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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Cheap Schwag

About a month or two ago, Matador Records announced that it would be promoting the lead-up to Mission of Burma's forthcoming album The Obliterati with a novel idea: cheap, limited edition 7" records.

Originally the idea was that once a week, for the eight weeks leading up to the album's release, a 7" record, featuring a song off of the forthcoming album, would be sent to your home for the incredibly low price of $15. Not a bad deal. Not to mention that the blank side of each 7" would be decorated with unique etchings by Shepard Fairey, the artist behind the (in)famous Obey/Giant stickers you've seen everywhere for years. In addition to that, three weeks after each 7", its CD counterpart would arrive so that you could have a digital copy of the song also. Sweet.

Well, the whole, complicated shebang kind of fell apart and instead they've sent out all the CDs together and all the vinyl together. And they actually sent out the CDs first. So, yesterday, a clutch of 8 single-song cds arrived at my doorstep.

Mission of Burma isn't a band I've talked a lot about on here, or really at all, but their triumphant return after 22 years apart (and I don't use the term triumphant lightly - check out the reviews of their latest album OnOFFOn) is a model for what you always hope your favorite band would be like when they got back together.

That being said, these new songs are quite dynamic and I'm really looking forward to the album's full release. And of course, how can I hold onto these songs without sharing? So here are the songs that, upon first listen, were the cream of the crop. Enjoy.

Mission of Burma - "Spider's Web"

Mission of Burma - "Nancy Reagan's Head"

Mission of Burma - "Birthday"

Mission of Burma - "Let Yourself Go"

Update: Well, the fine folks at Matador were on me faster than corn on a cob. So, unfortunately, I had to remove the Burma mp3s. If you'd like to take a listen to the album in streaming audio, check out the official site for the album. Thanks to the folks at Matador for being nice about it, also. Indie-rock really is a big family. Shucks.


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