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Monday, June 19, 2006

extra mayhem - 18th june 2006

[welcome to another extra mayhem. tonight's show was jam packed with great stuff. the wholesale album of the week was dynamite and the teaser is just thrilling. i can't wait.

but i will, to mention, again, that i'll be interviewing d.m. franklin kane on j's indie/rock mayhem this wednesday at 6pm. his new album, greenway park, is being performed live, in its entirety, by his band the crown ambassadors this thursday, june 22nd at greene street downtown. he'll be on talking about that, the album, his other projects and lots of great music. so make sure you tune in. now, onward.]

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
the Streets - "Prangin' Out" [from his latest, the hardest way to make an easy living. overall i'm rather disappointed in this album, but a few singles are still way sharp and this is one of them.]
Pavement - "Stereo" [from brighten the corners. possibly my favorite pavement record..when crooked rain, crooked rain doesn't interfere.]
the Replacements - "Unsatisfied" [from the new best-of don't you know who i think i was? this song has played an important role in many people's lives, i'm sure. late at night. this song cranked on your car stereo. singing along. breathless. click here to download.]
the Beta Band - "Dry the Rain" [from the three E.P.'s. i've been thinking a lot about high fidelity recently and as that movie was my introduction to this band, i thought i'd play them. a great, great song, by the way. click here to download.]
Sonic Youth - "Do You Believe in Rapture?" [from the new rather ripped. a song very unlike a lot of sonic youth songs i've heard in quite some time. delicate and quiet, even though it has its share of noise. i'm really blown away by it and wanted to play it, but found it a touch soft for the regular show.]
Nada Surf - "Do It Again" [by request. from the weight is a gift. i love these guys.]
Geggy Tah - "Don't Close the Door" [sacred cow is a fantastic album. easily enjoyable and seemingly effortless. this album's critical acknowledgement, i believe, was thwarted by the goofy and one-hit-wonder feel of the single "whoever you are." but this album has some amazing moments and is well worth hearing. click here to download.]
Gift of Gab - "The Writz" [from his so-so solo album 4th dimensional rocket ships going up! gift really needs chief x-cel's production, but this song is quite nice all the same.]
D.M. Franklin Kane - "Kelly" [from greenway park. as i mentioned, i'll be talking with frank on wednesday, so make sure you catch it.]
London Symphony Orchestra - "Super Mario Brothers Themes" [now, i can't be for certain that this is credited to the correct orchestra, unfortunately, but the mass number of google hits i got are for the london symphony. this is an orchestrated version of the three major themes from the first super mario brothers game for nintendo: regular levels, underwater levels and the koopa castles. great stuff. click here to download.]
Bad Religion - "Frogger" [and as an appropriate follow-up, this track from the back to the known EP, which is also available on the 80-85 cd compilation. it starts off with frogger noises and a song that says that modern society is playing "frogger with my mind." ah, dated references are fun.]
Japancakes - "The Waiting" [i've been wanting to play this song for years. from 2001's the sleepy strange. i've been meaning to look more into this band for some time and their soft exploration of music themes is mesmerising.]

[so here we go with the wholesale album of the week. released in 1995, this album was the culmination of nearly 12 years of backbreaking work from a band that, despite its stable lineup for the past decade (with one exception), really centered around one man's vision of pop as it could be: an immense, towering, infectious, snarky and ultimately insightful work of art. their previous album, 1994's his 'n' hers, had set new standards for their music, but this album would blow even that wonderful record away. it followed closely on the heels of the moment that solidified the band in the eyes of many people. in july of '95, the stone roses unexpectedly, and suddenly, pulled out of the headlining spot at the glastonbury festival. this band's last-minute performance went over huge and made the press maddening for the release of this record just a few months later. still considered to be one of the, if not the, highpoint of britpop, tonight's wholesale album of the week is...]

Track Listing

1. Mis-Shapes
2. Pencil Skirt
3. Common People [click to download]
4. I Spy
5. Disco 2000 [click to download]
6. Live Bed Show
7. Something Changed [click to download]
8. Sorted for E's & Whizz [click to download]
9. F.E.E.L.I.N.G.C.A.L.L.E.D.L.O.V.E.
10. Underwear
11. Monday Morning
12. Bar Italia

Wholesale Teaser - Public Enemy - "Public Enemy No. 1" [from their 1987 debut yo! bumrush the show, that's right. get excited, since next week's wholesale artist will be the prophets of rage themselves, public enemy. there's a reason i have a "chuck d. for president" sticker on my car, and this is it. so tune in next week when you'll find out which public enemy album it'll be and get to hear it in its entirety.]

That'll do it for Extra Mayhem this week. I'll be back with you this Wednesday for the Indie/Rock Mayhem at 6pm when I'll be interviewing D.M. Franklin Kane about his new album, his show coming up with the Crown Ambassadors and lots of other things. And I'll be back next Sunday at 10pm for another Extra Mayhem. Until then, go 'Canes, and take care.



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