Win Again" [from the timeless hank williams sr. tribute album. i love this version a lot.]
Nirvana - "All Apologies" (home demo) [from the sliver: best of the box single cd that supposedly has culled the best from the 3 cd with the lights out box set that was released last year. and don't worry, people who already bought the box set. there are three new songs that aren't in the box set on this cd to serve as your legal right to hunt down and harm courtney love. meanwhile, click here to download this song.]
John Prine - "Lake Marie" [from lost dogs and mixed blessings. i saw john prine perform this live on sessions at west 54th, the sorely missed PBS series. it was the song that forever won me over as a fan of his. this studio version doesn't hold a candle to that live version, but it's still a fantastic song.]

That's it for this week. Remember, if you have suggestions for this year's J's Indie/Rock Top 25 Albums list, leave 'em in comments or email them to me. I really want to hear what you people have been flipping out over this year. Until next week, take care.



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