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Monday, June 26, 2006

extra mayhem - 25th june 2006

[tonight was, dare i say it, a really tremendous show. i had a great time and the music was just perfectly layered it seemed. some great new stuff, some great old stuff and a fantastic wholesale album of the week. next week will be my last extra mayhem for 3 weeks as a vacation i'm going on is going to knock out two sunday nights in a row. i'll let you know if anyone will be filling in for me.

my storage service is being finicky tonight, so i don't have downloads available at this time. check back soon for a fix on that. the links are up but do not work until i say so. now, onward.

UPDATE: Storage problems fixed, so all download links now work. NOW, onward.]

Theme Song - Peaches - "Rock Show"
Oneida - "Up With People" [off of their forthcoming album happy new year. this song is great. no one really does what these guys do and their sound stays progressive without getting old. i'm excited about this album. if you're into krautrock, you should check these guys out as your modern update. click here to download.]
the Replicants - "Dirty Work" [from their self-titled album, a cover of steely dan's classic. this album is all covers and very well done.]
Dilated Peoples - "Work the Angles" [from the platform. ah, dilated peoples, back when they were still something forward thinking. their first two albums are tremendous..after that...sheesh.]
Aimee Mann - "Pavlov's Bell" [from lost in space. she will be playing here at guilford college's dana auditorium on july 4th as part of the Eastern Music Festival Fringe Series. i'm going to try and catch it as i've never seen mann live before.]
Track a Tiger - "Glad to be Scattered" [from their debut woke up early the day i died. this song in particular just keeps me enamoured of these guys. good stuff.]
Hüsker Dü - "The Girl Who Lives on Heaven Hill" [from new day rising. one of grant hart's great compositions.]
the Church - "Russian Autumn Heart" [from gold afternoon fix. oh. my. god. the church are going to be at the house of blues in myrtle beach, south carolina on saturday august 5th. and i will be there. come hell or high water. i will see this band.]
Drive-by Truckers - "18 Wheels of Love" [from their debut gangstabilly. this song is always a great treat at their live shows and the album version holds its own indeed.]
Geometry - "Cutout" [i assume from her forthcoming debut LP. this greensboro artist has had me pretty impressed for a few months. we're supposed to have her up for an interview on j's indie/rock mayhem sometime this summer. we'll see. meanwhile you can check out her myspace page for more music.]
the International Submarine Band - "I Must Be Somebody Else You've Known" [from the one and only safe at home album. this, of course, is gram parson's first vehicle on his way to later fanfare in bigger ways.]
the Izzys - "Change Your Mind" [by request. from their self-titled 2003 album. not a bad song at all. as the review said, straight up rock and roll. and boy, they deliver.]
Johnny Thunders - "You Can't Put Your Arms Around a Memory" [from his solo album so alone, the only one that is usually given much credit. this is the johnny thunders song. the one he is probably most known for and for good reason. if you've never heard it..well. get ready. click here to download.]
the Afghan Whigs - "Somethin' Hot" [the lead track from 1965. their swan-song album. and wow it burns it up.]

[tonight's wholesale album of the week is a personal one for me. as they all are in some way or another. this was an album that my friend andrew tried to introduce me to in high school, but i wasn't quite ready for it. released in 1988, it was a barnstormer of an album. a sonic awakening for hip-hop in both style and lyrics. taking the righteous anger of the 70s black power movement and taking it to the streets of 1980s america, propelled by an almost punk-minded ethos of chaotic, noisy, disconcerting samples and beats. i've heard some people say this album sounds dated, but to me it still sounds fresh and explosive. it may be easy to pin the time period it came from, but it is still just as ahead of the curve today as it was then. tonight's wholesale album of the week is none other than...]

Track Listing

1. Countdown to Armageddon
2. Bring the Noise [click to download.]
3. Don't Believe the Hype
4. Cold Lampin' with Flavor
5. Terminator X to the Edge of Panic
6. Mind Terrorist
7. Louder than a Bomb [click to download.]
8. Caught, Can We Get a Witness
9. Show 'Em Whatcha Got
10. She Watch Channel Zero?!
11. Night of the Living Baseheads [click here to watch the video.]
12. Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos [click here to download.]
13. Security of the First World
14. Rebel Without a Pause
15. Prophets of Rage [click here to download.]
16. Party for Your Right to Fight

Wholesale Teaser - Public Image Ltd. - "The Order of Death" [from 1984's this is what you want...this is what you get. public image limited doesn't get nearly as much press as john lydon's prior band, the sex pistols, but when it comes to having a larger affect on the musical landscape, you can't get much bigger than this band. practically inventing post-punk with their self-titled debut, they went on to spend the next few years as one of the most formidable purveyors of challenging, avant-garde rock in the world, obliterating any concept of music. PiL did more to destroy rock and roll than the pistols ever did. and we'll be celebrating that next week. meanwhile, click here to download.]

I'll talk to you on Wednesday for the normal Indie/Rock Mayhem and I'll be back next Sunday night for more Extra Mayhem. Until then. take care.



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