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Thursday, March 09, 2006

j's indie/rock mayhem - 8th March 2006

[a tremendous show by all accounts. well, by my account at least. some great requests and great new music. don't forget that next week is the second installment of the j's indie/rock mayhem cityscape, where i feature nothing but bands from a particular metropolitan area. in honor of march madness, next week's cityscape is none other than chapel hill, north carolina. so we'll have something to look forward to to warm us up for the NCAA tournament. ahem. go heels! until then. onward.]

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Destroyer - "European Oils" [this is absolutely one of my favorite songs off the new destroyer's rubies album. the fuzzy guitar solo that practically explodes out of nowhere in the bridge nearly made me wreck my car the first time i heard it. just another aspect of an album destined for my top 25 list of this year. click here to download.]
the Clash - "Guns of Brixton" [sort of by request. a caller last week (or the week before) wanted to hear nouveau vague's version of this song, but we didn't have it and i couldn't lay hands on my copy of london calling to play the original. thus, this week, i do.]
Lucinda Williams - "2 Kool 2 Be 4-Gotten" [from the mesmerizing car wheels on a gravel road. i saw an ad for this album in rolling stone and took an amazing chance, buying it sound-unheard (the audio version of "sight-unseen"). the payoff, however was huge. i remember buying it the same night i bought wire's pink flag man, what a night. it's the "june bug versus hurricane" bridge that nails this song for me.]
Sleater-Kinney - "Modern Girl" [speaking of mesmerizing. the metaphorical tricks in this song are endless, manifesting themselves both in the faux-shine of the chorus lyrics ("my whole life is like a picture of a sunny day") and the slow descent into fuzzed out bliss that ends the song in demented happiness. the english teacher part of me hasn't been more impressed with a song in ages. from the j's indie/rock mayhem #1 album of 2005, the woods.]
Oakley Hall - "Landlord" [more amped up roots rock from this NYC outfit. fiddles sheer through barrelling bass lines and propelling lyrics, all towards the punctuating chorus and divine retribution in the eyes of the one you give it up to once a month. (i.e. your landlord.) from the excellent second guessing. click here to download.]
X - "Blue Sparks" [this song really jumped out at me the first time i listened to under the big black sun. it had a barely contained fervor that, while always present in x's music, really came out in its sharp lines. this may be my favorite x album.]
Common - "The Corner" [this was one of my top 5 favorite singles of 2005, without a doubt. it still leaves my head and feet tapping well beyond the end of its actual sound. nevermind that be was probably the best hip-hop album of 2005 also, the singles off this record were gold beyond gold.]
Blur - "Girls & Boys" [there may, perhaps, have never been a bigger single in all of britpop-dom. ("song 2" doesn't count since it came after britpop's downfall.) and lord knows there was a moment in time where you may have been sick of this song. but parklife is an album to be reckoned with. any band that created it has an automatic legacy. and it is blur's to have. my feet were barely on the floor while this was playing.]
Neko Case - "Margaret Vs. Pauline" [from the fantastic new fox confessor brings the flood which came out yesterday. neko's albums have been so consistantly good, it's hard to know exactly how to take it. you're sort of waiting for the grand screw-up. instead, she keeps making more subtle, more engaging and more gorgeous records. click here to download.]
Pulp - "Common People" [by request. this request came while i was playing blur, so i guess the caller thought it was britpop night on the show. this was the other big single of britpop-dom. but hey, you play good music, you get good requests. obviously that works. from the dauntingly brilliant album different class.]
Citified - "Stopping the Clock" [by request. attention members of citified, but especially you, chris jackson: record a new album. bring it onto j's indie/rock mayhem and debut it there before the album is released. make j. a happy man. thank you. from the excellent self-titled EP.]
Bad Brains - "The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth" [by request. from the 1983 album rock for light. caller wanted to hear some reggae, so, since my musical knowledge doesn't extend that far, he bailed me out by suggesting, perhaps, a reggae number by the bad brains. done and done.]
Steve Wynn and the Miracle 3 - "Wired" [one of the most dream syndicate-esque tracks on the album. a pure blast of noise goodness. steve obviously hasn't lost it. as i said, fans of velvet underground-disciples, look no further. click here to download.]
the Stone Roses - "She Bangs the Drum" [firmly lodged in my head earlier today, this track from their masterful self-titled debut is a timeless pop gem. as dated and aged as the recordings sound on this album, the songs themselves haven't aged a bit. it is a masterpiece of rock and roll.]
Matthew Sweet - "Dinosaur Act" [from the rarely mentioned altered beast. why does this album seem to go missing in discussions of matthew sweet? girlfriend always gets its due and usually 100% fun as well for its big singles. but this album lay between them, and more than either one, is sweet's balls-to-the-wall guitar album. the guitar solos on "knowing people" are just incindiary. and this rumbling opening track? step back.]
Ali Farka Toure with Ry Cooder - "Soukora" [it's a sad fact that sometimes you just don't know people 'til they die. today i read about the death of ali farka toure, one of the most well renowned west african musicians of all time. mixing traditional african styles with american blues music, toure gained a reputation as the "african john lee hooker." this track, from the 1994 album talking timbuktu, pairs him with ry cooder as a producer. tremendous music and apparently, this album doesn't even begin to compare to his best work. goodnight, ali and thank you. click here to download.]
Track a Tiger - "Happy" [more new music from this wonderful band. their new full length woke up early the day i died is a glorious piece of music that is restrained and simmering, joyous and yearning, aching and melancholic. and yes. happy. you'll be hearing plenty more of these guys. click here to download.]
the Replacements - "Talent Show" [from don't tell a soul. i've heard several live versions of this song that are simply stellar, but this original is tremendous as well. a great narrative story that ends with the hopeful, tentative refrain of "it's too late to turn back / here we go."]
Doug E. Fresh - "La Di Da Di" [more classic hip-hop from the tommy boy hip hop essentials: 1979 - 1991 box set. this is off of volume one and if you've never heard the human beatbox doug e. fresh, well, you're in for a treat. in this song alone you'll hear tons of lines that you've heard aped, re-arranged and copied in every conceivable way by hip-hop singles of the more recent past.]
Jeffrey Dean Foster - "Lost in My Own Town" [from million dollar hotel. the long awaited and finally completed full length by this north carolina legend is a fantastic slice of guitar pop. i'll do what i can to let you hear some in the coming weeks here on the blog.]
Kris Kristofferson - "Wild American" [from the new album this old road. kristofferson's tribute to americans he admires the most, including steve earle, willie nelson, merle haggard and a handful of others. just kris and his guitar, it's very stripped back and kristofferson's age really shows in the song. but that's okay. his first album of new material in 11 years, i'll cut him some slack.]
Tom Waits - "Hold On" [from 1999's mule variations. this was the single and the video was a gorgeous, sepia-toned dream.]
Crooked Fingers - "Andalucia" [from dignity and shame. north carolina's own. one of the top 25 albums of last year. according to me.]
Glen Phillips - "Thankful" (live) [from the live at largo album. i played this as glen will be at the lincoln theatre in raleigh on friday night, opening for melissa ferrick. so i thought i'd give you a taste of his live act. enjoy.]
Nicolai Dunger - "Hunger" [well, someone had to at least try to give fiona apple a run for her money when it came to awkwardly lengthy album titles. the new album, here's my song, you can have it...i don't want it anymore / yours 4-ever. recorded with the members of mercury rev as his backing band, it's another tremendous set of gorgeous folk/pop tinged songs by this master swede. if you haven't heard this man yet, do yourself a favor and do it. click here to download.]
Afghan Whigs - "Crime Scene Part One" [the mystic and surging lead track from black love. damn, i love the whigs.]

That'll do it for this week. Don't forget that next week will be the J's Indie/Rock Mayhem Cityscape featuring nothing but bands from Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Until then, take care.



  • At 3:45 PM, March 13, 2006, Blogger Sophie T. Mishap said…

    I can't stop listening to Destroyer's Rubies. So many good songs.

  • At 6:34 PM, March 13, 2006, Blogger Josh said…

    Hey, Stephanie, I heard your DJ tryout. Great job. And I, personally, loved your set list. Whoever heard of nonsense like not playing the New Pornographers or Butthole Surfers because of their name? Well, the FCC has, but that's a different story. I do hope you win, 'cos as you may or may not know, non-commercial/independent radio stations are the best and, therefore, the most fun to work for. Congrats!


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