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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

j's indie/rock mayhem - 1st february 2006

[ah, so here we are. settled into the new semester and in the same time slot. j's indie/rock mayhem has now been firmly planted on wednesdays 6pm - 8pm for a solid 2 years. that's the longest i've been at any time slot in my 6 1/2 years as a dj for WQFS. that feels very good. it's allowed me to get a chance to really talk to you as listeners. if you know where i am every week, you know how to call up and say hi. know how to share your loves and hates in music. i enjoy that part of this job more than almost anything else. we're all a big community of people who are head over heels for great, independent-minded music. and thank goodness for that. so in the meantime, onward.]

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Tortoise and Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - "Thunder Road" [from their new covers album the brave and the bold. i was really intrigued when this album was announced, but it's a lot like audioslave in that it sounds, precisely, like the sum of its parts, rather than something larger. but, tortoise's arrangements of these songs is fascinating, especially this take on springsteen's classic. click here to download.]
Nas feat. Olu Dara - "Bridging the Gap" [from his double album street's disciple. if you haven't heard this song, please get a listen somewhere. it's one of the best singles nas has had in awhile. olu dara is nas's father and adds a bluesy, soulful base to what becomes a raunchy, stomping thrill. and the beef is over! jay-z, heading up def jam's urban label, has signed nas to the label. apparently they even hugged on stage. how sweet. good to hear.]
Social Distortion - "So Far Away" [from their self-titled album. i always think of being out on the road when i listen to this as i was driving to d.c. right after i bought this album. a great, classic record of the punk revival, social distortion receives not nearly enough credit for their sharp songwriting and great devotion to craft.]
Gary Numan - "Are 'Friends' Electric?" [from 1979's replicas. gary's early work is an odd entitiy: forever tied to the early 80s in which he perfected his sound, yet totally transcending that in its creepy, paranoid, detached vision of the future. i am an unabashed fan of his first 5 or so records.]
Robert Pollard - "Dancing Girls and Dancing Men" [from his first, official post-guided by voices solo album, from a compound eye. this song sounds like pollard, but gives the sound a tweaking that you might not have heard gbv tackle. i like this song a lot. click here to download.]
Big Star - "O Dana" [from third/sister lovers. i saw on all music's release schedule that a version of this album was released this week. anyone know what's up with that? is it re-mastered? are the tracks in a different running order? has it just been out of print or something? i had one of those revelatory listens with this album over the weekend. i still think i prefer the other two big star albums, but third definitely took on a new meaning for me recently.]
Jim White - "A Perfect Day to Chase Tornadoes" [from the mysterious tale of how i shouted wrong-eyed jesus. jim's debut is a stellar collection of fractured, gothic southern tales. his two subsequent albums are just as amazing.]
the Deathray Davies - "Don't Point At the Stoners/She Can Play Me Like a Drum Machine" [by request. from their excellent album day of the ray.]
Belle and Sebastian - "Sukie in the Graveyard" [from their forthcoming album the life pursuit which is released next tuesday, february 7th. i like the songs i've heard off this album a lot, so here's hoping it's as strong as the ones i've heard. click here to download.]
My Morning Jacket - "Gideon" [by request. from their latest album z. i like this song quite a bit. very beautiful, haunting vocals (as always). the permanent reverb on the vocals of this band was a turn off initially, but now i've decided it's one of the more ethereal touches of a great, great band. click here to download.]
Girls in Hawaii - "Short Song for a Short Mind" [by request. light, run-of-the-mill indie-pop that is actually pretty nice. from the album from here to there.]
the Cramps - "New Kind of Kick" [originally a b-side to their 1981 single "the crusher." it made it onto a few compilations before coming one of their most famous songs, also covered later on by the jesus and mary chain. excellent, raunchy, stomping glory. click here to download.]
the Avett Brothers - "Sixteen in July" [north carolina, y'all. very exciting. the avetts forthcoming album, four thieves gone is due out soon. they'll be playing on friday, march 3rd at the cat's cradle in carborro. they are a truly fantastic band.]
Travis - "Writing to Reach You" [when i first purchased the man who back in 2000, i couldn't get past this first track. it stayed in my player for days, occasionally repeating itself. it is still one of the most tremendous songs i've ever heard in my life.]
the Everybodyfields - "T.V.A." [by request. from their 2004 album half-way there: electricity and the south. a marvelous folk group that will be opening for the avetts at that cat's cradle show.]
Engine Down - "Intent to Pacify" [by request. from the 2005 album to bury within the sound. melodic, intense and somewhat brooding. there's not a lot of music like this worth listening to these days, but not a bad song at all.]
the Minus 5 - "Twilight Distillery" [woah, nelly! new minus 5! this self-titled album, their 7th, features the usually cast and crew of the late minuts 5 albums (standard bearers: scott mccaughey, ken stringfellow, peter buck and more recent regulars like the members of wilco) and a few new additions (john wesley harding, colin meloy (of the decemberists), kelly hogan). this song is really good and i can't wait to get some up for you guys to hear.]
Drive-by Truckers - "Feb. 14" [from the forthcoming a blessing and a curse. i need not say anymore other than that i've seen these guys live 8 times. if that tells you how i feel about them, you're paying attention. click here to download.]
John F. Kennedy - "State of the Union" [these were clips, excerpts from kennedy's jan. 31st, 1961 state of the union address. 35 years later i thought it'd be interesting to listen and compare then and now.]
Slint - "Good Morning Captain" [a band that escaped my grasp last week for the touch and go records showcase. 1991's spiderland is a record that has not been on my radar, but after hearing this song, it soon will be. post-rock breathed some of its finest breaths with this release. click here to download.]
the Replacements - "Shiftless When Idle" [from their 1981 debut sorry, ma, forgot to take out the trash.]
Sera Cahoone - "Couch Song" [a beautiful song from (as far as i know) the still record-label-less singer/songwriter. please give a listen to this wonderful artist. click here to download.]
Super Deluxe - "She Came On" [from the excellent album famous. this is one of those songs that really gets stuck in your mind. i heard this back in the mid-90s and despite its virtual disappearance from the landscape (no one i talk to seems to remember this song), i held onto the band's name and the snippets of song. eventually i located a used copy of the album and there you go. huzzah.]
the Grateful Dead - "Dire Wolf" [from workingman's dead. for my charlie.]
Robert Earl Keen - "Corpus Christi Bay" [from his 1994 album a bigger piece of sky, i first heard this song on the country show of a former qfs dj who had the 6am - 8am slot on thursday mornings. i loved driving to work those mornings just so i could hear his show. and this song is incredible. it's the very last verse that nails me to the floor with every listen. see if you get the same feeling. click here to download.]
Wilson Pickett - "In the Midnight Hour" [i didn't get a chance to properly reflect on pickett's life last week due to the touch and go records show, so i ended this week with one of his most famous songs. in this midnight hour, in your darkest hour, you will be free, wilson. thank you for so much. click here to download.]

That'll do it for this week. I'll be back next week with a set of Grammy nominees (the ones actually worth hearing, that is) and all sorts of new music, so until then, take care.



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