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Monday, May 29, 2006

extra mayhem - 28th may 2006

[another sunday and another extra mayhem. tonight's show was spectacular and was actually four hours long as i filled in for the fantastic jen who was out of town. if you missed the first two hours you missed a heaping helping of great music. but you got quite a show if you tuned in for the last two hours as well. so let's get to it. onward.]

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Beirut - "Brandenburg" [you heard beirut's debut on the show on wednesday, but gulag orkestra is too good to keep confined to any one show. eastern european influences abound and the record has been getting instrument comparisons to neutral milk hotel. not a bad band to be compared to at all. click here to download.]
Geometry - "Supplement" [more from this greensboro artist's wonderful repitoire. she has a full length due out soon which i will have as soon as it's finished. in the meantime, check out her myspace page to stream and download up to 4 tracks.]
Wire - "Map Ref. 41 Degrees N. 93 Degrees W." [by request. from their first swan-song album 154. i admit, i get rather teary when i get requests this good. i do so love wire.]
Azita - "Wasn't In the Bargain" [from 2004's life on the fly. the first thing i always think of when i hear this album is steely dan, but you know, who really copies steely dan? not much of anyone. so for someone to go after one of the most peculiarly unique bands in rock and roll, well, my hats off to them.]
Brian Eno and David Byrne - "Regiment" [from the recently re-mastered and expanded my life in the bush of ghosts. this record has had an amazing impact on music since its release in 1980, but it's one of those things whose impact has become so spread out, it's hard to measure.]
the Swirlies - "Cousteau" [a band i really like but have a super hard time placing on my wednesday show. these guys are a reason i like having this other show. from the 1992 mini-LP what to do about them. white noise and found sounds mixing with a bit of my bloody valentine and you get a really original band. click here to download.]
Prince - "When You Were Mine" [from 1983's dirty mind. a really great album, by the way.]
the Dream Syndicate - "Season of the Witch" (live) [yes, a cover of the donovan classic from the day before wine and roses, a really great live recording done just about a month before the recording of their debut album. you can get this album through emusic, and if you're a fan of the band, you should. it's a jaw-dropping listen. as a taste, click here to download.]
the Pharcyde - "Ya Mama" [from their debut bizarre ride II the pharcyde, this is one of hip-hop's classic singles and hilarious to boot.]
Helium - "Baby Vampire Made Me" [from their debut EP pirate prude. helium is another band i first heard on beavis and butt-head (god bless that show) and a band i've long wanted to delve into. i've even seen helium's front-woman, mary timony, in concert, but never dove back into her former band's catalogue until recently. this EP is stellar and this song is great; classic 90s guitar distortion and indie/rock sound. click here to download.]
Iron Maiden - "Rime of the Ancient Mariner" [from powerslave. at nearly 14 minutes long, this is one of the best summaries of a piece of literature i've ever heard. i use this in my classroom when i actually teach the coleridge poem and it works very well. you have to hear it to believe it if you never have. iron maiden is one hell of a band, by the way. click here to download.]

[and now the wholesale album of the week. released in 1974 as the follow-up to his debut solo album, brian eno's taking tiger mountain (by strategy) is a dark, loose concept album about espionage in the far east. self-produced and featuring an incredibly talented cast of musicians (including phil collins on one track), the record is a masterpiece, showing eno's beginning transcendance of pop as a genre as he began moving towards the more musical landscape oriented style of another green world and eventually on into his ambient work. if you've never been exposed to eno's solo work, this is a great place to start (as is its precursor, here come the warm jets). so, without further ado...]

Track Listing

1. Burning Airlines Give You So Much More
2. Back in Judy's Jungle
3. The Fat Lady of Limbourg
4. Mother Whale Eyeless
5. The Great Pretender
6. Third Uncle
7. Put a Straw Under Baby
8. The True Wheel
9. China My China
10. Taking Tiger Mountain

Wholesale Teaser - Television - "Little Johnny Jewel (Pts. 1 & 2)" [and finally, a teaser for next week's wholesale album, although it won't take you much to figure out this one. television was one of the most unique bands to emerge from the punk scene of mid-late 1970s NYC and this song, their first salvo across the bow of music, was pretty proper warning of the genius to come. tune in next week to hear which album it is.]

That's it for Extra Mayhem this week. I'll be back on Wednesday night for the Indie/Rock Mayhem with more great new music than you can shake a stick at. Until then, go Hurricanes! And take care.



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