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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

j's indie/rock mayhem - 29 march 2006

[i have no real excuse for the belated posting of last week's show. but i'm running short of time and i'm going to have to truncate my normal waxings about each song. i also will have to cut out the uploads for this show also. my apologies and everything should be back to normal this week.

i decided that the last wednesday of the month would be a good day to do the labels that matter feature each month, but man, having a locked-in playlist sure bit me in the ass last night. the new centro-matic and drive-by truckers albums appeared in rotation and i was afraid i wasn't going to get to play them. not to mention that two wonderful musicians, buck owens and swell maps' nikki sudden, passed away this past week. they'll get their proper musical memorium next week, but until then, we've a label to feature.

this month, continuing with the march madness theme, it's merge records from chapel hill, north carolina. i originally intended to do the now-swallowed-up mammoth records also, but couldn't find enough material in time to do the feature. we'll put mammoth on the back burner until i can give them a proper feting. so. in the meantime, onward.]

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Imperial Teen - "Ivanka" [from their most recent album on. imperial teen is a pretty rad group as far as crafting ingratiating music. if you haven't heard "yoo-hoo" from the jawbreaker soundtrack, well, thank your sanity, cos that won't leave your head for days. imperial teen reminds me, style wise, of a band very tied to the indie-90s, but i mean that in the best possible way.]
Teenage Fanclub - "Cells" [from their most recent, and first for merge, man made. sadly, they didn't play this when i saw them on tour, but it's a tremendous song, none the less.]
Ashley Stove - "Dancing Music" [from the old enough to know better merge records 15 year compilation. north carolina rock.]
Magnetic Fields - "I Thought You Were My Boyfriend" [magnetic fields did release music on merge, but this album, i, was actually not released on merge, so my bad for not doing my fact checking ahead of time.]
Ladybug Transistor - "Perfect for Shattering" [from argyle heir. a great song.]
Neutral Milk Hotel - "Holland 1945" [from in the aeroplane over the sea. one of those legendary albums.]
the Rosebuds - "Back to Boston" [from make out, their debut LP.]
Pipe - "How the West Was Won" [from the slowboy LP.]
Spoon - "Sister Jack" [from their latest, 2005's gimme fiction.]
Essex Green - "The Late Great Cassiopia" [a great song from the old enough to know better compilation.]
Polvo - "Tragic Carpet Ride" [also from the old enough.. comp.]
Richard Buckner - "Dogwood" [one of the unreleased tracks from the 3rd cd of the old enough... compilation.]
Destroyer - "Your Blood" [from their latest, destroyer's rubies. a really, really magnificent album.]
Shark Quest - "Three Ivy Leaves" [from gods and devils. north carolina instrumental rock. featuring now-solo regina hexaphone.]
Camera Obscura - "Suspended From Class" [scottish orchestrated twee pop from under achievers please try harder.]
Portastatic - "Drill Me" [more great north carolina rock from the summer of the shark LP.]
the Clientele - "My Own Face Inside the Trees" [from the strange geometry LP.]
Pram - "Track of the Cat" [from the old enough... compilation.]
Crooked Fingers - "Andalucia" [from dignity and shame.]
M. Ward - "Sad Sad Song" [from the wonderful transfiguration of vincent LP.]
Superchunk - "On the Mouth" [the title track from their 3rd album. north carolina rock, for real. this ends the merge records part of the show.]
Built to Spill - "Conventional Wisdom" [from their forthcoming you in reverse album. great song.]
Drive-by Truckers - "Daylight" [from the forthcoming a blessing and a curse album. this is one of jason isbell's compositions.]
Centro-matic - "For New Starts" [from the outstanding fort recovery album that everyone and their mother is praising. it is really good.]
John Wesley Harding - "Sussex Ghost Story" [from the man with no shadow, one of his mammoth records releases.]
Television Personalities - "She Can Stop Traffic" [from their first new album in 8 years, my dark places.]
Machines of Loving Grace - "Richest Junkie Still Alive" [from the gilt album. also off of mammoth records.]

Again, apologies for the lateness and brevity of this post. This week's show has tons of new music ready including the new Flaming Lips, Placebo, Howe Gelb and memoriums for Buck Owens, Nikki Sudden and Buddy Blue of the Beat Farmers. Hope to talk to you then. Take care.



  • At 10:17 AM, April 15, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I really dig the Beastie Boys sample and reference page. That's pretty exhaustive. Good find!



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