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Friday, January 06, 2006

j's indie/rock mayhem - 4th january 2006

[sorry for the delay in posting. after a two week hiatus i was back on track with a really wonderful show. it was great to get to incorporate so much older music. i thought it'd be nice to take a break from the new music (especially since we're in a lull for new releases) and delve into some older stuff, especially since i got some lovely gifts of cds over the holiday season.

next week i'll be teaming up with my fellow music compatriot satisfied '75 over at aquarium drunkard to visit the frozen north. 'what's that?' you say. that's right. every other month this year, j's indie/rock mayhem is going to pay tribute to a city that has been a mecca in its own right for rock and roll music. 6 different cities will be lauded this year and we're kicking it off during the 7 o'clock hour next week with a tribute to Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota. i'll be cross posting over at aquarium drunkard with some nice commentary about the bands and some nice, tasty downloads for you to enjoy. stay tuned for that and the indie-label feature that'll be kicking off later this month. but for now. onward.]

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Spoon - "I Turn My Camera On" (John McEntire Remix) [a wonderful b-side to the "sister jack" single that i spoke about in the previous post. mcentire, a member of tortoise, also produced the new teenage fanclub album this year, so he's a treat to hear re-work this brilliant song. click here to download.]
Josh Rouse - "Winter in the Hamptons" [by request. i had a flurry of grat requests tonight and this was one inspired by my top 25 of 2005 list. from his latest album nashville. sounds a bit like the smiths, if i do say so myself. rouse has a new album due out early this year. very, very exciting.]
Sleeper - "Nice Guy Eddie" [the song that introduced me to this britpop power. the video was on 120 minutes back when the album, the it girl, was released. it got stuck in my head earlier in the day and i knew i had to play it. very, very catchy.]
Pavement - "The Killing Moon" [from the "major leagues" single, this is a b-side cover of the echo and bunnymen classic. not a bad take on it, though pretty straight forward. the more pavement-oriented sound of the instruments is a nice treat though. click here to download.]
the National - "Lit Up" [sadly this is the debut of this wonderful band on the show. sadly because this album, alligator, came out back in 2005 and went unnoticed by me. sad because it would've definitely been in the top 25 had i heard it. but better late than never.]
the Replacements - "Hold My Life" [by request. from their 1985 album tim and one of the bands featured on next week's minneapolis cavalcade. very exciting.]
Pleasant - "Close the Blast Doors" [by request and a north carolina artist. pleasant supposedly has a new album out, but i've yet to hear it. this is from their excellent self-titled record from a few years back. fuzzy, chirpy post-punk with male/female vocals that're a treat.]
New Order - "Crystal" [from their 2001 album get ready. this song was tearing up clubs when i lived in london, so it holds a special place in my heart. not to mention it's a wicked song and, for my money, one of new order's best singles of all time.]
Dukes of Stratosphear - "Vanishing Girl" [so one of the great things about post-christmas radio is christmas gifts can be played. such as this cut off the children of nuggets 4 cd box set by rhino records. continuing in the vein of the classic nuggets sets, this compiles post-psychadelic and garage influenced bands between 1976 and 1996. a pretty hot collection and this XTC sideproject is the lead track on the first cd. this is originally from their 1987 LP psonic psunspot. great, great stuff.]
My Morning Jacket - "Lowdown" [by request. caller wanted to hear something off of their new album, but i came up short and went for this lovely number from at dawn. i don't know how you could be disappointed in any my morning jacket, but i hope he was satisfied.]
Hüsker Dü - "Every Everything" [by request. and yet another band destined to be played next week for their minneapolis upbringing. this is from their 1985 album flip your wig.]
Guided by Voices - "I Am a Tree" [the first GVB song i ever heard was "bulldog skin" off of mag earwhig! the same album as this track. i saw the video on 120 minutes on mtv and thought it was kinda catchy. i've never gotten around to hearing that album, but thanks to wonders of the internet, i downloaded a few songs and this one in particular will not leave my brain. it is a thoroughly amazing song. click here to download.]
Ryan Adams - "Blue Sky Blues" [the 29 rampage continues. now that the album is officially released, i have to say that it's a really good record. i like it a lot at least. very subdued compared to all of his releases from earlier this year, but i like it. this is one of my favorites.]
the Smithereens - "Strangers When We Meet" [yet another song off the children of nuggets boxset. originally from their 1986 album especially for you. i really like the smithereens quite a bit and i'm badly needing to check into more of their work.]
Elastica - "Stutter" [since i played sleeper earlier i figured i had to delve into more britpop. elastica were really the real deal and i'd hold up their self-titled debut as one of the top albums of the 90s, bar none. yeah, they sounded like wire, but so what? who else was sounding like wire? and what a great band to mimic. and besides. "car song" is sexy as hell. and "stutter" just kicks ass.]
Marah - "It's Only Money, Tyrone" [i gave a little shoutout to the caller who had called me a few weeks ago to request something off of this album, kids in philly. it made me re-think my opinion of marah, so i checked the full album out. an amazing record of gutsy, springsteen-esque rock and roll with the audacious swagger of native mapping out a city for you. this album is stupendous.]
the Tears - "Autograph" [one of my favorite singles of 2005. from here come the tears.]
Sixteen Horsepower - "Flutter" [stutter..flutter..it's all in good fun. from their last LP of all new material. this is the album that introduced me to sixteen horsepower and i've been blown away ever since.]
Massive Attack - "Safe From Harm" [a couple of weeks ago, a music blog i can't recall, sadly, posted a little something about massive attack's debut album blue lines. and certainly i've heard massive attack talked up for any number of years. i'm a fan of tricky myself, so thought it was time to investiage. blue lines still sounds as transcendent as ever. though released in 1991, and very much tied to the early stages of the burgeoning 'trip-hop' movement, it's a great record that escapes the time it's so contrastingly tied into.]
Hello From Waveland - "Speaking4Clapping" [the lead track off of their strangeways album, this song got a bit response at the new year's eve party i played it at. it is catchy, soaring, emotive. everything you want in a song that'll leave you speechless at times. click here to download.]
Bevis Frond - "Lights Are Changing" [another from the children of nuggets boxset. originally from the album triptych, i first heard this song covered by mary lou lord on her got no shadow album. her version is superb but this original holds its own in every regard and more so.]
Chris Bell - "You and Your Sister" [from his incredibly posthumous album i am the cosmos, this song is one of the saddest most pathetic love songs i've ever heard. and it's incredible how endearing it is all the same. if you love big star but have never heard this album, do yourself a favor and get it. now.]
John Prine - "Paradise" [a pair of songs i played in memorium to the miners who died in the horrible explosion in west virginia this week. this is john prine's tale of strip mines that leave nothing behind and it's an incredibly moving song as he begs his father to take him back to "paradise" only to find that "mr. peabody's coal train has hauled it away." from his self-titled debut.]
Uncle Tupelo - "Coalminers" [one of the most stark and damning songs on their simply jaw-dropping march 16-20, 1992 album, this song calls out for all coalminers to join together to fight the system that pays them little and puts them in harms way every day. the final lines are sharp, powerful and electrifying: "I am a coalminer / and I'm sure I wish you well / let's sink this capitalist system / to the darkest pits of hell." click here to download.]

That's it for this week. Again, next week, the 7 o'clock hour brings us nothing but Minneapolis artists and boy, oh, boy, is that going to be exciting. Until then take care.



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