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Monday, May 22, 2006

extra mayhem - 21st may 2006

[welcome to the debut of j's extra mayhem. since this summer we're a bit short on djs, there was extra room for me to grab an extra slot and have some fun. you'll see a lot of music that's familiar to you, as well as a whole heapful of stuff that isn't. i can't make this show totally different from the traditional mayhem, but it gives me some room to play some things i wouldn't otherwise.

plus, it gives me a chance to do a show i've always wanted to do. every week i will feature the wholesale album of the week. this will be some classic, overlooked, underrated, under-the-radar or just-plain-great album played in its entirety during the second hour of the show. this is a great way to get to know some records people may not have known, or may have known singles off of but didn't know what a great album it was. this week's album is a real treat, i believe, so we'll talk about it some more at the bottom. i'll be in this slot as well as my normal wednesday 6pm - 8pm all summer, so sit back and enjoy. onward.]

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
the Twilight Singers - "Underneath the Waves" [as i said, i can't totally escape the normal show trappings. from the new album powder burns. this is one of the true standouts on the album. a song very noticeably (in its imagery) tied into the hurricane katrina disaster and its affects on greg dulli's adoptive hometown of new orleans. this album is really something.]
Supergrass - "Cheapskate" [from their sophomore album in it for the money. truly one of their best records, despite putting out many good ones.]
Wipers - "When It's Over" [the instrumental final track off of their second album youth of america. the wipers best of box set, which is just their first three albums remastered with bonus tracks, is a great investment if you're interested in exploring this band. modestly priced, too.]
the Cramps - "New Kind of Kick" [originally the b-side to a single, this has become one of the defining songs of the cramps' signature sound. pounding beats, distorted, raunchy guitars and lux interior's howling vocals. wonderful stuff.]
His Name is Alive - "I Thought I Saw" [from their latest album detrola. they'll be at local 506 in chapel hill tonight (monday, may 22nd) and sadly, i won't be there, but their live act has to be interesting. this latest album is quite good also.]
Tom Waits - "Hang On, St. Christopher" [the lead track from franks wild years, the score to waits' "opera" that he wrote in the late 80s. a really great album in its own right. st. christopher is, of course, the patron saint of travelers.]
Chorus led by Lee Wells (Jasper, Alabama) - "Wondrous Love" [from the library of congress' folk music archive collection of sacred harp or "shape note" singing. click the link to read more. a very unique and historic style of singing largely confined to the southeastern united states. simple, gorgeous and sometimes eerie in its monosyllabic tones of gospel singing.]
Chris Bell - "I Am the Cosmos" [the title track from his posthumous solo album. tragically killed in a car accident after leaving big star, bell's solo work would finally be put together in this great collection not released until the early 90s.]
Scott Walker - "Jesse" [from his new album the drift. walker is an acquired taste to say the least, and this song especially. walker's crooning, dramatic singing prevails above all the unusual instrumentation (walker's own voice saying "pow! pow!" in lieu of actual percussion, etc.). wailing about 9/11 and elvis' still-born twin brother. yeah, it's as weird as it sounds.]
Neko Case - "Hold On, Hold On" [from fox confessor brings the flood. case's voice has become stronger and more consistant with each passing album and this new one is right in lockstep with her burgeoning songwriting skills.]
Ryan Adams - "Starlite Diner" [from last year's 29. while the least accessable of his 3 albums that were released last year, 29 still holds a gravitating charm that makes it perfect for late night listneing. like this show.]
Massive Attack - "Safe From Harm" [from their debut album blue lines. one of trip-hop's progenitors, this album is truly a snapshot of the soon to explode 90s scene in britain.]
the Replacements - "20th Century Boy" [a b-side from the "i will dare" 45 single. a cover of the t. rex song and thus a fitting introduction to tonight's wholesale album.]

[and here we go with the wholesale album of the week. released in 1971 on reprise records and produced by tony visconti. if it's the 70s and it's visconti, it's really only one of two people: david bowie, or tonight's main attraction, marc bolan and t. rex. the shimmying riffs of bolan oozed sex and the sci-fi/sex wordplay that seemed so disposable (purposefully so) has only helped cement this album's place in rock history. the songs are still as catchy and slinky as they ever were. this album spawned bolan's only top 20 american single, "bang a gong (get it on)." and if you've never heard it stem to stern, well, get on it, my friend. tonight, the wholesale album of week is...]

Track Listing

1. Mambo Sun
2. Cosmic Dancer
3. Jeepster
4. Monolith
5. Lean Woman Blues
6. Bang a Gong (Get It On)
7. Planet Queen
8. Girl
9. The Motivator
10. Life's a Gas
11. Rip Off

Wholesale Teaser - Brian Eno - "Dead Finks Don't Talk" [the wholesale teaser track will be the last song played each week: a teaser by giving you the artist for next week's album, but not the album itself. this is, of course, from eno's first solo album here come the warm jets. but that's not the album for next week, so tune in and listen to the good word.]

That's it for the Extra Mayhem this week. I'll be back this Wednesday for the normal show and next week I'll be filling in for Jen, so there will be a four hour helping of Extra Mayhem starting next Sunday, May 29th, at 8pm. The Wholesale album will still be at 11pm though, so make sure you tune in. Until then, take care.



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