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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

j's indie/rock mayhem - 24th may 2006

[a fantastic show tonight with some great new music all around. i was excited to get to share a lot of it with you. a bit off subject, but i watched the ending to this season's american idol tonight. mostly i wanted to see if 'old guy' would win. but i was rewarded for my television slumming by getting to see prince perform. it doesn't matter what event it is, if prince shows up to play, i don't feel like i wasted my time.

this sunday's extra mayhem will be a bit, well, extra. i'll be on at 8pm and going until midnight, filling in for the out-of-town jen. the official extra mayhem won't begin until 10, however, which means the wholesale album of the week will still be at 11pm. make sure you tune in. now, onward.]

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Mission of Burma - "Period" [from the finally released the obliterati which came out yesterday. pitchfork gave this record a really great review and it's deserving to say the least. mission of burma is no longer a comeback outlier with the rare, freak reunion record that is good. they're a force to be reckoned with.]
Bad Religion - "We're Only Gonna Die" [originally from their debut LP how could hell be any worse? this is also off the excellent 80-85 compilation which collects a lot of their best early material. west-coast punk hasn't always been my forte, but i've always had a soft spot for these guys.]
Jim White - "Handcuffed to a Fence in Mississippi" [from no such place. there's an excellent interview with jim in this month's issue of the believer, which, by the way, is possibly my favorite magazine in the world. and if you want to see a picture of yours truly and jim, well, just visit the the myspace page.]
Blur - "There's No Other Way" [from their 1991 debut leisure. it's interesting to hear how dancey britpop was in its early days. blur actually sounds like a more guitar-oriented st. etienne in these early stages. a great album.]
Sonic Youth - "Incinerate" [from the forthcoming album rather ripped which is due out june 13th. i really like this song a lot and it bodes well for the album. click here to download.]
Pinback - "Penelope" [by request. from blue screen life.]
Girls Against Boys - "Kill the Sex Player" [from cruise yourself. their previous album, venus luxure no. 1 baby, had been just vicious. this is where they started to get their composure and it shows. while their sound is very tied to the 90s, i will forever adore these guys.]
Midnight Oil - "U.S. Forces" [from 1983's 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. early midnight oil is hit and miss for me, but their body of work has held up remarkably well. it's nearly impossible to find, but they were one of the first bands to record an episode of mtv unplugged and their performance on that is incredible.]
the Raconteurs - "Steady, As She Goes" [new music from this 'supergroup' featuring jack white, brendan benson and the rhythm section of the greenhornes. that, by the way, is how this band has been billed in every review i've read. i feel bad for the two guys from the greenhornes (an excellent band, by the way), so here and now i'm printing their actual names: patrick keeler (drums) and jack lawrence (bass). now, broken boy soldiers is a pretty sharp record. click here to download.]
the Teardrop Explodes - "Ha, Ha, I'm Drowning!" [from the julian cope led outfit's debut, kilimanjaro. there's something very infectious about this album and if you haven't heard them, check it out if you can. you'll hear why cope's vocal delivery had an affect on jarvis cocker of pulp for certain.]
X - "Blue Spark" [from under the big black sun. i was driving in the snow last winter the first time i heard this album and that image has stuck with me since.]
Ben Lee - "Tornados" [the (sort of) title track from his third album breathing tornados. i enjoyed this record a good bit, though lee's music hasn't worn as well with me as other things. he's still an enjoyable songwriter.]
the Twilight Singers - "Andiamo" [a song that was recorded for their new album powder burns but wasn't used. it appears as an exclusive download over on emusic.com, which is a stellar music download service. a great deal, incredible indie-music archives and very user friendly. no proprietary format either. (in other words, your downloads are mp3s and you can do what you want with them.) so check it out.]
the Streets - "Prangin' Out" [from the new album the hardest way to make an easy living. this album hasn't worn as well with me as either of his prior efforts. a shame considering i named a grand don't come for free my co-#1 album of 2004.]
Hot Snakes - "Mystic Decade" (live) [from the peel sessions EP. as i've mentioned many times, hot snakes were the last band to record a session with john peel before his untimely death almost 2 years ago. it's also a great document of a now defunct band.]
Brian Eno - "St. Elmo's Fire" [another teaser for this sunday's wholesale album. it'll be by brian eno, but what record is it? you'll have to tune in to see. this song is from another green world.]
Beirut - "Postcards from Italy" [gulag orkestar has been talked up quite a bit lately in indie circles, so i decided to check it out. i haven't given the album a listen yet, but this song alone is astounding. here's hoping the rest of this eastern-european tinged indie record is as good. click here to download.]
Paul Westerberg - "Good Day" [paul's ode to the late bob stinson. from his second solo album eventually.]
Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs - "Monday, Monday" [from the continuously wonderful under the covers album. matthew and susanna do the mamas and the papas proud on this version of their classic.]
the Drive-by Truckers - "Little Bonnie" [this is one of my favorite songs off of a blessing and a curse along with the mike cooley song, space city, that immediately follows it on the album. as much as i've been a touch underwhelmed by this album, there are songs that still make me believe in the truckers as the best rock band in america today.]
Josh Ritter - "Lillian, Egypt" [from the animal years, possibly ritter's finest outing to date. he recently shot a video for this song and it's a hoot. click here to go check it out.]
His Name is Alive - "Get Your Curse" [from detrola. it seems the copyright date can't always be trusted. i thought i'd missed out on putting this on my list last year, but turns out it came out in january. this is one of my favorite albums by these guys and i'm irritated i couldn't see them this past monday in chapel hill. this is a seriously gorgeous, grooving record.]
Elastica - "Spastica" (live) [from the radio one sessions, a collection of their live, in-studio recordings for the BBC's radio one. a really smashing collection showcasing exactly why everyone was in a tizzy over this band. makes their ultimate whimpering demise even more depressing. the cd includes a good handful of songs that were b-sides or unreleased, so any fan of elastica would love this cd. click here to download.]
Wire - "I Am the Fly" [from chairs missing. okay, so it's always kind of a cruel joke to play wire back to back with elastica (especially since this is the song elastica co-opted for "connection") but really here's the deal: yes, elastica sounded a lot like wire. so what? they did it very, very well and in a smart, new way. they always sounded fresh. still. nothing beats the original.]
Jon Auer - "Cemetery Song" [from the co-founder of the posies' first solo album songs from the year of our demise. it's quite a beautiful listen and it's interesting to finally hear his singing separated from the harmony of ken stringfellow. not a bad album at all.]
the International Submarine Band - "A Satisfied Mind" [from their one, and only, safe at home album. gram parson's debut with a band, still at the beginning of his explorations of country music. oh, what great things were to come. click here to download.]
Del Amitri - "Tell Her This" [from twisted, the album that spawned that IHOP staple, "roll to me." i swear i've heard more del amitri in IHOPs than in my own car or stereo. this is one of my favorite songs by del amitri, period, and it's all in the "tell her something in my heart / needs her more than even clowns / need the laughter of the crowd." god, that's good.]
10,000 Maniacs - "Peace Train" [from in my tribe. now, unless you own an original, vinyl copy of in my tribe, your copy won't have this cat stevens cover on it. it was removed from the re-release of the album when stevens voiced his support for the iranian fatwah announced against author salman rushdie. it was recently put onto the best-of collection campfire songs. either way, a fun, rare listen.]
R.E.M. - "Toys in the Attic" [and a walloping aerosmith cover to finish it up. this from the odds-and-sods collection dead letter office, which is also the only way you can obtain their debut EP chronic town on cd.]

That'll do it for tonight. Don't forget, extended version of Extra Mayhem beginning this Sunday at 8pm, with the real Mayhem beginning at 10 and the Wholesale album at 11. Until then, take care.



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